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FITT Cube is the ultimate, patent-pending training tool, delivering fitness that fits your lifestyle. FITT Cube is ready when you are.
FITT Cube is the ultimate, patent-pending training tool, delivering fitness that fits your lifestyle. FITT Cube is ready when you are.
FITT Cube is the ultimate, patent-pending training tool, delivering fitness that fits your lifestyle. FITT Cube is ready when you are.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jon Lowe 1 day ago

      Do you know when these will be going out to customers, I may need to change my address as moving house.


    2. Missing avatar

      Christian Lößner on

      Guys... ever imagined how long it takes for a ship from China to UK? It's not a speedboat

    3. Maria on

      Hi Josh, how’s going the shipment to UK? 😊

    4. Missing avatar

      Sylvano Tumelero on

      Any update on delivery? I can't wait to get the cube. It's currently way too hot to go to my gym as they don't have any air-conditioning. It's like an oven in there.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jenilyn Buzzerd on

      How is everything going? Almost exciting!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Collin on

      Can’t wait. When can we expect to receive our FITT cube?

    7. Josh Hume Creator on

      Thanks @Jilliane Marai - very kind of you to say. I think we have everything from the surveys now so do keep me posted with changes.

    8. Josh Hume Creator on

      Thanks @Thomas, We did have a very small celebration! We will have a bigger one when all the units are shipped!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jilliane Marai on

      Thanks for your effort/personalized messages, Josh. Backers appreciate that your business is trustworthy. Looking forward to the product~
      P.S. I'm that customer changing addresses at end of this week. Just let me know any info/changes needed to ensure delivery. :) Thanks.

    10. Missing avatar


      Congratulations Josh! Hopefully you had a (small) celebration? :)

    11. Josh Hume Creator on

      Thanks @Johannes!


    12. Missing avatar

      Johannes on

      Congratulations! Great campaign!

    13. Josh Hume Creator on

      Hi @Maria, thank you for the reminder, I've made a note!

    14. Josh Hume Creator on

      Hi @John, Thank you for your thoughts. We are extremely proud of FITT Cube and confident our backers will love it! You can't please everyone but we do our best to try and we can't wait for you to receive yours!

    15. John on

      Hello. I am looking forward for this product but I want to speak my own opinion here. I looked at two previous products (Squat Magic , Maxi-Gilder 360), made by New Image. I did some research and some reviews were disappointed about those products. For example, 'Squat Magic' had issues such as poor quality made and product badly falls apart when opening the box (probably the product box wasn't secured enough to prevent from damaging). Another is the 'Maxi-Glider 360', also by New Image, they complained how the quality was cheap built and there's squeaking noise. I worried that there could be squeaking noise when using FITT Cube. I hope the product box would secure the FITT Cube with care, to prevent from damaging during shipping and delivering. Although there were previous prototypes (expensive/bulky) you made before the final product, I hope the product are good quality built (no squeaking noise or broken pieces) and able to last for long term. I want to share my opinion just to adjust & improve their service/quality and want to get the product with satisfaction :) Correct me if I'm wrong.

    16. Josh Hume Creator on

      Hi @Cristine Dyer! That's what we like to hear and it sounds like more than one of you will be benefitting from it!

    17. Missing avatar

      Cristine Dyer on

      Love the idea of the dust cover but highly doubt ours will collect dust! We can't wait to receive it and start using it! :D

    18. Josh Hume Creator on

      Hi @Chua Yong Zhi, Thank you for your questions. Resistance bands are provided and as you may know they offer progressive resistance but some people may still want more resistance. You're right though, you could combine bands.

      The cube comes fully assembled and ready to use. This was really important to us - you can use it straight out of the box!



    19. Josh Hume Creator on

      @Antron Hi! Thanks for the question. The cube is 43.5cm x 38cm x 38.5cm - I hope that helps.



    20. Chua Yong Zhi

      May I ask why would other want to get extra resistance band when it’s already provided? Am I able to use two resistance band at once to increase the load?
      Does it comes in as a whole thing or we have to fix it to become a cube?
      And +1 for having a dust cover!

    21. Antron

      Josh - It would be great if you could provide the cube dimensions so in case if you didn’t provide a dust cover, I could get someone to custom make for me. Cheers!

    22. John on

      Finally reached the #1 stretch goal.

      It would be nice to include protective cover/bag.

    23. Maria on

      I’d love a dust cover too. Would be willing to purchase it if you create it (maybe a poll?).
      PS. You asked me to remind you about the free shipping to Ireland at the end of the campaign, so here’s my reminder :)
      I need my FITT Cube ASAP, can’t wait!! 😃

    24. John on

      Almost £50k...congrats

    25. Josh Hume Creator on

      We are excited for you @Jenilyn Buzzerd! Thank you for your feedback. It sounds like something we need to look into!

    26. Missing avatar

      Jenilyn Buzzerd on

      I am beyond excited for the FITT cube!!
      After reading all the updates and comments, I agree that a cover of some sort might be nice. Perhaps, this could be a post kickstarter purchase similar to purchasing additional resistance bands if desired.

    27. Josh Hume Creator on

      Hi @Muhammad Ali Jamal, FITT cube is 14kg in use and 16kg when packaged. I hope this helps,



    28. Missing avatar

      Muhammad Ali Jamal

      Auto correct ☺️

    29. Missing avatar

      Muhammad Ali Jamal

      What is the weight of fitting cube only and total shipping weight. Thanks

    30. Josh Hume Creator on

      Hi @Sylvano Tumelero. Firstly, thank you for backing the project! Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to offer a lower shipping rate however please be assured that you're still getting a great deal.

      Even with the postage, you're getting a FITT Cube (plus wall chart, nutrition guide and resistance bands) for £45 less than when it reaches the market place.

      I'll hope you'll still consider backing.



    31. Missing avatar

      Sylvano Tumelero on

      I've had an eye on your project for a while now and decided to back it for the time being. The only element which makes me hesitant to keep my pledge are those 25£ postage. Is there any way to get reduced shipping to mainland EU (in this case Belgium)? Shipping amounts to 1/4 of the price after all.

    32. Josh Hume Creator on

      Thank you @Everness Evangelista! That is great news - please keep referring as we'd love to unlock the additional workout content for all our backers!

    33. Josh Hume Creator on

      Hi @Antron, the materials should be ok - we do temperature testing for hot and also for cold (we are in England after all!)

    34. Everness Evangelista

      I love the design of this fitness product and how the different components allow for various workouts. I backed FITT cube, shared it with my sister, and she backed as well.

      We're looking forward to receiving our FITT cubes and being challenged!

    35. Antron


    36. Antron

      I need to find a cover for it! Haha! Or custom make one.. Singapore is humid and hopefully the leather on the round air can last!

    37. Josh Hume Creator on

      Hi @Adam Lovegrove, I think @Frankie Estrada has helped here. I wasn't sure myself but I know we don't get access to the money until the campaign ends.

    38. Josh Hume Creator on

      Hi @moniki! Thanks for backing the campaign. FITT Cube is predominantly made of polypropylene and painted steel so should be fine outside. As with any piece of fitness equipment, I wouldn't recommend leaving it outside long-term as it may begin to effect moving parts over time (e.g. stepper and twist seat).

    39. Missing avatar

      Frankie estrada

      Adam lovegrove usually they take money out of your account when the campaign ends. So in June 19 2018 at 8am you will get charged

    40. Missing avatar

      moniki on

      Congratulations Josh! Looking forward to getting mine! One question, I am planning to use it outside in the garden sometimes, how weather proof is it?

    41. Missing avatar

      Adam Lovegrove on

      Congratulations Josh

      When will you be taking the payment money? Adam

    42. Josh Hume Creator on

      Thank you @Johannes! We're really enjoying it!

    43. Josh Hume Creator on

      Thank you @nick! Now the fun really starts! Can't wait to bring FITT Cube to all our brilliant backers!

    44. Missing avatar

      Johannes on

      Congratulations! Great campaign!

    45. Missing avatar

      nick on

      looking forward to your next update.

    46. Missing avatar

      nick on

      Josh, congrats you did it! just wanted to be the 1st one to say Congrats!!


    47. Josh Hume Creator on

      Hi @Nick, we're so close! Thank you for your support. As it stands, we will be able to fulfil all of the orders with our first shipment, however if we get more backers (fingers crossed!) we will ship in batches and make sure the early birds are served first!

      Thanks again,


    48. Missing avatar

      nick on

      Congratulations Josh! you will reach your goal very soon and probably in a few more hours!! i know you mentioned that the first batch will ship in July. will you be filling orders by backing order? does the very 1st backer get the Fitt Cube first and so on? sounds fair to me but didnt know how you would do that. Congrats again and looking forward to getting my Fitt Cube. Thank you, Nick

    49. Josh Hume Creator on

      Thanks @James S, I've updated the FAQ's and I look forward to delivering your FITT Cube!

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