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Auditorium Duet is the cooperative multiplayer sequel to Auditorium. Bend light and fill music containers in harmony with a partner!
2,037 backers pledged $71,061 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update!

Posted by Cipher Prime (Creator)

Hello loverlies!

So we've been doing some research and crunching some numbers. We have three different physical rewards: t-shirt, framed print, and plaque.

We are covering domestic shipping. 

For international shipping, if you are outside of the U.S. and are receiving the t-shirt, print, or plaque, please add $10 to your pledge, and then we'll cover the difference. If your pledge is already $10 over your reward level, you're good to go.

After the Kickstarter finishes we'll send out email surveys to get your mailing information. Otherwise, message us if you have shipping questions!

We'll update again tomorrow with news about rewards and our development plans!

Thank you again everyone! 

- Will, Dain, Nikko, Andrei


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    1. Cipher Prime Creator on

      The only thing sent out so far are the Fractal redemption codes. When we start getting ready to ship stuff, we'll double check with everyone we still need extra shipping from.

    2. pkingsora on

      Have these been sent out yet? maybe I missed something on shipping.

    3. Andrew W on

      listen to song check back awe 5 minutes > goes back to listen to another song brb.

    4. Andrew W on

      Awesome thanks for the reply, 25 minutes hope it's a success.

    5. Missing avatar

      Harrison Wong on

      WOO! backer number 2006

      If we pledged over the $30, how do we go about choosing between the T-shirt and the Duet bundle?

    6. Steven Vascellaro on

      How are you going to include 2,000 names in the credits without boring everyone to death? Lol

    7. Cipher Prime Creator on

      The $15 reward is a digital copy, no extra shipping charge is necessary.
      Our current goal for the plaque is for us to do work out the design, do the etching ourselves with a laser engraver (we have access to one through a friend), and then do the mounting. The material hasn't been decided on just yet.

    8. Andrew W on

      any ideas on the plaque or is that to be decided after?

    9. Michael Chen on

      for the 15 dollar reward, is it gonna be a physical copy or a digital copy? I'm not sure if I should include extra 10 dollars or not (also feels a bit stupid to spend 10 dollars for a 15 dollar worth of product).

    10. Cipher Prime Creator on


      The Duet Pack & t-shirt are exclusive prizes, even for upper level backers, you can only pick one! Say you pledged for the $50 reward level. You could pick either the t-shirt or the second game. If you wanted to pick both, you'd add an extra $10 dollars for the shirt. Then another $10 if there's international shipping. $70 Altogether.

    11. Kevin Pak on

      Hmm. Don't worry about it I think I'll just increase another $10 and get the Duet Pack + Supporter Edition. Thanks. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Etienne Adenot on

      If we live outside US, as long as we pledge 50$, it doesn't matter if we selected the 30$ option for the duet pack or the 30$ option for the t-shirt pack - we will get both of them, right ? Seems obvious but just to be sure, as there isn't an option with duet pack + t-shirt available.

    13. Cipher Prime Creator on


      No dates (outside of June) or estimates on shipping time to specific destinations yet. I will make a note in the backer report about your situation and we can contact you directly with information. Design of the shirts hasn't been finalized, we wanted to get some backer input first, there will be an update about that.

    14. Kevin Pak on

      When are you planning to ship the shirts and is there any approximation how long they'll take to reach the UK? I'm only at my current address until June 3rd so I'll need to change shipping addresses depending on those variables. Also, will we be shown the design of the shirts or are they already somewhere? Thanks.

    15. Cipher Prime Creator on


      Oops, I thought you meant in your specific situation. If you have the t-shirt and print awards, we send those to you together as soon as both are ready. As for specific dates, we don't have them just yet, outside of those estimates you mentioned. T-shirt design still has to be finalized (there is an update on that coming), and we haven't decided what the content of the art prints will be yet.

    16. Jason Banh on

      Do you guys know when that will be? Thanks!

    17. Cipher Prime Creator on


      We would definitely prefer to ship them all at once, send us a message if you'd rather work out some other way to do it.

    18. Jason Banh on

      Are these going to be shipped all at once? because the t shirt says June but the art print says October

    19. Cipher Prime Creator on


      If you decided to send it to the friend in the States: that works for us! Everything else will be available on-line. If not sending it to the States: as for any extra duties, so long as we pay them on our end, you would just worry about the $10 and we cover whatever difference there is.

    20. Canezar

      Same pledge as Steven; in Canada myself, would I be expected to pay duties as well as the shipping costs? If so, would only be missing out on the T-Shirt if I sent it to a friend in America by putting in her mailing address instead of mine?

    21. Cipher Prime Creator on


      Yes, if you are planning on getting the t-shirt rather than the Duet pack, add the $10.
      No, If you were just getting the Duet Pack, because you don't have to worry about physical rewards.

    22. Missing avatar

      Steven Wiberg on

      I am in Canada myself as well, I have gotten the $50 pledge level. Does this level require the additional fee?

    23. Cipher Prime Creator on


      Duet Pack = $30, plus the t-shirt = $40, plus int'l shipping = $50. Since you're already at $45, just add $5!

    24. Jorge Antunes on

      I would add the shipping cost but I literally ran out of money! xD

    25. Thom on

      Ok, I'll have you guys do the math here... I initially selected the Duet Pack for a $30,- pledge. Then I upgraded my pledge to $ 45,- to help you get the goal, and get myself a nice t-shirt in the process.
      I live in the Netherlands, What do I have to add to my pledge in order to make it easier for you to cover international shipping?

    26. Cipher Prime Creator on

      @Chris, Cabra:
      Your mathing is impeccable! That's the correct amount.

      That would be $60 for you, since you're getting the $50 reward. Or if you'd rather just pay $40 altogether, you can drop your reward to the $30 for the t-shirt, then add the $10 for the shipping.

    27. Cipher Prime Creator on

      Ragugo, I just looked at the tweet you're referring to. There are four of us who use the Twitter account and I'm not sure which of us said that, but we shouldn't have, or they were only thinking about domestic shipping. I'll send you a message about shipping.

    28. Ambroise Palayret on

      Ragugo, I asked them about a month ago, and that their response ;
      "As of right now, the plan is that we will cover shipping. We haven't announced that yet because we don't want to promise anything we can't deliver on, and we can't confirm that yet. If anything changes we'll be sure to let everyone know."

      So I don't see where they could lie !!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Ragugo on

      in other words, you lied on twitter.. typical

    30. Jason P. Kaplan on

      Right now I'm sitting at the $50 pledge reward level, which includes the t-shirt from $30; do I need to bump my pledge to $60 (or, drop to $40) to include shipping on the t-shirt, or is that covered because I've pledged $50?

    31. Ambroise Palayret on

      Same question than Chris (but I'm in France :p) !!!

    32. Chris Willard on

      so, if I've got this right $30 for the Duet Pack, + $10 for the t-shirt + $10 for shipping (I'm in Canada), so total pledge of $50?