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A fanzine supporting the Traveller role-playing game. #ZineQuest
498 backers pledged $11,109 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Robert Eaglestone Creator on

      Kickstarter has an area where I create survey questions for each group. KS then dispatches them to y'all -- and yeah, I expect you'll get an email notice.

      I think the process and schedule deserves its own update post.

    2. Tony Casab on

      I am assuming we get the notices via email ? or other ? My first time really backing .

    3. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hopson on

      Will non-backers be able to purchase X-boat? Some people at "Citizens of the Imperium" are asking.

    4. Robert Eaglestone Creator on

      Thank you, Craig, especially for the show of support!

      My current task is the Surveys. I can only send them out once, so I have to ask the right questions to do justice to the various reward levels.

    5. Craig Oliver

      Congratulations - I am looking forward to my subscription both virtual and real. I've always enjoyed your comments over on COTI, so really happy that you are getting into print.

    6. Robert Eaglestone Creator on

      No kidding, Keith. Now there are a dozen more new things to do. Frankly, putting the issues together is probably the next easy part. Everything else is new territory.

      Luckily, I have an experienced publisher and KickStarter I'm getting advice from (Marc Miller).

    7. Keith S. on

      Congratulations on the funding. Now the hard part begins.

      Please be sure to do regular updates and remember your obligations to your backers. Experience has shown us that many begin these projects with the best intentions, but somehow get sidetracked with family problems, illnesses, unemployment, depression, etc. Then they stop communicating with the people who supported them. Do not let this happen.

      Learn from the errors of others. Make this an ethical project.

    8. Steven P Robinson on

      I have been a Traveller since purchasing the Little Black Books in 1978.
      You are looking, to me, to add to the legacy of a "Universe" I have enjoyed for 40 some years, Such effort deserves support.