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Unite and Take Over is an anthology of comic book stories inspired by the songs of the Smiths created as a tribute to the band.
Unite and Take Over is an anthology of comic book stories inspired by the songs of the Smiths created as a tribute to the band.
360 backers pledged $14,789 to help bring this project to life.

Unite and Take Over International Post

I wanted to give everyone an update on the book.  A lot has happened since the last update.  We had some more press about the book in The Arizona Republic ( I have shipped out over 300 packages to Kickstarter backers amounting to 1125 copies of the book.  In addition to the original 15 retailers who pledged for copies of the book, I've been able to get copies into other comic book and record stores now totaling 43 stores across the US and Canada.  In addition to stores, the books are now in the hands of Kickstarter backers in 36 states in the US and 21 countries outside the US. The number of pledges in some states and countries was surprising to me, so I'll share the top 5 US states and 5 countries outside the US

Top 5 US States  (1) California (2) Arizona (3) New York (4) Illinois (5) Michigan

Top 5 countries outside the US  (1) United Kingdom (2) Germany (3) Canada (4) (tie) Austraila, Netherlands (5) (tie) Brazil, Spain, Belgium

I have completed all the shipments for the PDF copies, single copy Original Cover, Tucson Comic-con Cover, and Kickstarter cover, and All 3 Cover pledge levels.  Tomorrow I will be driving down to Tucson to meet up with Jason Pedersen to get the last of the signed and personalized copies of the Tucson Comic-con cover for the $20 reward level.  On December 14th, I will be driving to LA to get signatures from Sterling Gates and Kayla Cagan who weren't able to make the Beach Ball Comics signing.  I hope to have all the copies mailed off within a few days of that.

We are already started work on Volume 2 of Unite and Take: Over Stories Inspired by the Songs of the Smiths with artwork starting to come in.  I will be starting a new Kickstarter campaign for it in January.  I'm still working out where the book will debut, but if I have my way it will be at a place that music fans like myself will be very excited about.  I am also working on a tribute book based on the Pixies that will debut at the Phoenix Comicon.  I will be sending out an email to those who said they want updates on our projects asking them the 5 bands that they would like to see given the Unite and Take Over treatment.

People have asked me how they can get copies, so I'll list the various places you can pick up copies:


Tucson: Charlie's Comics, Fantasy Comics, Heroes and Villians Comics, R-Galaxy Comics, Zia Records (2 locations)

Metro Phoenix: Arizona Pop Culture Experience, Ash Avenue Comics, Dr. Fantasy, Drawn to Comics, Gotham City Comics, Hero Comics, Jesse James Comics, Pop Culture Paradise, Samurai Comics (3 locations), Stinkweed Records, Zia Records (4 locations)

Flagstaff: Cab Comics


Greater Los Angeles: Beach Ball Comics (exclusive cover available), Earth-2 Comics, Golden Apple Comics, House of Secrets, The MeltDown


Chicago: G-Mart Comics


Portland: Casablanca Comics


St. Louis: StarClipper Comics

New York

Middleton: Main Street Comics

North Carolina

Winston Salem: Ssalefish Comics


Lima: Alter Ego Comics


Norman: Speeding Bullet Comics


Portland: Bridge City Comics


Austin: Austin Books and Comics (exclusive cover available)


Norfolk: Local Heroes


Seattle: Comic Stop Comics (2 locations)



Nova Scottia: Strange Adventures Comix and Curiosites



Salford: Salford Lad's Club







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