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LUPO - Find, Secure & Control your Bluetooth devices's video poster

Lupo helps you to keep track of things: not lose valuables & remotely control presentations & more. Comes with unique SDK for new Apps. Read more

London, UK Technology
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This project was successfully funded on March 30, 2014.

Lupo helps you to keep track of things: not lose valuables & remotely control presentations & more. Comes with unique SDK for new Apps.

London, UK Technology
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About this project

Our Kickstarter campaign is now over. We thank all our backers. If you missed the campaign, you can still pre-order Lupo.


Lupo - Find, Secure & Control

Lupo is a lost & found device and much beyond. Firstly, it will help you find, track and recover lost items, but it can also protect those items to prevent their loss in the first place.

Use Lupo to set anti-loss (out of range) alert and anti-theft alerts, including audible and visible alarms and/or SMS like messages, when you leave your objects behind or someone else moves them. In addition, Lupo can be set to automatically lock your computer when you step away from it to prevent data theft. Lupo device can be attached to almost anything you treasure including your keychain. 

Control your world with it

With Lupo, you can also control all kinds of devices (smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC) via Bluetooth 4.0 and the Lupo App. Lupo is coming with a smartphone camera control app and an app for clicking through presentations. We expect there will be many more apps to come, and with the Lupo developer kit the possibilities are endless.  

Lupo in the News:

Reviews: This is a hands-on review from Pocket-lint. Lupo has got awards from MIT, Nokia and Strathclyde Uni. to it's credit. 

You will be proud! Lupo is now one of the Top 10 Gadgets of 2014 in the Wearable Tech Show London 18 Mar'14. The only Kickstarter project to make this list. FHM called Lupo a smart gadget that looks ace!Gizmag thinks Lupo the most versatile Bluetooth device. What do you think?

Stretch Goal #2 - Lupo Space Shooter 

Thank You backers for this sprint to the first Stretch Goal! We now introduce Lupo Space Shooter which is a great example on the use of Lupo button presses and Lupo accelerometer motion control to cruise your space ship as you shoot enemy units with the button. 

Lupo Space Shooter can be played on your phone/ tablet on the go. What's More: You can hold TWO Lupo in both your hands and shoot enemy units using BOTH of them. Sounds fun? 

There is possibility of so many more Games and/ or Control Apps with the Lupo SDK. Developers get creative. Hope you will help us reach £28k so we can unlock the exciting new features for everyone.

Stretch Goal #1 - Lupo Radar - Reached

We have hit our campaign goal, Thank You backers! When we reach £25k we would develop: Lupo Radar (Warmer-Colder application). The radar screen on your Lupo App will guide you to a missing Lupo. It will come with a screen like below and will let you know if you are getting closer (WARMER) or further away (COLDER) from a Lupo.

Lupo App is FREE for our Kickstarter backers. Lupo App for iOS & Android phones and Lupo App for Windows, Linux & Mac desktops come free. This offer is for our Kickstarter backers only. 


Pledge for the Lupo today and collect your awesome rewards, at super discounted price for Kickstarter backers only. Get Lupo for yourself and your loved ones and help by sharing. 

Features of the Lupo:  

Lupo Finder: Find any Lupo or a device loaded with the Lupo App by calling it from your phone to activate Lupo’s audible tone and flashing LEDs.

Lupo Finder
Lupo Finder

Lupo Alert: With Lupo's Anti-loss alert you get notified on your smartphone as soon as any tagged item goes out of your pre-defined range. 

You can also enable Lupo's Anti-theft alert to sound an alarm when any of your items are moved or touched. 

Lupo Alert
Lupo Alert

Lupo Track: What if you still manage to lose something? Lupo has you covered. The app will record the last known position of a tagged item and show it on a map for easy recovery of lost items. When you declare a Lupo as lost, 'crowd sourced' searching is also enabled that puts other Lupos on the lookout to help find your item. 

Lupo Track
Lupo Track

Lupo Lock: Lupo can securely lock your computer screen and save power when you walk away from it. Be it at the office or at a cafe, Lupo helps ensure your data is always safe. 

Lupo Lock
Lupo Lock

Lupo Controller: Control the smart devices around you with Lupo’s Bluetooth 4.0 remote control. 


We've pre-loaded Lupo with camera and presentation controls. Simply CLICK the button to take a picture or go forward on a slide, and FLICK (swing hand left) to go back on a slide with Lupo Gesture Control. Lupo is capable of much more, with Lupo SDK you can make control Apps for any Bluetooth Smart device.

Lupo SDK   

The Lupo software development kit (SDK) provides everything needed to write custom apps for the device. With the Lupo SDK you can turn Lupo into the ultimate controller! Here are just some ideas:

Control music: You could make Lupo into a remote controller for music, including use of gesture control to change tracks/ music volume.  

Games: You could turn Lupo into a Bluetooth joystick for mobile gaming, making use of the button and accelerometer features to control game elements. Imagine playing Ironman-3 on your iPad with Lupo! 

Wireless mouse: You could turn Lupo into a point-and-click mouse, using Lupo's motion sensors to control cursor movement, and the device button to click open or close menu items. 

Contextual apps: You could use Lupo to create apps for venues or events that would display custom messages on smartphones that come within range of a strategically positioned Lupo.  

The SDK is designed for App developers to quickly build great Apps. You do not need knowledge of hardware development (or even Bluetooth wireless technology) to use the Lupo SDK. The kit allows you to configure: 1. Button press notification; 2. Accelerometer (3-axis data); 3. Proximity detection data; 4. Contextual/ micro location-based data. The LPDevice class we provide integrates a connection manager, so SDK users will not need to handle the CoreBluetooth library. Read more about Lupo SDK in our Developer Blog

Get it Now (SDK backers)... Want to get your hands on a Lupo before the rest of the world does? Join to be our beta tester. Pledge for Lupo SDK and you will have chance to win one of the 08 working prototypes we reserved to be awarded free to eight of our SDK backers. These are delivered in early April'14 along with Lupo API RC_01 so you can start building your Apps with the Lupo right away. 

Backer's Choice

As a backer you will not only have a choice to pick additional colors for the Lupo but also vote for new features to be developed, e.g. motion sensor and gesture control to call your close friend, etc. You get a say in what the Lupo could do for you! 

Lupo Competition

We are running a couple of fun competitions where you have the chance to WIN a few additional Lupo units and early access in April, and a full training day for SDK backers. Back Lupo and simply share with a nice slogan and hashtag #lupostory to enter. Here is more detail in our official blog (in case you need) on how to enter.

Lupo Custom App Backer

Not only would we build the custom App design for you, your Lupo units will also come personalized with your name, your company name or a custom message laser engraved for you along with choices of gift wrap casings etc. 

Comparison Chart  

Lupo is much more than an item finder. It is the first device of its kind to combine a usefully designed security solution and a remote controller.  

Only Lupo lets you securely lock your computer screen as you walk away from it and also puts a Bluetooth Smart Clicker in your pocket for everyday use and is designed for creating new apps.


Stewart McGrenary (CEO of Freedom Mobiles) talks about the Lupo Technology. 

Lupo Features Demo

Compatibility & Specs.

The Lupo App works on Bluetooth 4.0 (a.k.a. Bluetooth Smart / Bluetooth Low Energy) phones and computers only. 

Phones & Tablets

iOS: Works with iOS 6 and above (iOS 7 is preferred).• iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S • iPad (3rd generation) and later • iPad Mini (1st generation) and later • iPod Touch (5th generation)

Android: Works with Android devices 4.3 and later which support Bluetooth Smart.

Desktop & Laptops

Most modern laptops and Macs have built-in Bluetooth 4.0 hardware. For older laptops and PCs it is possible to access a small-size, low-cost Bluetooth 4.0 dongle. You can add a dongle to your rewards for just £8. If you have any query about Lupo’s compatibility please get in touch.

Lupo Year 2014 Timeline

January: Final design specifications and test Lupo prototypes; Feb - March: Crowdfunding & continue product refinement; April: Manufacturing startup and product assembly; May - June: Optimizing software and features; June - July: First batch of Lupo units delivered to early backers; July - Aug: Deliver second batch of Lupo units; Autumn 2014 onwards: Support Lupo users and stay connected. Our job does not end only after shipping the rewards to you. We look forward to working with the community to develop more Apps.  

Product Development 

Lupo has been designed with passion and engineered with precision. Developed by an experienced team of members based in Glasgow, Dublin, Copenhagen and California. At Lupo our product design goal is not just to be different but to make a real difference to the life of an everyday Lupo user. This meant developing design specs., functions, hardware and software from the ground up. 

Based on solid research

Developed at Strathclyde University and winning awards from MIT, the Lupo has years of research behind it. With a patent on the technology, Lupo leads in key performance areas, such as:

1.Battery performance. Using power management techniques developed through our research including varied low power cycles and Dynamic-z.

2. Variable range settings. Lupo is the most advanced device of its kind to offer user-defined range settings for proximity notifications.

3. Utility. Lupo does not rely only on radio signal strength (RSSI) to trigger events. This means Lupo sets with more precision, and control when events are triggered (Lock device/ alert settings, etc.).

4. A Learning Algorithm. The Lupo technology is designed as a learning algorithm that gets smarter and more power efficient in use.

Software Design

At the heart of the Lupo is a unique algorithm that makes the device smart. 

Hardware Design  

Lupo hardware is based on the new and latest Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Low Energy standard. We have completed the full PCB design, tested and verified it. 

Lupo (smart tag) hardware development
Lupo (smart tag) hardware development

Industrial Design     

The design of Lupo is focussed on user experience and usability. After brainstorming many design concepts we chose to go with Lupo's single button interface because it is intuitive and simple.   

Mechanical Engineering

Lupo is not just smart. It's solid and robust too. Lupo will withstand everyday wear and tear, including a 36"-48" free fall drop onto a hard floor and will survive if you accidentally splash water on it. However, please do not go swimming with your Lupo! Lupo is dust and water resistant with IP54 standard and will be CE approved. 

Lupo Design Aspects Summary
Lupo Design Aspects Summary

The Team 

Our core team is based in Glasgow, UK. We are:

Raj SARK (Product & Hardware): Raj has been working in the wireless technology industry for more than five years. Raj is an active member of the start-up community in the UK, and had been selected as a MIT GSW Fellow.

Razvan MOCANU (Software & App): A naturally talented software developer, Razvan has been developing the Lupo software, product features and app to be user friendly and optimizing the power management unit of Lupo.

Nick DUDDY (Web & Mobile): Nick is in charge of ‘all things web’. An energetic member of the team, helped launch Lupo on the App Store with great success. Nick is an online and SEO specialist with a passion for wearable tech.

Graphic designs for Lupo is created by: Lilian Ho.  

Our First Backers: Shout out goes to the Realise-IT 2011/12 & Startup Weekend crew who helped the project early on with their energy and support. Pedro (London), Dyu (Holland), Bence (Hungary), Jessica (Washington DC), Carol (Taiwan), Arvi, Marcelo, Patryk, Ashu, Radostina, Plam & Marco C. in Copenhagen & all others Thank You. 

Startup Awards From: Massachusetts Institute of Tech. MIT GSW 2012, Copenhagen Mobility Startup Weekend, Nokia SW-12, EU Realise-IT, Strathclyde University - SEN & Gabriel financing, Technology Strategy Board, UK.

What's in a Name? 

We often get asked: how did you come up with the name Lupo? The name comes from Latin 'lupus' relating to members of the lupine family. These are animals with a strong 'sixth sense', a particular thing we humans do not have, but animals like a wolf or a dog does. The name Lupo reflects the goal of the device, to be a sixth sense companion to your daily life: remind you of things, protect your stuff and control your mobile world! And, where did the idea come from? A post is here

Our goal with the Lupo (former Smart-tag) has always been to develop a useful hardware product and a SDK to allow the world to build more Apps, which is why we are here on Kickstarter. 

Risks and challenges

To address project risks we have built, developed and tested a limited quantity of Lupo samples. The Lupo units in the video are actual working prototypes. They have been made with soft tools but carried out on the same production processes by which the first 1000 batch of Lupo will be produced.

Lupo runs the challenges of any such hardware development projects including possible production delays. We have however completed a solid Lupo product design that is ready for manufacturing. Our vision is to build the Lupo family of connected devices with your support and along with our backers.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • The early bird Lupo is Blue.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, Lupo will be delivered to you anywhere in the world!
    All Lupo will ship out by Royal Mail. International backers just need to add £7 extra for the shipping.

    Last updated:
  • You can attach it to a keyring via the hook provided and there is also possibility to hang from a lanyard or hand bags, travel bags, put in coat pocket etc. There is possibility to develop a custom extension. Here is an article from Pocket-Lint that covers this in good detail:

    Last updated:
  • We have discussed this in our blog. Please visit:

    Last updated:
  • Yes, it is the technology innovation behind what you see as the Lupo device is what makes the Lupo smart and different than any similar products. The invention is based on close to 2 years of research and cleared approval process from patent office. See 'Based on Solid Research' section above to learn more.

    Last updated:
  • The Lupo SDK package includes 03 colored units of Lupo + 01 Lupo hardware unit without casing for quick prototyping (effectively 04 Lupo units) + an extra battery pack + early access SDK along with Lupo App Development Tutorials and access to Developer Forums. Each Lupo unit on Kickstarter is £24.
    So the Lupo SDK is virtually free to Kickstarter backers! It's not charged.

    Last updated:
  • The Lupo SDK provides an API to read inputs from the Lupo hardware units (eg. button presses, accelerometer data, etc.). You can develop Apps to utilize this data in a number of ways.
    The Lupo Custom App is ideal for Proximity Marketing use cases and comes with direct support from the Team to deliver the custom solution for your needs.
    We have answered this query further in our comments section (see comment #17).
    For any further assistance, drop us a line.

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    Custom App: At this level we would provide support to deliver a custom Lupo proximity based solution for you. A custom message will be displayed on a user's smartphone when your mobile app user comes in proximity to any Lupo. You will get full set of six Lupo units each with custom engraving to deploy at your office/event venue for proximity marketing notifications and similar. In range and out of range messages can be customized and graphics adapted to create a personalized app for your needs. We look forward to supporting your innovative ideas.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world

Funding period

- (33 days)