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Customers are begging for my recipes from The Baron York and a cookbook needs to be printed with color photos. Wanna be my sous-chef?
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Dea Irby

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Today is the day?

I thought about waiting until I actually sent the file to the printer, but I have time to send out a quick note now and the file should go out later today.

After the cookbook went to Atlanta to the editor/publisher, there was more work to be done! Some rewrites and reorganize.....replace this and add that.... found that one of the recipes was missing most of the instructions! Two extra pages had to be added to include the instructions which then made many numbers in the table of contents, the index and internal references to other pages wrong! 

This is going to be a work of art! A master piece of perfection! At least, I hope it is. And ready in time for Christmas.

Well, thanks again for being on this journey with me, for even making the journey possible. Believe me, you will probably HEAR me shout from the mountain tops when the book is in.

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    1. Creator fliss on November 3, 2011

      Nice touch about the timing! I believe in the power of numbers to serve as good omens. You go!!!