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The Wild Plan: a new kind of national theatre tour's video poster

The Wild Plan is a new way to produce and tour theatre across the country, creating shared experiences of wonder for communities. Read more

Minneapolis, MN Theater
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This project was successfully funded on July 25, 2011.

The Wild Plan is a new way to produce and tour theatre across the country, creating shared experiences of wonder for communities.

Minneapolis, MN Theater
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About this project

The Wild Plan is a new model for creating and touring performances around the country--it's all about shared community experiences, centered around live performance of new theatre.

We're not going to wait for opportunities to be given to us to create the kind of work we want to make. We're taking the reins ourselves, and we're going to do it our way.

We believe that theatre is about community. Our Wild Plan is to create shared experiences through story and spectacle and song―not to mention beer and wine and food, and babies, and dogs, and picnic blankets, and fireworks, and sunsets. The Wild Plan is about sharing, which is why our performances are free and outdoors, open to anyone.

The Wild Plan will visit four communities in August 2011:

  • Brookings, South Dakota on August 9-10th
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 13-14th
  • Chicago, Illinois on August 15th
  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts on August 18-19th

For each festival on the tour, we'll curate a sort of 'set list' - Boy with a Moon and a Star on his Head will be family-friendly, Misanthrope, Or the Impossible Lovers is more like PG-13 (it's set at a drunken party and there is some four letter lovin'), and The Witches is not meant for the faint of heart - it's set in Hell and inspired by horrifying movies like The Shining and The Exorcist. The three plays are wildly different, but with a shared goal: to create immersive theatrical experiences that audiences will find impossible to forget, and to do it in the context of these shared, community-based party-festivals.
These 'set lists' will be different in each community, as we'll be bringing local artists and community organizations on board. For instance, in Chicago we'll be screening a short film beforehand and hosting an improv troupe, and in Truro we'll be hosting yoga classes before the performances. If there are local artists (maybe it's you!) that you'd like to see involved with The Wild Plan when it comes to your community, please tell us! That's what we'll end up with. But how do we get there?

Think fair-trade art: the artists make a living wage for their work, and their art is shared freely with the communities that support them.

It's a structure that gets a lot of material (3 different plays that can be performed over two days) out of a fairly short rehearsal period and only 4-6 actors/directors, and it can do so because it prioritizes artist pay so that the group can afford to commit their time and energy [read: put their day-jobs on hold] to devote themselves to the development and touring of these plays. Over 80% of our budgets goes to the artists to facilitate their ability to invest themselves fully in this process. 

A positive track record - proof of concept - will be vital to future iterations of The Wild Plan. This first attempt has proven to be a bit hard to explain (huh? free theater? outdoors? I pay in advance? for a two day festival?), and the newness combined with the very difficult economic environment is certainly challenging. 

In a longer term vision, we'd like to produce on the model of The Wild Plan at least once a year and possibly twice a year, to different regions around the country (our next target after this first tour is the Bay Area and Sonoma County). Documentation of our (with your help) uber-successful debut will be instrumental in building a longer term vision, but in order to get there we need visionary supporters who see the potential in this kind of model.


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