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Auditorium Duet is the cooperative multiplayer sequel to Auditorium. Bend  light and fill music containers in harmony with a partner!
Auditorium Duet is the cooperative multiplayer sequel to Auditorium. Bend light and fill music containers in harmony with a partner!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeff Schmonsees on

      So now you have created 3 games and a minigame since this kickstarter. Auditorium Duet will be game changing right? It's the antigame. You don't play it but you think about it,

    2. Kristen on

      Just be honest. You lied to everyone and conned us out of our hard earned money.

    3. Kyrre Havik Eriksen

      @Brys: Haha, similar here. At least I got a cool t-shirt out of this kickstarter.

    4. Brys on

      Every time CipherPrime spams me with their newsletter to flog whatever their newest shiny thing is, I like to revisit the Kickstarter and remind myself why I'll never play another one of their games again.

    5. pyramus on

      @Mike @Skamandros: And me. how stupid... of us �

    6. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chester on

      Have you guys figured out how best to deliver us the builds you've been working on? It's been six months.

    7. Skamandros on

      @Mike: The same thing just happened to me too

    8. Missing avatar

      Mike Walton on

      Why do I keep coming back here with this irrational hope that maybe I just missed an update?

    9. Roquen Lómë on

      I don't mind waiting but what upsets me is that Cipher just don't answer to any email, tweet, message...nothing %-/ Not to mention the dev access...

      Well, I'm still hopeful that one day it'll be out :) Which would you bet comes out sooner, Wins of Winter by George R. R. Martin or Auditorium Duet? :D

    10. Missing avatar

      Will Quach on

      As much as I've tried to be patient with this project, I'm calling my credit card company to try to dispute the transaction for a refund. It has been over 3 years already with zero updates since the end of 2015. Enough is enough.

    11. Laurent Bernabé on

      I want my money back

    12. Missing avatar

      Etienne Adenot on

      What's going on?

    13. Missing avatar

      Matt Thomas on

      This is proof that Kickstarter can sometimes be just an alternative form of welfare.

    14. Hannah Story on

      I want my money back.

    15. Adam Payne on

      Any further updates to this? Not heard anything since December!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jon Deuchler on

      I think I did get a t-shirt but I'd be hard pressed to find it. Does anybody really believe that cipher prime is still doing anything on this project?

    17. K. Simms on

      Just write this game off, people. Cipher bit off more than they can chew - they just don't want to admit it to us.

    18. Missing avatar

      Harrison Brown on

      Some may disagree with this but I must speak my mind. I understand why many are disappointed or annoyed/angry about the lack of updates and progress. I myself am happy with any progress or news. As callous as it sounds, things happen. I myself have been a victim of fate (or whatever you choose to believe in) loosing my career and falling into illness. Ever since the start of cipher prime i have followed you guys supporting you whenever i could afford to or had time to. That will not stop. I hope I speak for many others in this. Granted similar things have happened with other game projects for crowdfunding but i BELIEVE in you all: Will, Dain and all the team. Do not dwell in the past and let the disappointment and apathy consume the end of this project. Stride forward and make this game everything and more of what you wanted and dreamed. I am still here and always will be.

    19. Hannah Story on

      Almost 4 years later, we are still waiting. Shifting management priorities, complete software re-architectures, and now art shows. Where is the game? We've been patient for a long time, but personally, my patience is running thin. Real artists ship.

    20. Brys on

      I'd like to point out, especially to those that thought some were being unduly harsh on poor Cipher Prime in the comments of the November "update," that they've missed yet another promised update for this month.

      Any guesses on when the next one will be? I'm going with April 2016.

    21. pyramus on

      The update from Nov 2015 is indeed very unclear: should we still expect a game or just forget about it? and with that question, I'd like to repeat the same thing I said on the previous update: if you DO plan to deliver something (anything!), wouldn't it be nice to just give us a date? This shows true commitment to your backers and makes it a lot more concrete. I actually would appreciate that so much more than bold but vague promises.
      And everybody would have something to look forward to: both you and us :-D

    22. Gustavo Crivelli on

      I fully agree with Vianney, it would be awesome to get some insight into the stuff that's actually going on. There's always the comment section too, I don't understand why the months-long radio silence. Also, you seem really burnt out, so I've got a question. What makes you tick?

    23. Missing avatar

      Mark Brennan on

      That last update read like the company has split up and this project is vapourware. You guys need to be specific.

    24. Vianney on

      It would indeed be nice to have some concrete project facts - apologies are good for some people (i don't need them, personally) but i like facts better. And it seemed to be going way better earlier this year after a rewrite. Rewrites happen, and are sometimes hellishly needed and hellish to pull off, but if that was past back in June, what went wrong afterwards? What's missing from the game? What did the rewrite not foresee, after 3 years of planning?

      Would be nice to know. You don't really owe me a finished game, but you owe me to try making one (which you delivered manyfold) and to take us on the journey with you (which has been sometimes lackluster, and falls short even today while acknowledging it)

    25. Missing avatar

      Will Quach on

      As others have noted, the latest update, despite sounding sincere and honest, is disheartening. Without a clear plan, concrete details, nor a release window in sight, I think at most, at some point, we'll get a dev-build-sort-of release and that's that (and then Will and Dain can be like "Hey! We're forever done with this! Thank god!") I would be pleasantly surprised if we were to get an actual, fully finished copy as it was originally intended/envisioned. In any case, I wish Cipher Prime the best of luck. On a side note, video updates (with either Dain or Will speaking to the camera to the backers) would've probably help calm down some backers (and seem more transparent and less evasive), but at this late in the game (3 years running), I suppose nothing at this point would make a difference.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ivan on

      Wow. It's been a long time. Original delivery Oct 2012 huh? Unfortunately, this is yet another reason why I no longer back anything on any types of these sites anymore. I appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices you've made to try and see this come to fruition, but the backer model just isn't something I want to gamble on anymore.

      Good luck on your future endeavors. Don't lose the drive to create something.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mike Walton on

      2000 people have given you $70K and after 3 years I'm almost out of hope that we'll ever see anything. Each update is a disappointment. Every email I get about how Cipher Prime has released some other game (Intake, Splice, Pulse, Fractal, Monster Want Burger...) is absolutely infuriating. You put so much effort into applying emotion to the last update, yet I'm well past feeling like I have reason to care anymore. Looking at the other comments, I think I'm part of the majority here.

    28. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Alvim on

      Yeah, @Betrayer. I had the exact same thought here.

      I loved Auditorium and was (and still am, in a way, I guess) SO excited for Duet.

      But every update on this just makes me sad. It's bad that they don't update, but when they do it seems it's even sadder.

      And then an update like this last one comes... I mean, everyone has to eat, and now we know they've already used up our money (I asked about this February 2014, and they had "not spent a dime of it" yet). And the update was really good in conveying their emotions, and I know it's certainly very frustrating for them as well, but... There was NO REAL PROJECT CONTENT in it. Progress, nothing.


    29. Missing avatar

      Betrayer on

      I forgot I backed this. I forget I back this pretty often.
      I loved Auditorium. Excited as can be about Duet.
      But this? This is disheartening.
      I hate how every time I get an update in my email, I'm reminded exactly how disappointing you've all been about this game.
      It's just... sad.

    30. Josh Needleman on

      What is going on? Time for an update.

    31. Shaun Bucknole on

      It really pisses me off that you clearly don't care about your backers. Keep making your shitty mini games. People will eventually see how full of shit you guys really are. You're all a disgrace to the indie game and Kickstarter community. Your 1,500 likes on Facebook clearly reflects that.

    32. joannac on

      "Many of you have asked for a release date since our last update. As we mentioned previously, we’re doing out best to release Auditorium Duet on or before October 22nd, 2015. This date can always change based on what a platform holder like Steam says to us. We’re going to trust our partners here."

      So... this date has now passed. Can we get a revised release date?

    33. Missing avatar

      Jeff Schmonsees on

      These MONTHLY updates have been great.

    34. Adam Payne on

      How about an update? Does this game still exist?

    35. Boun Ly on

      Cipher Prime - What a bunch of grubs.

    36. Missing avatar

      Terence on

      Any update? We are almost 3 years past the delivery date.

    37. Gustavo Crivelli on

      Hey guys. Any news about the game?

    38. James Smythers on

      Now we know why we haven't heard much about this game for the past few months (if not years).

      "If I want to get better, I need to take risks and I need to work under pressure." So I guess we need to start putting pressure on you to finish this game we haven't really seen much in the last 3 years. Please work on this game before a bunch of mini games. I know a bunch of backers are not happy as this game seems more and more like vapourware as the months go on.

      I want to be excited for this game. I know I was once I backed it three years ago. But now, I'm not sure any more.

      Please enlighten us as to your reasoning to work on anything but this game (or so it seems) by at least giving us an update more frequently than once ever so often.


    39. Missing avatar

      Jeff Schmonsees on

      How about a June update?

    40. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      I'm still excited for this! Auditorium is one of a few experimental music games I wish we got more of.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jeff Schmonsees on

      One more day for a May update.

    42. Gustavo Crivelli on

      Any hopes for a May update?

    43. Missing avatar

      Magster on

      From Terms of Use,
      When a project is successfully funded, the creator must complete the project and fulfill each reward. Once a creator has done so, they’ve satisfied their obligation to their backers.

      Can I get my Money Back!

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeff Schmonsees on

      Where's the May update?

    45. Missing avatar

      Jon Deuchler on

      Pure vaporware.
      Either they can't do it or they never intended to. So, no talent or no integrity. Take your pick.

    46. Aurelien VANDOORINE on

      I feel a bit like you Eric and have pledge at some games you did as well as some other projects. There is only Space Venture as well that did not deliver from the same time period, except one small demo a very long time ago. But hopefully they give updates on a more or less regular basis.
      Same with Double Fine sure they are late but they've been quite transparent about it. I'm more bothered by Auditorium because some how on the same time there is less than $100,000 and much more on the other so that is a different situation.
      My guess is that it is on hiatus and they do those other projects to keep getting money as it is pretty obvious to me that you can't work for three years even one single person with such a low amount of money, even restricting yourself, and as far as I know Cipher Prime is several persons. I hope they can come clear with us and just let us know. Just like DFA, they got onto a bigger project than anticipated but they did not hide or anything it was clearly apparent in the video documentaries and they managed to get to the end with their resources finding ways to get to the point they could have the fuins lacking for the game, though it displeased some people. I wish the same here from Cipher Prime.

    47. Missing avatar

      Eric Meadows

      Let's look at the other games I backed around the same time as Auditorium 2, and more recently.

      Double Fine Adventure: First half delivered, second half imminent
      Wasteland 2: Delivered
      FTL: Delivered
      Valdis Story: Delivered
      The Dead Linger: Early Access
      Banner Saga: Delivered
      Shadowrun Returns: Delivered
      Republique: Delivered
      FleetCOMM: Beta
      Kinetic Void: Delivered
      Starlight Inception: Delivered
      Legends of Eisenwald: Early Access
      Grim Dawn: Early Access
      Lilly Looking Through: Delivered
      Xenonauts: Delivered
      SpaceVenture: Nothing
      Dead State: Early Access
      Retrovirus: Delivered (its KS failed, even!)
      Zombie Playground: Early Access
      Cult: Failed
      Castle Story: Early Access
      Project Giana: Delivered
      Planetary Annihilation: Delivered
      Knock-knock: Delivered
      Mercenary Kings: Delivered
      Project Eternity: Delivered
      Sealark: Nothing
      Torment: Nothing
      Race the Sun: Delivered
      Dreamfall Chapters: Delivered
      Satellite Reign: Beta
      River City Ransom Underground: Nothing
      Hyper Light Drifter: Beta
      The Long Dark: Early Access
      Rimworld: Beta
      Dropsy: Nothing
      Star Citizen: Beta

      Nothing more recent has delivered anything yet.
      Not all of the games were good, but they at least delivered something playable. Many were complete games more ambitious than A2, and were produced faster. SpaceVenture is the only other game from around that timeframe where I haven't received anything (but it's silly to put out Early Access for a point-and-click adventure game). It finished funding 3 months after A2.
      Meanwhile, Cipher Prime has released Splice, Shimsham, Intake, and Monster Want Burger since A2's funding concluded. Pretty much every time I saw CP announce a new title release, I assumed I had missed the email about A2 being available and had to check my Humble Keys or dig through my email.

    48. Trogdor

      No more excuses.
      No more new engines.
      No more font upgrades.

      Just give a deliverable date or tell us you've walked away.

      You are disrespectful.

    49. Rich John

      It takes a certain size of brass balls to email the people who's money you took 3 years ago, to tell them about a different game you apparently built quickly (shame you couldn't have done the same with the game we backed!).

      Where are the March & April updates? Were you too busy writing another game to do them? Or did you have some font tools to work on instead?

    50. Aurelien VANDOORINE on

      Hey guys. What are you doing working on the Monster Burger game and other things behind. You're initial statement was to release the game in October 2012, so all right there could be delays, but here it is almost three year with not a single result except the T-shirt.
      So I'm not sure what is going on but be true towards us, in my opinion you ran out of fund, that would be not quite surprising, I mean a fund of $71,000 for 6 months sounds ok, for 3 years that is not even $2,000 a month that could let one person live correctly, but surely not a team of several people.
      So is it that you are doing this game to get cash in so you can continue working on it ? If that is let us know, be truthfull and transparent there are enough projects that fails without a single word from the creators, I don't want this one to be one of them. Just let us kknow exactly what is going on, because that is somehow not fair towards us so far.

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