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AWE chronicles the development of Airborne Wind Energy as a potential solution for Climate Change & the global Energy Crisis.
114 backers pledged $8,370 to help bring this project to life.

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We're actually doing it!

Posted by Chase Honaker (Creator)

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone is doing well. It's been a while since I shared the progress of the project. About a year actually.  

Whats happening with the documentary?

We just screened a version of the documentary for the 2015 Airborne Wind Energy Conference at TU Delft in Holland. It went over great! We were able to get follow up and new interviews with all the major players in the field. Now we are in the process of finalizing the Kickstarter version to send out to everyone. 

Here's a look at the recently screened version:

Last year, I tried to send out all the rewards (besides of course the documentary DVD/Digital version). A lot of backers didn't respond so I have a pile of t-shirts and stickers that I would love to give out. I'm sending another message to all the backers so that I can send the DVD's and additional rewards as a thank you for being patient over these last few years. 

I plan to have everything sent before August 1st 2015. This way we will be able to have the new AWEC 2015 footage as well as new animated mograph sequences that the talented animators at my work (Hack Studios) are helping me build.

So what took so long?

To have an adequate conclusion to the film we have been waiting for the field to progress from the level of infancy when we began production into actual development and deployment. At AWEC 2015, we now are beginning to see these devices move past working prototypes into industrialization. 

In hindsight, my first predictions of when the film would be complete were overly optimistic. Instead of rushing out a overview video just showcasing the field, we are working on making it an in-depth documentary delving into these really important and difficult ethical and technical issues companies around the world are dealing with. We are going to continue to follow these innovators over the next few years to see what companies succeed and who don't. 

My plan is to send out the final documentary to you all down the road. To fund this project we are applying for more grants and finding donors through our fiscal sponsor Austin Film Society. We are working on having a television release and just screened it for some folks that work for NatGeo.

Check out our website I've been creating here:

What else have I been doing?

Well, since we started I have been directing another documentary about the decline of Texas German Language and culture in Central Texas. The five minute short was an official selection on Fusion TV and just finished playing on the channel internationally. 

Here's the short we made from conception to final edit in five days:

This week were were awarded a Texas Humanities Grant to begin to make it into a feature film. 

So what else?

That's about it. I'll send out these DVDs (or USBs) soon so please respond. Talk to you soon!

AWE May Updates

Posted by Chase Honaker (Creator)

Hey Everybody,

Firstly, the t-shirts have been printed and are ready to send out. Please reply with mailing address and shirt size (s-xl) and I'll start shipping them this week along with the prints.

Mothra T-Shirts (Don't worry, we won't send you the one my dog wore)
Mothra T-Shirts (Don't worry, we won't send you the one my dog wore)

Secondly, I wanted to give you backers an update on the progress of the film since it's been a while. We just filmed a great segment this weekend in Maxwell, TX with the AWE inventors at K Power and we are working that into the footage we shot in Europe to create the thirty minute film I'm going to send out this summer.

As far as the finished feature documentary, we are figuring out our finishing funds and time schedule to wrap production on the West Coast and at NASA Langley in Virginia. To tell the whole story of Airborne wind from the inception into commercial products we have to wait for the companies we are following to get into the industrialization process. Then we can tell the definitive story. Look for that being sent out at the end of the year.

Thanks for being patient and for all your support!



New production preview and updates

Posted by Chase Honaker (Creator)

Hello Friends,

I'd like to share an updated production preview featuring several brand new interviews:

Production Updates:

Our next stop on the production is the Airborne Wind Energy Conference in Berlin, Germany in September. This is a great opportunity to interview the key players in the field and test dozens of different airborne wind devices from over four different continents. We are currently raising funds for the trip through our non-profit fiscal sponsors Austin Film Society. If you'd like to make a tax deductible donation, please go to  I'd be happy to make and send additional rewards (t-shirts, DVD, prints) to any new pledge through AFS.

Rewards Updates:

I sent out the first rounds of smaller goal pledges last month and I'm finishing up the rest. Since the film is expanding in size and length, we plan on sending the finished DVD's (along with the larger rewards) around the end of the year. If you'd like me to mail you the other rewards prior to this and the DVD later on, please let me know at

Thanks again for all your help and please pass this update around to everyone!

AWE East Coast Production Tour Wrapped!

Posted by Chase Honaker (Creator)

Hello Friends,

We just got back from our East Coast production tour and it was hugely successful. We went from North Carolina up to New York City and had eight interviews in the week.


As we mentioned previously, we are now being fiscally sponsored by Austin Film Society. That means we are a non-profit entity and are able to take tax deductible donations. If you, or anyone you know, would like to continue to help make AWE the best possible film and expand it to a feature length movie, visit here:


Here are somestills from the trip and links for each interviewee:

Robert Creighton, Founder of Windlift shows us an early AWE prototype.

Follow up interview with University of Delaware Professor Cristina Archer, PhD  

Alexander Bolonkin, who worked for both NASA and the Soviet Space Program, and wife have us for tea after an in depth (Russian language) interview on Easter.

Shawn Thomas, originally from the Island of Granada, flies his patented Solja Kite with us in Far Rockaway before our interview.

Dirk Gion sits in the wind powered car that he drove across Australia.

Dirk also crossed Australia by kite powered skateboard 

Kristen Graf, Director of Women of Wind Energy, interview at her office in Brooklyn.

Here's a quick video of some raw time lapse footage we got during the tour this week: 


We're working on all the rewards and have started sending out surveys so that we can get everyone's mailing address and shirt sizes. The first round of prints are being sent this month. The t-shirts will be mailed out with the DVD's which will still be around August.

Thanks again for all your support! Can't wait to show you the new trailer we are just starting to edit!!


Chase Honaker and Ed Sapir

AWE Production Updates

Posted by Chase Honaker (Creator)

Hello Backers and friends,

We've had a lot of great developments for AWE that I would love to share with y'all:

1. We've been officially approved for fiscal sponsorship by Austin Film Society. That means that we are now able to take tax-deductible donations towards the film. If you know anyone who wanted to donate but missed the deadline please have them email me at

2. We started our first days of post kickstarter production last weekend at the Zilker Park Kite Festival. We had several great interviews and we were able to fly Mothra2 in front of a crowd of 30,000+ kite enthusiasts! The video is coming soon, there's a few screen captures below.

3. We've decided to add on an East Coast Production tour along with the previously planned West Coast tour. We've lined up interviews with the amazing innovators at Windlift (based in Raleigh, NC) as well as several great wind developers and meteorologists on the Atlantic Coast. Check out some of the great work the Windlift team is doing here:

4. We're working on getting the first round of rewards fulfilled that don't come with AWE. The rest that come with the finished film will be shipped together after the films complete probably late in the summer. We've also been shopping around to find the best quality printers  for the Mothra1 t-shirts.

Thanks again for all you support and we'll now keep more regular updates as they come to light! Talk to you all soon.


Chase Honaker

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