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The 36 is a comic based on a Kabbalistic legend that says there are 36 people in the world who, in times of need, emerge to save us.
The 36 is a comic based on a Kabbalistic legend that says there are 36 people in the world who, in times of need, emerge to save us.
122 backers pledged $11,474 to help bring this project to life.

The trades are in the mail...

Hey Backers!

Just shy of our one year anniversary, I'm happy to report that George Zapata has signed and sent the trade paperbacks out to you all, our awesome Backers. 

So what's left?  Custom drawings and t-shirts.  And I'm happy to report that George has just wrapped up the last custom drawing.  As soon as those rewards are in my hand, I'll get them out to the remaining backers.

As always, please drop me a line if you have any questions or comments!  You can also stay up-to-date with us via Facebook and via our newsletter

On a final note, I am actively working on what's next for the book and hope to have more news on that front soon!


It's done! (aka... Where's my stuff, buddy?)

Hey Backers and Fans!

After much delay with our printer, the books have finally started arriving.  Two days ago we received our first shipment and... we've started prepping everything for delivery! 

As I was printing everyone's labels, one thing that really impressed me was the diversity of places you all are from!  We have Backers from all around the world (Ireland, Germany, the UK, Canada) and the United States (from Hawaii to Washington, DC).  It gave me a warm feeling to know that "The Thirty Six" truly is reaching a global audience. 

So... what are the next steps?  When will I get my material?  The entire process will take a few weeks... mainly because Media Mail moves at the pace of, well, a snail. Right now, all the trade paperbacks and copies of issue one are being delivered to New Jersey so our wonderful artist, George Zapata, can sign them.  Once that happens, the packages will get sent on to everyone. 

T-Shirts, posters and original artwork will be sent out to everyone separately.  George is sending me the original artwork shortly (pages from the comic and custom drawings of you all battling it out with golems).  Once I have those, I will bundle them up and send them on their way.

Bottom line... we're in the final stages of this project.  That also means, we only have a few more updates left before this thing is done! 

We do have an email system that we've setup to keep you all informed of any future updates (signings, sales, and future projects)... Please feel free to invite your friends to join our growing email list!  It's only through fans like you that we can really spread the word and keep this thing going.

Kristopher White

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THANK YOU PAGE for the Trade Paperback...

Hey Backers!

We are literally days away from delivering Chapter 5 to you all!  Attached below is a copy of the THANK YOU PAGE I'm including in the trade.  Please take a look at it and let me know immediately if something is off.  We're probably sending this off tomorrow morning to the printers.

Please note that every Backer in the $25 level and above will be included in this listing.  For everyone else, we LOVE you and the support we gave you and will be shouting your names aloud as we read the book. ;-)


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The Final Chapter in the Making...

Hey All!

First, and I'll continue to say this, THANK YOU for your support of this book.  It's been a long and enjoyable journey for myself, and I hope that you all have liked the fruits of our labor.  Indie comics like this are only possible with the groundswell support of individuals like you all.

As we close in on the finish line for Chapter 5 (and thus the trade paperback), I wanted to take a second to share with you the creative development process for a frame from this last installment.

The page below has Levi, Lenore and a few others watching the Leviathan commence its rise.  The image takes use through three snapshots of the drawing process.  First, George submitted a layout design for the entire page (only this panel is shown here).  The second image is his rough pencils, which we used to help speed up the lettering process this time around (because we're on a tight deadline!).  The final panel is the colored end-product.

Finally, a special thanks to George Zapata, Micki Zurcher and Bernie Lee for their continued work on this series.  Though the panel below is just a snapshot, it hopefully gives you a taste of the work that is and has gone into this project.  :-)


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PREVIEW of the final cover for "The Thirty Six"


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