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What is a prototype?

A prototype is a preliminary model of something. Projects that offer physical products need to show backers documentation of a working prototype. This gallery features photos, videos, and other visual documentation that will give backers a sense of what’s been accomplished so far and what’s left to do. Though the development process can vary for each project, these are the stages we typically see:

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Functional Prototype

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Appearance Prototype

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Design Prototype

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Production Prototype

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Motivation for this project 

One of our founders, Maggie, had a serious clash with cancer.  Her near-death experience has become a catalyst for transformation in all of our lives & continues to fill our hearts with inspiration for this project.  iBula is here to connect people from every corner of the world & help them take control of what is most important:  Their health & happiness.

Please read Maggie’s tragic, yet heartwarming & ultimately positive experience…

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About this project 

In today's world, it can feel like a near impossibility to live a healthy & energetic lifestyle.  Sedentary jobs, sugar/processed foods, & lack of exercise can impact the way you feel throughout the day.  Before you know it, you're stuck in a vicious cycle that leaves you sapped of the energy you need to make the proper lifestyle changes to break it.  Additionally, all of the misinformation & pseudoscience online can seem intimidating.  How could anyone expect to dig around & find what really works?

Compounding problems: We have global health crises of epic proportions. 

  • Heart disease 
  • Diabetes / Insulin resistance / Obesity epidemic 
  • Alzheimer's & Parkinson's diseases 
  • Cancer 
  • Mental health is on the decline 

Making matters worse: 

  • The majority is not conscious of the problems or motivated to take action to better their health.
  • The available information is often conflicting, disorganized, misleading & intimating. 
  • Good, solid, corrective health results require discipline & continuity 
  • Personal services are often too expensive & not accessible 
  • A wealth of experiences & great stories, but no good medium to share them. 

Our solution

Bringing clear, science-backed information to the surface, will make it easier for you to make healthy changes to your life without breaking the bank. How? iBula uses a comprehensive, accessible & affordable, easy to use resource connected to a strong worldwide active community.

  • iBula provides the solution through education & by sharing personal experiences of the community
  • iBula provides the public a comprehensive, accessible, affordable, & easy-to-use resource
  • iBula unites an online community of like-minded, passionate people & makes it easy for them to share experiences & knowledge 
  • iBula delivers consistent, simple, factual information that is backed by experience 
  • iBula brings together vast information from all corners of the world

Rather than waiting for a substandard lifestyle to cause you painful diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, liver disease, various cancers & other degenerative diseases, making these changes will lead to a longer, happier life filled with vibrant energy. You can have more energy to spend time with your family, pursue a dream, make money, or travel to places you have always wanted to go.

Through our community & portal, you will be getting information on delicious diets & satisfying recipes you can make on a budget as well.

Seems like a pretty great reward to reap from simply downloading an app!

Mission statement

iBula is the home of a passionate, health-conscious, knowledge-based community that shares & confirms health & wellness information with real people who have real experiences, empowering people to make more logical medical & self-improvement decisions to live a longer, happier more vibrant life.

Vision statement 

Filter out the static noise & accelerate the world’s transition to a more natural way of living a healthier, happier, longer life.

IBula's four channels of health empowerment

Fitness:  Strengthen the Body, Mind, & Soul

Whether your goal is longevity, boosting your quality of life, or obtaining a beach body, there is no doubt that some degree of physical fitness is not optional. Different workouts have incredible benefits such as (but not limited to) alleviating depression & anxiety, building confidence, increasing bone & muscle density, strengthening joints, & improving cardiovascular function. iBula will allow you to easily identify the proper workout for your goals.

Nutrition:  Healthy Foods for Healthy Living

 It is becoming increasingly obvious that diet & nutrition play a huge role in longevity & quality of life. Eating low-quality, processed foods for extended periods has been linked to illnesses of all kinds, ranging from anxiety & depression to Alzheimer’s & various cancers. iBula will allow for easy access to information on various diets, medicinal foods, & diseases linked to the consumption of certain foods & preservatives. It is our goal to create an easy-to-access database & promote the prevention of disease & degradation through proper nutrition.

Nutritional Supplements:  Health Hacking

In addition to proper nutrition, powerful supplements can help fulfill your wholesome lifestyle & even help prevent debilitating diseases. From adaptogens to nootropics, iBula will recommend valuable additions to your diet & lifestyle that will aide you in your journey to find the better you.

Health Tips:  Natural Solutions for Vibrant Living

Feel as though you’re on the medication merry-go-round? iBula will give you the opportunity to hop off with plants & natural remedies that have been used for countless years. Although not always a proper replacement for a health care professional, having the option to take your health into your own hands is empowering & can even be life-saving.
Additionally, iBula will allow you to improve your life in other ways.  Utilize the natural methods found on our app to enhance hair growth, get smoother skin, brighten teeth, and treat scars.  Let your youth make a comeback with iBula!

Technology:  What separates iBula from the rest

Delivered through patented technology by Peerbie, iBula & the above 4 channels are constantly evolving with new services, features, games, and much more. Peerbie is our partner company that builds specific purpose-based, multi-role supported mobile apps through its novel, patented platform technology.

With its simple, effective, & secure communication channel, iBula makes it easy to stay on top of what’s new & what works in the world of health, nutrition & fitness.

Now let's have a look at some of these features that aid in delivering the messages of iBula’s 4 channels of health empowerment. 

  • Messaging

Message anyone worldwide within the community. Send a private message or collaborate through a group message. The option is yours! Pass files, photos, location & businesses through messages – sharing as much or as little as you’d like. Whether you’re messaging a friend with a diet recommendation or asking someone across the world for a health tip, makes connecting with others simple. 

  • Recommendations

With a single click, you can recommend & rate supplements & businesses within the worldwide network. There’s nothing more valuable than a sincere recommendation from a trusted community member. 

  • Classifieds 

Whether you’re a student looking to buy a bike or just cleaning out your garage – with just a few clicks, you can create classifieds to sell or give away your used or items.  iBula lets you comment about the classified items, as well as privately message the seller directly. It’s easy, effective, & efficient. 

  • Easy to find, sorted information

Is your feed bombarded with information from too many topics?  iBula introduces smart filters that are applied based on your needs.  For example, filter by “events”,  filter by “nutrition”, filter by “recommendations”.

Feature-rich communication platform 

  • Easy to install & get started
  • A community-based social media platform
  • Unending database of valuable, up-to-date content
  • The app will be regularly improved thanks to community feedback
  • Mobile & Web platforms
  • Allows integration with 3rd-party apps
  • Supports multiple languages & locales (Chinese, Turkish, German, French, Spanish)
  • Supports comments, replies & individual/group private messaging
  • Post & attend events
  • Post topic & questions to create community discussions
  • Supports organization of vast content by using Smart Filters
  • Rate & recommend businesses 
  • Give product reviews worldwide
  • Members are listed with their member bio
  • Users earn points by contributing valuable information
  • Earn rewards by redeeming points
  • Create surveys for community participation
  • Special member discounts provided by our partners
  • Earn points by referring new members
  • Newsletter and daily/weekly emails to members

“This kind of information is priceless. The problem is that there’s usually a business agenda & you can’t get to the true information.” - Nutritionist from Roseville, CA 

“The key is in connecting people & sharing the information.” - Mom from Sacramento, CA 

“Nutrition isn’t taught much in medical school, so doctors don’t really talk much about nutrition as a possible health solution.” - Medical Student from Orangevale, CA 

“Reliable & consistent information has been a challenge for me on my journey to better health.” - Business Owner from Istanbul, Turkey 

 I’m hungry to learn more. "I avoid medications at all cost, something I learned from my mom who worked at Kaiser for over 15 years.” - Student from Loomis CA

“I think knowledge & experiences from people who have done it right would help me improve the quality of my life.” - Business Owner from San Francisco, CA

“My mother has terrible asthma & I’ve had some health scares. I am really interested in army myself with this kind of health knowledge.” - Mom from Yuba City, CA

“A mobile app to check my activities would help me improve my health.” -Student from Istanbul, Turkey

“This kind of information needs to get out & be shared.  I'm hungry to learn more and better myself” - Tennis Instructor from Lincoln, CA 

“Finding a support group to motivate me would be key for me.” - Professor from Istanbul, Turkey

Why we need your help

This isn’t our first rodeo, but it is our first crowdfunding project & we’re looking to our community to make it the best it can be.

We can learn a lot from you. While interviewing folks & discussing the project with our friends, we were told this would be a very difficult project, maybe even impossible. That did not stop us from moving forward. Feedback about the product gave us confidence - enough for Semih to spend his life savings, & even some of his retirement funds.

Thanks to our hard work, our product is already in excellent shape. However, we still have quite a bit of work to do. Funding is our only obstacle.

What we gain from this campaign will allow us to invest in the costs associated with continual development & maintenance of both an iOS & Android mobile app. We’re hoping we might be able to hit some stretch goals along the way that unlock even more cool features.

And equally important to funding is feedback: We want iBula to be useful to you in real situations. This means getting 100% honest insights, constructive criticism, & opportunities to improve the application. We take all of your questions and concerns back to our design & engineering team, which helps us inform the last stage of development before things are fully baked.

Simply put, we are motivated through your support. We look forward to creating a community that shares in our dream. We’re excited to make our dream a reality through your backing! We have a strong drive to create awareness of prevention & alternative health choices because we have had our own personal health crises which have ultimately changed the direction of our lives for the better. 

Here at iBula, we believe in walking the walk. We live our lives based on the advice we share. Well aware of the power & value of our knowledge, we hope to share it with the world.

 Meet the team

Semih Secer, Founder (Technology)

Considered one of the top 100 smartest youths in Turkey in 1986, Semih Secer (47) found that his career options were, surprisingly, quite limited. He continued his education & obtained an engineering degree from a prestigious university in 1993. Semih felt unable to spread his wings & deviate from the path that had been paved for him, so he became determined to hit the reset button & excel in other aspects of his life. His hunger for new experiences led him to Australia, where he lived without the safety-net of his engineering degree. Semih worked a whopping 18 jobs in 10 months, from gardening to selling newspapers. He embraced these seemingly mundane experiences,& became the ambitious soul he is today. Once he had his fill, Semih moved on to receive a scholarship to Purdue University & added to his already hard-earned degree. After the company he began working for was sold, he decided to move to Asia to add more new experiences to his repertoire. Semih transformed himself into a very capable & reliable business owner & friend. 

“Using my entrepreneurial skills, I hope to touch the world.”

 Evan Egas, Founder (Fitness & Nutrition)

An extremely active athlete & hardworking scholar, Evan has immersed himself in the world of nutrition, natural supplementation & self-discipline for a decade.  Having studied bioengineering & biotechnology at Santa Clara University added to his love of human biology & physiology.  His mother's cancer diagnosis only strengthened his desire to live a healthy life to avoid debilitating, preventable diseases down the road.  Practicing martial arts, meditation & endlessly furthering his strength & conditioning has fortified his resolve & desire for self-mastery.  As a result, he has overcome anxiety, depression & rid himself of what turned out to be a plethora of unnecessary & dangerous medications.  Additionally, he prides himself in surpassing goals he could never have dreamed of achieving in the past.  He hopes to create a proper platform to share my story & experiences with sports, fitness, nutrition & natural remedies.

“Help us create a healthier world, starting with a healthier you”

Maggie Morales, Founder (Nutrition, Health Tips & Cancer Survivor)

Born in Havana, Cuba, at the age of 5, Maggie Morales (55) & her family immigrated to California in search of freedom & a better life. Maggie is a wife, a mother & an entrepreneur. Three years ago, cancer changed her life. With the love & support of her husband, Angelo, & her son, Evan, ‘Team Maggie’ dove into the world of cancer research. Determined to be active in the process & find a non-toxic solution that focused around her overall health, she was victorious. Cancer became a catalyst for change in Maggie’s life. It provided a platform for deep reflection, teaching her to take an honest look into the layers of the person she is. Inside of her now lives a deep strength that will rise against any challenge in her life. As she walks in this newfound strength, Maggie is embarking on a new journey. Our Health, Nutrition & Fitness app connects people worldwide, inspiring & empowering them with the knowledge to take control of their health. 

“Please join us - Your life matters! …Together we are strong”

Angelo Morales, Founder (Nutrition & Health Tips)

Angelo Morales (60) was born & raised in Northern California & has been an entrepreneur for the past 30 years. Recent health-related events have forced him to re-evaluate his life, & as a result, he has made healthy living a priority. Angelo has personally experienced dramatically positive results in his day to day life by changing to a ‘clean eating’ diet & implementing a consistent exercise regimen. Angelo is living proof that ‘the food you eat can be either the most powerful medicine or the slowest form of poison”. He now lives a much happier, more vibrant & energetic life. Using his entrepreneur skills & proven personal methods, Angelo is driven to creating awareness by connecting people worldwide & sharing knowledge & experiences.

 “To invest in yourself is the best investment of all.”

Iconibula, Mascot

Iconibula was born in Northern California & is now 5 years old, 5 ½ lbs. He is the ‘official’ mascot for the iBula Health, Nutrition & Fitness app. Iconibula was named after the word ‘bula’ which means ‘celebration of life’ (a blessing of health & happiness.) It originates from the Fijian culture & refers to anything from hello, goodbye, welcome, love & more. Funny how one single word can transform your whole day. He has shared this entire journey with my best friends: Angelo, Maggie, Semih & Evan. Together we’ve been through thick & thin! I am always there to inspire & support the team … hope I am able to inspire you too... 

“Bula Bula… Let’s celebrate life together!”

iBula Goal Amount & Breakdown 

  • 20K:  IOS & Android Apps with core services completion including real-time messaging, events, classifieds, post attachments, recommendations. 
  • 35K:  Stretch Goal 1:  iBula Web experience. Localization Support  
  • 45K:  Stretch Goal 2:  Points, Badges and Rewards introduction. Premium Subscription for personalized value-added-services 
  • 60K:  Stretch Goal 3:  Market Place for great supplements, health products 


  • January 2018:  Eureka Moment -- idea formation February 
  • March 2018:  User validation, surveys 
  • April 2018:  Technology Partnership with PeerBie 
  • May 2018:  Mobile Apps Prototype starts 
  • June 2018:  Crowdfunding Campaign starts 
  • July 2018:  Crowdfunding Campaign ends 
  • August 2018:  Prototype Completion 
  • August 2018: Early User onboarding 
  • September 2018: iBula Limited Release 
  • October 2018: iBula v1.0 General Availability


Risks and challenges

Dealing with technology and building great mobile apps is always a challenge. We have partnered with PeerBie in order to minimize technology risk. The partnership has already started paying off. However, there is still some risk involving technology, as this is a new concept and cutting-edge new technology.

We love what we do but none of us can dedicate ourselves 100%, as we have to work our day jobs in order to pay the bills. Our passion is our biggest wealth. We do run into some financial challenges from time to time, and this is a risk. This also explains one of the reasons why we are crowdfunding our baby.

One other risk is that there are various products and services that are already out there. We know we are unique with our approach. However, there is always some risk that competition or new players could copycat our approach. So we would like to continue at 5th gear all the time.

This is why we need your support, to ensure this product can be delivered with all the features promised. We will keep our backers up-to-date with our progress & let you know if we encounter any setbacks.

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