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Auditorium Duet is the cooperative multiplayer sequel to Auditorium. Bend light and fill music containers in harmony with a partner!
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Cipher Prime's Summer Scrapbook

Posted by Cipher Prime (Creator)

Why, hello there Backers. Cipher Prime Team here, reporting in. Sheepishly late.

Hope you are all doing wonderfully! And thank you for being so patient with us. We've been answering your emails but haven't done a backer-wide update in several months. We're remedying that now.

First, we apologize for being stuck in our development caves for so long. But these have a been a busy few months! Here's what Cipher Prime has been up to. It's Splice-heavy and Duet-lite, but we're going to flip that around!


  • Finished up Splice development for Mac/PC.

We started Splice in in the Fall of last year, and after a few hiccups we pulled it together and finished it up. We are pretty proud of it; it's a beautiful game and it's also meant to provide the second half of the money we need to fund the development cycle for Duet (the first half coming from the Kickstarter!). Finishing up development mainly consisted of testing the game, polishing the experience, and preparing the game for sale.

  • Splice won for Best Puzzle Game in the Intel Level Up 2011 Contest!

A pleasant little surprise for us was having Splice win the Intel Level Up 2011 contest's puzzle game category! They even gave us a VIP ticket to E3 2012 to go show off Splice as part of their showcase; Nikko went to L.A. as our representative!


  • Splice was released on Steam!

This was a super stressful week for us, but we were able to get the game up and ready for Steam. We also spent a lot of time trying to market the game; a tough task for a company of our size, so it was pretty time-consuming. Otherwise, it's our third Steam launch, and it was nice to get it done!

  • Splice updated on Steam.
Inevitably, no launch is perfect! We spent much of June dealing with customer support for the new release, talking to press people about the game, getting review copies out to people, and doing a bunch of post-release development to fix a few bugs that we hadn't been able to pin down before release. We hammered out an update and pushed it to Steam.


  • Splice selected as part of the PAX 10 Showcase!

July brought us another surprise, because PAX selected us as one of their Indie PAX 10 showcase games! Part of the prize was four free exhibitor passes to one of the biggest gaming conventions out there! At the end of August the Cipher Prime Team will be out in Seattle, so if you're attending PAX Prime, be sure to drop by our table!

  • The Cipher Prime Team is one Aaron larger than it was!
Cipher Prime has hired a new lead developer. Everyone give a big welcome to Aaron! He is actually the only one of us to have any formal training in computer science/programming, and we know he'll be an awesome addition to help us create Duet and future games. 

  • Splice ported to the iPad.
This was our big project for July and August. Many people have commented on how perfect Splice is for a touch platform, and we agreed. So we tore down and rebuilt Splice to run smoothly on the iPad, and we've set the release date for August 30.


  • Splice standalone version updated and Mac App Store version developed.
As we were porting Splice to the iPad, we managed to optimize the code base for the game. And as a result the standalone version for PC and Mac should run a little smoother as well. In addition to the iPad, Splice will be available on the Mac App Store soon too!

  • Splice is an Indiecade 2012 Finalist!
Splice is featured in another contest! This time we're a nominee in the Indiecade 2012 Festival, alongside many, many other cool games! 

  • Finally: Laying the groundwork for Auditorium Duet.
Because we are also antsy about putting in full workdays on Auditorium Duet, we've decided to scrap our plans for a Splice level editor integrated with the Steam Workshop, a DRM-free version to sell on our own website, and ports to Android tablets. Those are definitely things we'd like to do, but fulfilling our Duet promises are more important.

Auditorium Duet

On the Auditorium-side, we've started working on networked multiplayer gameplay, and we're working on replicating many of the original Auditorium's mechanics. One of the most interesting parts of this will be figuring out how we're going to be handling the visual effects, given the differences between Unity development and Flash development.

On the Kickstarter-side, we're going to be contacting each of the individual backer tiers directly with news about their rewards! Obviously we're a little late with rewards, and we'll try and get out an updated schedule. Game development (and software development in general) can get messy and unpredictable, but we'll try our best and we'll be as open as we can about progress. Don't hesitate to ask us questions!


We also talked with Steam and finagled 2,037 coupon codes for a 66% discount off of Splice (normally priced $9.99). If you missed the launch sale or Steam's Summer Sale, and you'd like to get a discount copy of the game for yourself or a friend, please email andrei[at] and let us know you'd like a special backer discount code!

Edit! Backer Discount Code Instructions

You're supposed to use discount codes the way you use normal Steam codes:

  • Click the "Add A Game" button on the Steam interface (it's in the lower left corner of Steam's interface--the actual software, not the website). 
  • Select the "Activate Product on Steam" option.
  • Follow the prompts to enter the code.
  • You should then receive a message saying that a discount will be applied to your Steam purchase of Steam.
  • Play the game and have fun!


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    1. Michael Chang on

      Sad that you guys will be dropping the DRM-free version of Splice, but well aware that y'all need to make a living and y'all have only so much time on your hands to get Duet out the door.

    2. FloppieCawk Flickr on

      I was waiting for splice the moment I saw you guys playing it in the video for the auditorium duet kickstarter. Bought it from steam as soon as it was available. To tell you the truth I was more excited about splice than I was for auditorium duet. It is such a brilliant game. I love puzzle games that make me think so much my head starts spinning, and the music is phenomenal. You need to make more games like splice or more levels for it. maybe even a splice 2. I am addicted to that game and all of your games in general. Don't ever stop making puzzle games!!!!!

    3. Jeremie Lariviere

      The iPad version will be cool!
      Very popular, based on this project's funding :-)

    4. Cipher Prime Creator on

      @ Jörn
      Woot! Thank you! =)

      @Josh, @ Rirath
      Apple only gives out 50 codes per update, which means we're limited in how many we can give out. We have to consider press review copies, copies need for contests, etc. What we'll do is keep a list of people interested, and if it's short enough we'll give out iPad codes. We can't make any promises though. Otherwise the Steam version discount is still definite for everyone!

      Yes, a level editor is something we would love, but we have to balance our time. The level editor is unfortunately both the coolest and most difficult to implement feature we'd like to include!

    5. Rirath on

      I haven't played Splice and intend to wait for the iPad version - but a "Splice level editor integrated with the Steam Workshop" would certainly make me double-dip. Hopefully not tabled for good.

    6. Jörn Huxhorn

      I bought Splice on launch day. ^^

    7. Josh Ward on

      I would love a code for Splice on the iPad when it's on the app store! (: