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"BLACK EYE" - a new humor anthology of original stories, art & essays by 42 international alternative cartoonists, artists and writers.

Rotland Press + Comic Works presents "BLACK EYE: Graphic Transmissions to Cause Ocular Hypertension."

"BLACK EYE" is an new anthology that collects original narrative comics, art and essays by 42 international artists and writers, all focused on the expression of black, dark or absurdist humor.

With original comics and art by:

Stéphane Blanquet (France) Ivan Brunetti (USA- Chicago) Lilli Carré (USA- Chicago) Max Clotfelter (USA- Seattle) Al Columbia (USA) Ludovic Debeurme (France) Olivier Deprez (France) Nikki DeSautelle (USA- Detroit) Brecht Evens (Belgium) Andy Gabrysiak (USA- Detroit) Robert Goodin (USA- Pasadena) Dav Guedin (France) Gnot Guedin (France) Glenn Head (USA- New York City) Danny Hellman (USA- New York City) Paul Hornschemeier (USA- Chicago) Ian Huebert (USA- San Francisco) Kaz (USA- Los Angeles) Michael Kupperman (USA- New York City) Mats!? (USA- Oakland, CA) Fanny Michaëlis (France) James Moore (USA- New York City) Tom Neely (USA- Los Angeles) Mark Newgarden (USA- New York City) Paul Nudd (USA- Chicago) Onsmith (USA- Chicago) Emelie Östergren (Sweden) Paul Paetzel (Germany) David Paleo (Argentina) Bruno Richard (France) Martin Rowson (United Kingdom) Olivier Schrauwen (Belgium) Stephen Schudlich (USA- Detroit) Robert Sikoryak (USA- New York City) Brecht Vandenbroucke (Belgium) Wouter Vanhaelemeesch (Belgium) Jon Vermilyea (USA- New York City)

And original essays by: -Jeet Heer (Canada), on S. Clay Wilson -Bob Levin (USA- Berkeley, CA), on The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist by Michael O’Donoghue and Frank Springer -Ken Parille (USA- Greenville, NC), on humor in the work of Steve Ditko -Ryan Standfest (USA- Detroit), on Al Feldstein and “sick” humor at E.C. + interview with Al Feldstein

And a text by: Roland Topor (France), 100 Good Reasons To Kill Myself Right Now, translated into English for the first time by Edward Gauvin

"BLACK EYE" is edited by Ryan Standfest and published by Rotland Press + Comicworks, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

It will be 112 page soft-cover with color covers, and black and white interior pages on a matte stock, measuring 10.25 inches x 7.625 inches, with a print run limited to 1000 copies.

A limited edition letterpress print created by Onsmith & Nudd (who also created the cover), will be included in the first 150 copies of "BLACK EYE" and will be made available for the first time here on Kickstarter. The print is a signed and numbered edition, and will also include a varied selection of signatures from BLACK EYE contributors.

"BLACK EYE" is scheduled for publication after the Kickstarter funding session has closed.

Your kind contributions will assist with printing costs, and will help to maintain a high level of quality. Thank you for your interest and thank you for your support.

For further information on Rotland Press + Comic Works, as well as updates on "BLACK EYE," please visit


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