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Unite and Take Over is an anthology of comic book stories inspired by the songs of the Smiths created as a tribute to the band.
Unite and Take Over is an anthology of comic book stories inspired by the songs of the Smiths created as a tribute to the band.
360 backers pledged $14,789 to help bring this project to life.

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My Latest Kickstarter is Live

My latest kickstarter, The FUTURE is a black man, has launched.  It is only a 7 day campaign.  If you like independent comics or music, this may be the project for you.

Nothing Can Stop Me Now - the lastest "inspired by" project

In 1991, I attended the first Lollapalooza concert at it’s first stop on the tour in Phoenix, Arizona. Lollapalooza was my first introduction to what was known as “Alternative Music”. My girlfriend at the time has given me a tape of a band named Nine Inch Nails that we HAD TO arrive in time to see. It was a hot day in July. The heat had caused Nine Inch Nails’ sound equipment to short out. Halfway into the second song, Trent Reznor broke all of his equipment and stormed off stage. While this may upset a potential fan, it fueled my interest in the band.

People always assume that angry songs always make people angrier or sad songs make people depressed. I don’t feel that way at all. I would listen to Head Like A Hole when I was angry and it would have a calming effect. Hurt could make me feel better. Maybe it was because I knew that there was someone out there who was feeling even more extreme than I was and expressed it through music. Maybe Trent was doing all the heavy emotional “lifting” for me.

Making comics with people who are passionate about the same music I like is something that want to continue to do. I want to continue to challenge myself as a creator and a publisher. Going from black and white to color and soft cover to hard cover are just two of the challenges. I wanted to add a pinup gallery so I could attract creators who didn’t have time in their schedule for a full story, but could create a single image for the book. For the previous books, I wanted to make the books PG-13 so that stores could carry them without restriction. The comic book industry has broadened even in the past few years. Comic books like Saga have pushed a mainstream mature to the forefront. I want the Nine Inch Nails book to reflect that type of book. I hope that other people share my love of comic books and music and will enjoy the book that I want to see in print. You can find out more about the Kickstarter campaign at Nothing Can Stop Me Now.

Nothing Can Stop Me Now - Daniel Bradford and Owen Mackinder
Nothing Can Stop Me Now - Daniel Bradford and Owen Mackinder


An Offer from a Fan of the book

I received an email from a Smiths fan and backer of both volumes of the book.  He asked me to pass it on to you.  You can still pledge toward Volume 2 of the book at

From Robert, a Smiths fan and Kickstarter backer:

Hello Fellow Backers of Unite and Take Over:

As I’m sure most of you are aware Shawn launched a second project in this series to create Unite and Take Over Volume 2: A Smiths Comic Anthology and the funding campaign ends in less than 3 days now with about 37% of the $6000 goal committed so far.

I backed the initial project and was just as happy to the back the second because I’m a fan of the Smiths and Morrissey and of comics and I think it’s truly an incredibly creative project. The idea is unique and inspiring and it’s an experience that fans like us can not only really be a part of but will also enjoy and cherish for years. It’s only through Shawn’s creative vision, his passion for comics, love for the music of the Smiths and Morrissey and his connections from working in the comic book industry that anything like this is even possible. Well, those things and this great site called KickStarter.

But even with all these things coming together to try to make this 2nd volume a reality there’s still a critical component that’s missing and that’s us – the fans – that are needed to back this project! At the of this writing there are 68 backers for Volume 2 and when I look back here to the original campaign and I see there are 360 I know it’s possible to get the 2nd volume to meet the campaign goal but it’s going to take the support of everyone that backed the first Unite and Take Over project.

I’m being a little selfish here because I want to see the project succeed but I’m reaching out to encourage my fellow Smiths and Morrissey fans to get behind this 2nd volume and help to make it a reality! I’d like to issue this challenge:

To help encourage more backers to either join the project or increase their current commitment level, I am willing to increase my commitment by $0.50 per qualifying backer up to the point where the $6000 goal is met for any backer that meets either of the following criteria:

1. New backers of Unite & Take Over Volume 2 that commit at a minimum of a $15 level
2. Current backers of Unite & Take Over Volume 2 that increase their current commitment by at least $15

Obviously anyone who commits to more than $15 will help us reach the goal sooner but the main thing is more fans just need to get behind this 2nd volume. I’ve reached out to Shawn and he’s offered to help track the results of my challenge and I’m ready to step up and now I’m just asking others to do the same!

Please take me up on my challenge and back Unite and Take Over Volume 2: A Smiths Comic Anthology at a minimum of $15 or increase your current commitment by $15 between now and the time the funding goal is met and let’s make this a reality together!


Thank you,


Last Chance to ensure that Volume 2 is printed

I received this email the other day.  I thought I would share it with you.

"I would just like to express my sympathies that the goal has still yet to be reached to fund UNITE AND TAKE OVER 2 with five days left and share my hope that you do succeed in the last hour.

I only recently bought the first volume (from Alter Ego Comics through Amazon) and have to say I love it. I wasn't even done with it before I jumped online and made some contribution to Volume 2 which I was lucky enough to stumble upon a few days earlier by accident.

Since discovering Morrissey and The Smiths, my life has been taken over by them so when I heard about your first collection I knew I had to buy it (sooner or later.) All the stories were so well written I loved each and every one of them.

It was even enough to inspire me to write and draw my own. While I am a halfway decent artist, I've never tried writing/drawing my own comic before nor knowing anyone who does, it's a interesting process. Thank you for these comic anthology and finally giving me determination and drive to finally make one of my own comic inspired by LAST NIGHT I DREAMT SOMEBODY LOVED ME.

I hope you do succeed. I was really looking towards using that cover of my choice to get one with the ASK ME cover. (If was lucky enough.) :)" - Michael

Thanks for supporting the first book. We have less than 3 days to fund Volume 2 of the book. If you haven't pledged, please consider it. If you can't pledge, please let other people know about the book and the pledge campaign. Here's the link:


Unite and Take Over Volume 2 Launch

I still have a few sketches to get for the Sketch Level Backers.  I'm meeting with one of the artists this weekend to get some sketches.  I will begin mailing out those sketeched copies soon.

In the meantime...

We have launched the Kickstarter project for Volume 2 of Unite and Take Over.  I have 25 spots open for both US and International previous backers for individual copies so that can get a copy at the same price as the first volume.

Thanks for your support.