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Wildcliff was once home to beautiful gardens. We're creating an updated edible garden for future visitors to enjoy!

Context/The Big Picture

Wildcliff is a beautiful building, and it used to have incredible gardens and lawns and trellises and things that would make you go, "ooooohhhhh" when you saw them. Really, look at this. Even in black and white it's impressive.

That was around 1915. A century later, Wildcliff has undergone many changes and while not recently in the public eye, we've found that plenty of people still remember the days of its being home to beautiful plants and even a petting zoo.

We've got a Big Ambitious Plan to bring all of that back, with a nature-based preschool as the focal piece, but while we're waiting for our tax-exempt status to come through so we can do Big Ambitious Fundraising, we don't want to sit around twiddling our thumbs. We want to build momentum! We want the people who remember Wildcliff to rediscover it--and help others discover it for the first time. Which brings us to:

How This Project Fits In

Our Plant'N'Picnic event is a proud first step in preserving the history of Wildcliff and propelling it into the future through its gardens. Where once decorative plants made people oohh and aaahh, we'll be achieving that with an edible version, grown with heirloom seeds from a local seed library.

Because we can't wait for the government go-ahead to get our Fox Cherry Tomatoes in the ground. Or our Dragon's Tongue beans, for that matter. Yeah, we said it: Dragon's. Tongue. Beans.

Where Does the Money Go?

We're looking to raise $500 to cover the costs of this first step. That covers the day of the Plant'N'Picnic event in two different ways…

The Fun Stuff:

Seeds, Seed Starting Kits, and Plants = $75

Ladybugs = $25

The Not-so-Sexy Stuff--since we don't own the property and there's currently no building infrastructure, we need to have the following each time we host an event:

Port-a-potty = $150

Insurance = $250

Fun Stuff + Not-so-Sexy Stuff = $500 total

We'll be pitching in our own money and supplies to back this project, including shovels, spades, watering cans, and mulch. Of course we'll be bringing out the ol' picnic blankets and some delicious snacks for when we're done, too!

Ultimately, we want people to enjoy the day, get interested in Wildcliff, and bring those together by literally planting the seeds for the regeneration of this wonderful place.

What if you raise more than your goal?

Then our supporters are beyond amazing! And we'll use anything over the initial goal to cover ongoing maintenance of the garden over the summer--we'll need to come water it, weed, manage pests, and so forth. As the garden itself grows, we'll be able to offer fresh veggies to people attending events on-site. It's a tasty sneak-peek of all the good stuff we've got planned!

So in summary: there used to be an incredible garden at Wildcliff, there isn't anymore, and we're using Kickstarter to create an updated version of that garden with heirloom seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library.

Let's make it happen!


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    A thank-you on our website and Facebook page. Huzzah!

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    A handwritten postcard. We might send a quote or snippet of poetry along with our original words of heartfelt thanks.

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    Name a ladybug! We'll be releasing ladybugs on the day of the Plant'N'Picnic, and we'll read out the name(s) you've selected before we wish the ladybugs well on their way. We'll also post the list of ladybug names on our website. They can be cute, funny, silly, whatever, so long as they're PG (ok maybe PG-13. But nothing obscene; you get the idea).

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    We'll send you home from the Plant'N'Picnic with a packet of winter squash seeds from Hudson Valley Seed Library. If you're unable to come to the event, we'll send it in the mail! You can also name a ladybug if you'd like. (estimated delivery is in time for planting, late May to early June. International backers please add $3.)

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    Pledges at this level will receive all rewards listed above, plus a bonus packet of seeds of your choosing from Hudson Valley Seed Library! (International backers please add $5.)

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    Picnic on us! We'll supply sandwiches or wraps, fruit, and drinks for up to 4 people on the day of the Plant'N'Picnic, April 22nd. You can also name a ladybug if you'd like.

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    Green your thumb with an hour consultation from our resident Master Horticulturalist, Leonard Pouder of Lieb's Nursery. In addition being a fantastic guy, Leonard has an accreditation in organic land care and years of experience helping gardens grow. (Must live or meet within Leonard's service area).

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    We *could* just call it 'the first garden'… but why, when you can name it something better? We'll put up a sign so that everyone who comes to our summer events will see your awesomely chosen name where the green growing things are. Same rules apply for the garden name as for ladybug names.

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