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The Journey Into... Podcast will produce a story written by Ken Scholes and based on the title from the works of Edgar Allan Poe
The Journey Into... Podcast will produce a story written by Ken Scholes and based on the title from the works of Edgar Allan Poe
24 backers pledged $572 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

You should have received a link

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I just sent everyone a link to a Dropbox folder which contains the text and audio version of "Evermore I Told The Raven" by Ken Scholes.

If you did not receive an email with the link, please let me know so that I can get one to you.  I sent the link to the email address you have listed with Kickstater.

Thanks again!

It has arrived!!

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The wait is over.  The production of Ken Scholes' "Evermore, I Told The Raven" is up on the journey Into... podcast.  

Here is the link:

THANK YOU to all of the backers who made this possible.  It was fun.  More rewards will be forthcoming in the next few months.

We are in full production!

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I am working on the production of the Ken Scholes Poe-inspired story production for the Journey Into~ Podcast. I like how it is coming together. Edgar Allan Poe "Month" will be happening throughout June and July, with this story and many others.

Also, for those extra-generous Kickstarter donors, I'm making BEEF JERKY today.

Clarification on signed hardback book of LAMENATTION

To those generous $100 (or $105) donors:

I've just added the signed hardback book of LAMENATTION for a $75 pledge amount.  Even though your reward states "as above, plus...." this does not include the signed hardback book of LAMENTATION.  Sorry about that.  I only have one to give away.

Unfortunately, I didn't plan that very well.  There is no good way to let you take advantage of that without changing your pledge to $75.  To make it fair, If either of you would prefer the book to the story written by me, please send me a message right away, and i will offer that to you as an option at the $100 level.

Week 4 - Poe and Scholes - Now with HOMEMADE BEEF JERKY

With 6 days to go and still $210 left (as of right now), I have decided to up the ante. 

At the $50 level I added a half batch of HOMEMADE BEEF JERKY.  I also added a new reward for an additional half batch of HOMEMADE BEEF JERKY for those pledging $105.

But wait...there's more

I added a new reward for a $75 pledge where I am offering a hardback copy of Ken Scholes' book LAMENTATION (the 1st of the Psalms of Isaak series), signed by the author.  I only have one copy to offer.

I figured that I would announce it here first in case any backers wanted to alter your pledge.  I will wait to announce it to the world at large tomorrow.  

Regardless, you already have my deepest gratitude and appreciation.  Thank you so much for donating to this project.  It may not look like much, but I intend to make it worth your while, and your dollars.

Journey On!