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USA Performance Activists Captivate Prague Quadrennial!'s video poster

Curators of the USITT-USA National Exhibit at the Prague Quadrennial want to include two brilliant artists to amplify our exhibition. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 12, 2011.

Curators of the USITT-USA National Exhibit at the Prague Quadrennial want to include two brilliant artists to amplify our exhibition.

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The foremost international theatre design event will happen this June in Prague! Curators of the USITT-USA National Exhibit want to include two brilliant artists to amplify our exhibition. The exhibit is bold, beautiful, and profound. It is both introspective and irreverent. It is reflective of socio-political issues consuming American performance makers today. Pat Oleszko and Paul Zaloom will bring to life what we are theming in the exhibition with their electric, satirical performances.

PAUL ZALOOM The Adventures of White-Man, performed by Paul Zaloom, is a toy theater spectacle about the male Caucasian human. White-Man arrives on Earth and “civilizes” it, becomes the philanthropist Santa Claus, kicks “aliens” out of Arizona, and finally realizes with shock that white folks will be a minority in the U.S. in the near future. The puppet cast is a collection of toy cars, action figures, wind-up toys, weird junk, and useless crap. A video is projected onto a screen so that the audience can see the puppet mayhem. Remember Beakman’s World? Paul Zaloom is Beakman!

Paul Zaloom is a comedic puppeteer, political satirist, filmmaker, and performance artist who lives and works in Los Angeles and tours his work all over the world. Zaloom has written, designed and performed 12 full-length solo spectacles. He started out with the renowned avant-garde puppet company, the Bread and Puppet Theater, in Vermont and has worked with this seminal company since he was 19. He began making solo shows in 1978 and has since worked with found objects, rod puppets, toy theater, shadow puppets, overhead projections, cantastoria (story telling with pictures), hand puppets, and humanettes. Zaloom has played the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, the Spoleto Festival USA, AND King Tut's Wah-Wah Hut, plus hundreds of other venues in 40 states. Numerous international festivals have featured his work on his 9 tours to Europe, including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland; Les Semaines de la Marionette, Paris; and the UNIMA World Congress, Dresden.

PAT OLESZKO Quit Draggin’ and the Sea of Change is a walk and roil acquatic epic of immodest proportions. This siege of sea, a recumbant blue monster comprised of thousands of blue plastic bags, encompasses all manner of animated aqua-furious beasts and bounty swimming for their very existence. Captured in the wave of our future is the weeping and seeping World, a drowning Lady Liberty, oil-soaked foul on the whine dark sea, a bi-polar bear in the deepwater horror-eyes-on, and Venice. The slime of the ancient marinade also includes an inflated dragon Patsquinade that reiterates the challenge. QUIT DRAGGIN’: GLOBAL WARNING, FALSE INFORMING, MEDIA WHORING, FACTS IGNORING, OIL BORING, JUST CONFORMING, WHILE DEPLORING, GLOBAL WARMING, and so forth and so, forth. You get my drift.

Pat Oleszko makes a spectacle of herself—and doesn’t mind if you laugh. Known as the Ms Tricks of Dis Guise, she has a large body— of work—which includes many Unnatural Acts. Utilizing elaborate costumes and props, she has created lithe performantzes, films, installations that a-dress trees, knees, breasts, butts, elephants and fingers. There have been notorious spatial events with the cast-off thousands and uttered shenanigans. She has worked from the popular artforms of the street, party, parade and burlesque house, to the Museum of Modern Art, from Sesame Street Magazine to Ms, Playboy, and Artforum. Pat and Paul will enhance the exhibit immeasurably as they satirically illustrate and expose issues that impact American lives. As many as 60 countries will showcase the best of their best in Prague at what is known in the business as the “Olympics of Design.” 23,000+ people will experience the PQ in the Czech Republic June 16-26, 2011.

Help us take the USA exhibit over the top!

This exhibit is sponsored by the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc.


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