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Night Fall: Hartford's community celebration of seasonal change through art, music, dance and Anne Cubberly's legendary giant puppets.

Night Fall is a free, celebratory event in Hartford’s beautiful and historic Elizabeth Park on Saturday, October 13, 2012. The production will feature local artists, performers and children and with your support, become a highly anticipated annual event. 

Night Fall will feature music, dance, theater, spoken word, costume and lead artist Anne Cubberly’s signature giant puppets. Cubberly, with the support of community leaders Steve Mitchell and LB Muñoz, will hire some of the region’s most talented and active artists, performers and technical specialists for the core of this professional production. 

Free art workshops will be held across the city of Hartford. Night Fall artists will work with children in their communities to design and create lanterns that will become the centerpiece of the performance. Hartford area children will become a featured part of Night Fall. Local organizations such as Real Art Ways, Asylum Hill Congregational Church, Grace Academy and Elizabeth Park will be among the sites for the preparation and creation of key event components. 

Night Fall honors the diversity of Hartford residents young and old by fostering relationships through creative and expressive sharing and learning. With your help, Night Fall will capitalize on the wealth of artistic talent in the Greater Hartford region by collaborating with local artists, performers and craftspeople and fairly compensating them for their work. 

In the idyllic setting of the pond at Elizabeth Park and autumnal surroundings, Night Fall will probe the mysteries of seasonal transition and change. The evening’s climax, a final ritual procession of lanterns, will symbolize an ending of the fall season and a welcoming to the winter season soon to come. In this way, Night Fall will be a festival of theater, pageantry, movement and music as well as a uniquely Hartford celebration of nature, our shared history and most importantly, our community. 

We’re off to a great start! Night Fall has already received the necessary permissions from the city of Hartford. Initial financial support has been guaranteed by the Greater Hartford Arts Council in the form of a city grant. This early funding covers costs for permits, some materials and basic artists fees. Additional support is necessary to hire performers, fund workshops, and outreach and marketing. 

Our Kickstarter goal is $12,000. Your generous contribution to this base sum will allow us to cover production costs which include actor stipends for the cast, workshops for Hartford area youth, promotional material, lighting, costumes and sets. We can create a great production for $12,000. 


It is of paramount importance to us to pay the artists involved in Night Fall. Any additional funds that we receive through this campaign will be used to widen the circle of local artists, performers and designers working on this event. Our dream budget is $28,000, every dollar of which goes back to artists, merchants, and vendors in to the Greater Hartford area. With your backing, we can make Night Fall a truly spectacular and significant event. 

Your support in making this project a reality would be greatly appreciated. Every Night Fall backer will be lovingly thanked on our website. We also value your encouragement and cheers, your Facebook posts and tweets. Please “like” this project on Kickstarter and tell your friends. 

Thank you. See you in October!


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