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Gather your friend pile and combo your way to pun based victory in this abstract competitive card game for two players.
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The continuing sad story of Punimals

Posted by 7/5 Games (Creator)

In which I tell you that I have been unable to track down any of the playmat shipments.
That's right, none of them.
Every single one, missing.
Beggers belief really.
If this affects you then I have sent you a message, but so everyone knows, if that was you then I am having your order sent again and the playmats refunded to you.
If they do actually turn up, and stranger things have happened, then you have extra I suppose.

I'm so stressed right now, I just want this whole thing to be over.
On the bright side, outside of every copy spontaniously combusting I don't think it's possible for anything else to actually go wrong.



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    1. Nick

      Man that sucks. Feeling for you. Do you have any comeback/way of getting compensated? I hope this whole thing doesn't put you off creating games. Thanks for all you have done.

    2. Torsten Stelling

      Keep it up. I still did not get it but I wait a little bit more. And thanks for the playmat. I will print it for a play on paper when I got the cards. :)