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3 Sticks presents Paper Plane, a new piece of music-theatre's video poster

Set in the Great Depression at the intersection of trains and planes, Paper Plane is a journey of escape and discovery. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Theater
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This project was successfully funded on May 26, 2012.

Set in the Great Depression at the intersection of trains and planes, Paper Plane is a journey of escape and discovery.

Brooklyn, NY Theater
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Trains, planes, and actor-mobiles

Paper Plane is an adventure story, set amongst the dust bowl train tracks and barnstorming exhibitions of the Great Depression, about a young boy hopping freight trains in the American midwest. 

Andrew Lynch's original music runs seamlessly from stunning melodic expressions a la Rufus Wainwright or Paul McCartney, to tight a cappella harmonies evoking Fleet Foxes or CSNY, and on to the looper-pedal density and creativity of Andrew Bird and tUnE-yArDs; co-directors Eric Powell Holm (co-inventor of The Wild Plan) and Katie Melby (3 Sticks co-founder, who will also play The Boy) create inventive and evocative theatrical landscapes, utilizing shadow puppetry, contemporary trateau technique, and an unpredictable sense of scale and perspective. Devised collaboratively with writer-collaborator and acclaimed playwright Nick Ryan, internationally-produced director/designer Ben Gansky (the other half of The Wild Plan team), and a skillful and inventive cast of performer-creators, Jonas Goslow, John Egan, and Elizabeth Stahlmann, Paper Plane promises to be the stealth hit of the springtime.

Sounds awesome, right? Well, we need your help to make it happen, Kickstarter! Becoming a backer of Paper Plane enables us to:

  • Cover the costs of fabric, paint, and other supplies to build costumes, props, and set pieces
  • Light the play be-au-tifully. 
  • Pay our artists: more than 75% of our budget goes to artist-pay. Because that's how we eat. And the more money we make through Kickstarter, the more we can offer to our artists. 

Paper Plane is a new devised music-theatre piece by the acclaimed ensemble 3 Sticks premiering at One Arm Red, as part of their spring season Red Springs Eternal. The New York Times raved about 3 Sticks most recent creation, Le Gourmand, or Gluttony! at the 2011 NYC Fringe Festival, calling it a "fanciful operetta, rich in musical abundance. . . so pleasing to the palate, [it] deserves a bigger table," while previous music-theatre creations The Traveling Musicians of Brementown, The Gypsy and the General, Borderlines, Uncanny Valley, and Mythed have won numerous awards and accolades at Fringe festivals and theaters throughout the US and Canada. The company has been developed and supported by Ars Nova, Bryant Lake Bowl, the Red Eye Collaborative, the Southern Theater, and One Arm Red.

photos by Ben Gansky


  • Well, kind of. The term 'musical theatre' has come to mean something very specific--indicating something more like a genre rather than a performance that integrates text and music. And honestly, a lot of musical theatre leaves us (the makers of Paper Plane, that is) cold.

    Actually, we came across a really great essay early on in our creative process that has helped us to shape a dialogue around the kind of 'music-theatre' that we ARE interested in making. Here's a little quote, plus a link to the full essay (which we highly recommend).

    "The music of musical theater has evolved into a highly stylized and specific “genre” of its own, instantly recognizable. And yet this “genre” has little to do with the rest of the world of creative music-making. Musicals are not reported on by Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, or The Wire, or reviewed by music critics, or devoured by people who love music. Instead, they are devoured by people who love musicals, the archetypal “musical theater geeks” celebrated in Glee."

    We're really proud of the music of Paper Plane. It's awesome. These songs have been stuck in our heads for weeks--which is why we're offering the 'album download' as our prime-time backer reward. We can't wait to share it with you!

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  • Good question!

    Paper Plane will perform at the lovely One Arm Red, in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The address is 10 Jay St; One Arm Red is the 9th floor.

    Performances are May 18-20 and 25-26.

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    Hey, thanks! We'll send you an MP3 of Paper Plane by Andrew Lynch, the original song that inspired the creation of our play.

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    Two things for you, our friend: we'll list you as a backer on the 3 Sticks website AND we'll send you the Paper Plane album via digital download--every song in the show, all original and composed by Andrew Lynch. You're gonna love it.

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    You'll get the Paper Plane album, a thank you on our website, and we'll reserve you (or an NYC-based friend) a ticket to a performance of your choice. With fewer than 40 seats in the audience, reserving a seat through Kickstarter is the best way to make sure you won't miss Paper Plane.

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    All of the above, but two, rather than one, reserved seat at a performance of your choice.

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    All of the above (album, reservations for two, website thank-you), plus we'll list you in our program as a 3 Sticks supporter. THANKS!

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