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Unfurled, Collaborative Mosaic Mural of Wit and Whimsy's video poster

Unfurled, a floriferous garden of glass designed by Lin Schorr and brought to life by 50+ mosaic artists. Help us get it on the wall! Read more

Charlotte, NC Public Art
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This project was successfully funded on June 7, 2013.

Unfurled, a floriferous garden of glass designed by Lin Schorr and brought to life by 50+ mosaic artists. Help us get it on the wall!

Charlotte, NC Public Art
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About this project

Who: This project is a collaboration between Ciel Gallery + Mosaic Studio, Lin Schorr Mixed Media, and 55+ fabulous mosaic artists from across the US, plus Canada, France, Germany, Turkey, and Australia (and we think that's super cool).

What: Public Art

When: March - September, 2013. Artists have been selected and patterns mailed, so we're in fabrication phase. Installation will begin this summer, and this is when we'll need the bucks. We're planning ahead!

Where: Southend Art & Design District, Charlotte, NC; Ciel Gallery, 128 E. Park Avenue, Charlotte, NC  28203, on the sunny side of the street at eye level, and scrumptiously touchable.

Why: The world needs more fabulous public art, and the world's fabulous artists need more public recognition.


1. Ciel Gallery has arranged for space on a high-profile wall in Charlotte; all permissions received.

2. Our fanciful florals have been designed and generously donated by Lin Schorr Mixed Media. The 8' x 13' full-scale pattern has been expertly divided into artist sections, and printed late at night AND on a weekend and then hand-delivered from Atlanta by one Micheal Pardue, my brother. Yay for family!

3. Our Pinterest Inspiration Board gives artists a cohesive palette to work from while allowing a broad range of interpretive possibilities.

4. Ta Da! We've located 55 mega-talented mosaic artists (see below to ogle) of heart who are generously donating time and materials to complete their sections. Sections will be fabricated in each artist's particular style on mesh or tile tape and mailed to Ciel Gallery, then installed with highest quality exterior thinset on Wedi panels, which will then be fancifully outlined in-house by the Ciel Gallery team, grouted, and sealed. Through the magic of wedi washers and mega-brackets, the mosaic will be hung on the wall (in a fully removable way, because life and buildings can be uncertain). We even have installation volunteers! (Artists rock.)

Why: Doesn't everyone love public art? Okay, really fun public art? This piece will be visually, mentally and creatively stimulating. Artists have a color board for inspiration (and cohesiveness), but are given free reign within their sections, so look for surprises! We're working with glass, which is crisp, clean, cool, hot, shimmery, AND lends itself to expert cutting, fitting, and intricacy, so expect a dazzling display of super high quality. If it's so cool, why are there so few large-scale glass mosaics around? Time and money. Because quality glass mosaic work requires both precision and passion, it doesn't come cheap, so we're THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF to have a bevy of ready artist-donors.

Why are Artists Donating their Time and Materials and Why Aren't We Compensating THEM?

A) We're artists too, so we are stereotypically bereft of free-floating cash. B) Public funds for art projects are scarce. We know. We tried. More than once. C) In return for their participation, artists will receive professionally photographed images to use on their resumes illustrating participation in a large-scale public art project, along with named recognition in all publicity materials. We hope this will help them win future commissions and public art projects, because the world needs more whimsy, and artists need work. Especially work that pays.

How Much: Our goal is to come as close as we can to covering actual hard expenses for installing the mosaic Mural. If you're into numbers, here's the breakdown.

11 Sheets Wedi @ $40 each = $440

Latricrete 254 Thinset Mortar with Admix = $100

Latricrete Grout = $150 +

Sealer, TileLab (if we use the cheaper grout) = $90

Hardware (wedi washers, screws, joining bars, bolts) = $100

Cotton Grout Gloves, Bulk = $36

Pattern Printing, Materials Only =$200

Pattern Mailing Supplies = $75 

Postage, est. = $122

Photography = $100

Tax on 1413 = $102.44

Total Installation Expenses = $1515.44

Many Thanks To:

Lin Schorr Mixed Media: Design, Separations, and Installation Layout,

Jill Newton: Wall Space

Ciel Gallery: Fabrication Space, Installation Tools, Coordination, a Really Great Idea, and Endless Grunt Work (but we love it),

Ashley Hayward: the fab video,

Micheal Pardue: Printing,

Gracie Cat, Model, and her Handler Susan Walden: Whimsy

Artists: Tina Alberni, Gwen Basilica, Banu Bilginer Cevikel, Grace Blowers, Cherie Bosela, Cindi Buhrig, Candace Clough, Robert Crum, Judy Davis, Francesca DeLorme, Lori Desormeau, Jacqui Douglas, Lynn Dubnicka, Amanda Edwards, Virginia Gardner, Suzan Germond, Pam Goode, Janet Green-Althoff, Vicki Hanson-Burkhart, Mary Hinchey, Teresa Hollmeyer, Juli Hulcy, Glynnis Kaye, Sally May Kinsey, Kelley Knickerbocker, Karen Kobylus, Cecilia Kremer, Jennifer Kuhns, Kim Larson, Eve Lynch, Tammi Lynch-Forrest, Kathy Manzella, Ali Mirsky, Francoise Moulet, Valerie Nicoladze, Patricia Ormsby, Erin Pankratz-Smith, Lee Ann Petropoulos, Sharon Plummer, Flair Robinson, Claire Roche, Karen Sasine, Marita Schauerte, Lin Schorr, Joan Schwartz, Carol Shelkin, Dianne Sonnenberg, Suzanne Steeves, Kathy Thaden, Susan Turlington, Linda Vaden-Martin, Susanne Vernon, Carolyn Wagner, Susan Walden, Dyanne Williams. Whew!

Risks and challenges

Contingency Plans:

Permissions Received, Check!

Alternate Fabrication Artist Volunteers, Check!

Assemblage Team, Check!

Installation Team, Check!

Timeline: This project is set up on a rolling timeline, with deadlines in June, July and August. Many of the pattern pieces are interchangeable, so we have leeway in timing, delivery, and color coordination. Installation will take place as flowers are completed, so that Flower 1 on the wall lends a sense of anticipation for Flower 2, and we're not overwhelmed with a looming deadline. All flowers will be installed by September.

Alternative Source of Funding: My Pocket, Just Quite a Bit More Slowly

Excess Funds: Wow! And thank you! Excess funds above the target will first go to Kickstarter and Amazon fees and/or differences in projected expenditures; secondly to highest quality materials (Spectralock Epoxy Grout, for example), and thirdly, to our next Community Project!

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    A copy of Lin Schorr's original design for you to zentangle, colored pencil, watercolor, permanent marker, or crayon to your heart's content. (Copyright laws apply, so personal use only please :) Bonus: If you send us a photo of your bedazzled masterpiece, we'll add it to our Facebook page. You're famous! For only $10! (Plus YOUR NAME on our list of donors, as well as a hug)

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    Look Mom, that's me! Mail us one really cool tessera, and we'll incorporate it somewhere in the mosaic, as well as adding your name as a tessera-ticipant. Approved items: Button, Glass Tile, Earring, Diamond Brooch (may be replaced with a rhinestone copy -- for safekeeping :) (Plus YOUR NAME on our list of donors, and TWO hugs)

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    A custom-made image of Gracie Cat with a message especially for you. Cause, you know, who doesn't love cats? (Plus YOUR NAME on our list of donors, and THREE hugs)

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    For a mere tenth of a thousand bucks, we'll allow you to travel to Charlotte (at your own expense) and help us grout this baby. We'll even supply the aprons, gloves, sunscreen, an old tee shirt, and a celebratory swig of Mountain Dew. And some cheese. OR stay home doing something more fun (?!?) and we'll photoshop your image into a pic of our grout-a-thon as a supporter :) (Plus YOUR NAME on our list of donors (REALLY BIG), and FOUR hugs)

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    Wow, you love us! For a $500 contribution, we'll list your name (personal or business) OR the name or business of your favorite Unfurled Participating Artist right up at the top as a sponsor of this project. (Plus YOUR NAME on our list of donors (REALLY REALLY BIG), and FIVE HUGS! And a cookie!) (Honest!)

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