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Auditorium Duet is the cooperative multiplayer sequel to Auditorium. Bend  light and fill music containers in harmony with a partner!
Auditorium Duet is the cooperative multiplayer sequel to Auditorium. Bend light and fill music containers in harmony with a partner!
2,037 backers pledged $71,061 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chester on

      If you ever decide to do another run of t-shirts, I'd be happy to buy more.

    2. Randy Moore on

      With the cancellation announcement, and the content they released to us, I wonder if we would be able to get the game finished through some other indie producers if we could get their permissions...

    3. Raki Singh on

      An update would be quite nice!

    4. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      I tried to be positive, but this is getting insane. What on earth is happening with Auditorium 2? If you can't deliver on your promise, how can you make it up to us? You need a Double Fine-style way to recover from a Kickstarter that seems to have overpromised and must need cash or other resources that you don't have.

      Andy on June 13, 2015
      I'm still excited for this! Auditorium is one of a few experimental music games I wish we got more of.

    5. Alex on

      I have created a facebook for the backers of this game to congregate to discuss our next steps. Feel free to join. Just look for this group name on Facebook: Kickstarter Backers of Auditorium 2 also,

    6. Twyste on

      4 1/2 years since I helped fund this project. Almost a year since there's been an update, yet there have been other projects out of your game studio. (Some of which I've even bought.) Unacceptable, guys. I should have waited for Duet to come out on its own and bought it then. That way I wouldn't feel cheated out of my money.

    7. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Alvim on

      Wow. Just... WOW. It's been almost five years, guys. FIVE. YEARS. And almost a whole year since we had ANY update, let alone one that actually says something.

      Isn't it time you guys just say you're sorry, this game is just not going to happen (a short explanation of why, taking responsibility, would also be nice), and then we can all just move on?

      This was the project I was most excited for here on KS. It's so disappointing...

    8. Adam Payne on

      Any update? It's been nearly two years since the last one!

    9. Missing avatar

      Margrith on

      You really owe us an update. Its been a long time, and this project has been funded for years. Its about time we got a game or just tell us its never happening.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeff Schmonsees on

      It's been another month.

    11. Spencer Bliven on

      I need to play through Auditorium again. What a beautiful game!

    12. Oskar 'Skar' van Velden on

      Yes please post an update. I was just browsing my backed projects and suddenly stumbled upon this beauty. Really looking forward to this project. Loved the original Auditorium and still do. So please guys, don't let us down and post an update.

      Even if it's just saying you are very busy working on this project (or maybe something else to cover the expenses or something). Just keep your backers in the loop, that will give so much mroe understanding than being silent.

    13. Alex on

      Thanks guys. I think we all are sad that it came to this.

    14. Cipher Prime Creator on

      We owe you an update -- you'll hear from us soon. You're not being ignored

    15. Missing avatar

      Will Quach on

      Also, for anyone else wanting to report the project, instructions are found here:

    16. Missing avatar

      Will Quach on

      I'll report this Kickstarter as well. I wasn't able to get Amazon Payments to refund the charge since it's been way too far out in timeframe for a refund.

    17. James Smythers on

      Got annoyed, they won an award for a game that isn't Duet.
      Plus reported this game to Kickstarter for lack of communication as it's been a Full Ten Months since an update. 10 months.... I've backed and received full games in that time frame. Plus they had more than 30 updates in that time frame. Maybe my Twitter reply will get some response . Since this hasn't been looked at by them in months (probably since that hollow update about keeping in touch)

    18. Alex on

      I have officially Reported this to Kickstarter. We've all known for a while now that this project is dead. It's time for the developers to confirm the project is dead and apologize. We know the money is gone. We know the company is probably in tatters. Just be honest and we can all move on with our lives.

    19. Missing avatar

      Terence on

      I hate to say this, but I think it might be time to hit the "Report this project" button at the bottom of th campaign page and hope for someone from Kickstarter to figure out what's going on...

    20. Missing avatar

      Timothy Cable on

      The sad thing is that the project had real potential, given the success of Auditorium. I backed it at a high level because I believed in their dream. I'm a game design student myself, so I can respect delays and issues in development. What I cannot abide is nearly a YEAR with no communication at all. I would ask for a refund, but I doubt even that would get any kind of response. It's all a bit sad.

    21. Euphoria on

      Sadly no news here...
      I could punch myself, that i did not seen the signs, they promised to release Auditorium Soundtrack after it was released and nothing happend for a while. I still backed this project and now regret it.

      By the way the soundtrack is still not released and i am sure never will....

    22. Skamandros on

      I've given this to a friend as a birthday present (so we can play together with the second copy). What should I tell him on the fourth birthday after that? Plus, I've now had a banner on the top of my Kickstarter page telling me to respond to your survey for 4 years, because you've had the brilliant idea that backers who want the second copy shouldn't respond to the survey. I'm seriously upset that you let the people who believed most in you down so much. 10 month no updates to your backers. You lost me.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jeff Schmonsees on

      Hey we're almost coming up on an anniversary! According to Wikipedia it's the Appliance anniversary. What should we get? Oh how about a game that we all payed for. Or how about one of the few games that were created in the time frame that our game was supposed to be completed. Maybe this game will be the next No Man's Sky. At least they released their game after delays.

    24. Trogdor

      It's good your easily pleased as watching appears to be the only thing we're going to get here :)

    25. Missing avatar

      John Rhodes on

      I have to say - I almost think I am getting my money's worth here. It is becoming genuinely interesting to watch a Kickstarter project go on so long!

    26. Twyste on

      Last update - December 2015. The Kickstarter was funded in I think March 2012. So, over four years since funding, seven months with no update. Really? Maybe the shirt should have said, "I helped fund a game I wanted to play and all I got was this lousy t-shirt "?

    27. Missing avatar

      Terence on

      After the comments here recently, I tried to reach out to the Cipher Prime and the creators on Twitter to see if we can an update. All 3 accounts.

      What was I thinking, of course there's no response.

    28. Justin Gonzalez on

      Hey Cipher Prime, I want my money back. You're hitting a year with no updates and I'm genuinely tired of the lack of communication. I have no faith in you or your vision.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jon Deuchler on

      What's the difference between a scam and vaporware? Scammers at least pretend to be your friend. This is one of 3 kickstarters that haven't fulfilled their rewards. Got the t-shirt, it's certainly unique.

    30. Alex on

      With the GameForge now closed, it would be nice to hear if: a) this game is dead or b) if this game is in active development. Thanks!

    31. René Wuttke on

      Is this still worked on?

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeff Schmonsees on

      So now you have created 3 games and a minigame since this kickstarter. Auditorium Duet will be game changing right? It's the antigame. You don't play it but you think about it,

    33. Kristen on

      Just be honest. You lied to everyone and conned us out of our hard earned money.

    34. Kyrre Havik Eriksen

      @Brys: Haha, similar here. At least I got a cool t-shirt out of this kickstarter.

    35. Brys on

      Every time CipherPrime spams me with their newsletter to flog whatever their newest shiny thing is, I like to revisit the Kickstarter and remind myself why I'll never play another one of their games again.

    36. pyramus on

      @Mike @Skamandros: And me. how stupid... of us �

    37. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chester on

      Have you guys figured out how best to deliver us the builds you've been working on? It's been six months.

    38. Skamandros on

      @Mike: The same thing just happened to me too

    39. Missing avatar

      Mike Walton on

      Why do I keep coming back here with this irrational hope that maybe I just missed an update?

    40. Roquen Lómë on

      I don't mind waiting but what upsets me is that Cipher just don't answer to any email, tweet, message...nothing %-/ Not to mention the dev access...

      Well, I'm still hopeful that one day it'll be out :) Which would you bet comes out sooner, Wins of Winter by George R. R. Martin or Auditorium Duet? :D

    41. Missing avatar

      Will Quach on

      As much as I've tried to be patient with this project, I'm calling my credit card company to try to dispute the transaction for a refund. It has been over 3 years already with zero updates since the end of 2015. Enough is enough.

    42. Laurent Bernabé on

      I want my money back

    43. Missing avatar

      Etienne Adenot on

      What's going on?

    44. Missing avatar

      Matt Thomas on

      This is proof that Kickstarter can sometimes be just an alternative form of welfare.

    45. Hannah Story on

      I want my money back.

    46. Adam Payne on

      Any further updates to this? Not heard anything since December!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jon Deuchler on

      I think I did get a t-shirt but I'd be hard pressed to find it. Does anybody really believe that cipher prime is still doing anything on this project?

    48. K. Simms on

      Just write this game off, people. Cipher bit off more than they can chew - they just don't want to admit it to us.

    49. Missing avatar

      Harrison Brown on

      Some may disagree with this but I must speak my mind. I understand why many are disappointed or annoyed/angry about the lack of updates and progress. I myself am happy with any progress or news. As callous as it sounds, things happen. I myself have been a victim of fate (or whatever you choose to believe in) loosing my career and falling into illness. Ever since the start of cipher prime i have followed you guys supporting you whenever i could afford to or had time to. That will not stop. I hope I speak for many others in this. Granted similar things have happened with other game projects for crowdfunding but i BELIEVE in you all: Will, Dain and all the team. Do not dwell in the past and let the disappointment and apathy consume the end of this project. Stride forward and make this game everything and more of what you wanted and dreamed. I am still here and always will be.

    50. Hannah Story on

      Almost 4 years later, we are still waiting. Shifting management priorities, complete software re-architectures, and now art shows. Where is the game? We've been patient for a long time, but personally, my patience is running thin. Real artists ship.

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