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Break the Walls is an anthology of comic book stories inspired by the songs of the Pixies created as a tribute to the band.
Break the Walls is an anthology of comic book stories inspired by the songs of the Pixies created as a tribute to the band.
187 backers pledged $6,091 to help bring this project to life.

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My Latest Kickstarter is Live

My latest kickstarter, The FUTURE is a black man, has launched. It is only a 7 day campaign. If you like independent comics or music, this may be the project for you.

Nothing Can Stop Me Now - the lastest "inspired by" project

In 1991, I attended the first Lollapalooza concert at it’s first stop on the tour in Phoenix, Arizona. Lollapalooza was my first introduction to what was known as “Alternative Music”. My girlfriend at the time has given me a tape of a band named Nine Inch Nails that we HAD TO arrive in time to see. It was a hot day in July. The heat had caused Nine Inch Nails’ sound equipment to short out. Halfway into the second song, Trent Reznor broke all of his equipment and stormed off stage. While this may upset a potential fan, it fueled my interest in the band.

People always assume that angry songs always make people angrier or sad songs make people depressed. I don’t feel that way at all. I would listen to Head Like A Hole when I was angry and it would have a calming effect. Hurt could make me feel better. Maybe it was because I knew that there was someone out there who was feeling even more extreme than I was and expressed it through music. Maybe Trent was doing all the heavy emotional “lifting” for me.

Making comics with people who are passionate about the same music I like is something that want to continue to do. I want to continue to challenge myself as a creator and a publisher. Going from black and white to color and soft cover to hard cover are just two of the challenges. I wanted to add a pinup gallery so I could attract creators who didn’t have time in their schedule for a full story, but could create a single image for the book. For the previous books, I wanted to make the books PG-13 so that stores could carry them without restriction. The comic book industry has broadened even in the past few years. Comic books like Saga have pushed a mainstream mature to the forefront. I want the Nine Inch Nails book to reflect that type of book. I hope that other people share my love of comic books and music and will enjoy the book that I want to see in print. You can find out more about the Kickstarter campaign at Nothing Can Stop Me Now.

Nothing Can Stop Me Now - Daniel Bradford and Owen Mackinder
Nothing Can Stop Me Now - Daniel Bradford and Owen Mackinder


Break the Walls is shipping out now!!!

I've got some great news.  The printer had me approve proof of the book.  I picked up the finished copies October 4.  Since then, it has been a made dash to package and ship.  Here's an update of the Kickstarter Reward Status:

Unsigned Copies
For reward levels for unsigned copies of the comics, I have shipped out all the rewards to US addresses.  The International rewards are packed and are starting to ship.  International shipments require additional customs paperwork which adds to the shipping time.

Signed Copies
This past week I had the opportunity to meet with some of the creators who illustrated the covers for the books.  On Wednesday, I met with Michael Macropoulos at an Uncanny Avengers signing at Hero Comics.  He signed copies of his Gouge Away inspired comics.  On Saturday, I drove to Samurai Comics in Mesa where Victoria Paege and Scott Godlewski signed copies of their comics.  Later in the day, it was a trip to Dr. Fantasy's Comics and More to meet up with Brian Miller.  I've already packaged and shipped the rewards for US backers that contained the Gouge Away and Planet of Sound covers.  The Monkey Gone to Heaven covers still need one signature.  Ryan Cody is the artist who designed the cover and colored it.  He going to be in town at the end of October, so I'll be able to complete the signatures for the Monkey Gone to Heaven cover.  If one of your reward comics was the signed MGTH cover and you absolutely have to have it now, I can ship it out without Ryan's signature.  Send me a message if you want your comics shipped without Ryan's signature.

That's the state of Kickstarter Reward shipments.  If you have questions, please send me a message.  I'm trying to ship everything together rather than shipping print rewards ahead of the comic rewards.  The prints are being shipped in heavy duty mailing tubes and will be shipped at the same time as the signed books unless otherwise requested.  If you know of indy friendly comic book or record stores that might be interested in carrying the book, please message me and I will send them a copy and order information, so that we can spread the word.

Thanks for your support of the book and patience as I work to get all of the Kickstarter rewards out to you.

Shawn Demumbrum
SpazDog Press

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Off to the Printers

It's official.  Break the Walls is at the printers.  I should have a proof soon.  If everything goes well, I should have the books within two weeks.  There were some delays.  I printed a sample preview comic for San Diego Comicon to show writers, arttists, and publishers.  The printer had some issues with the files I provided and some of the stories came out looking pixelated and fuzzy.  It took me some time to work out the technical issues so I could print the best

There is an upside to the delay.  The book originally solicited at 48 pages has been upgraded to 60 pages with 54 pages of art.  We've added a new story inspired by Nimrod's Son written by Evan Harrison Cass and Christian Kaw.

As an extra bonus, anyone who pledge $50 or more will get a copy of the San Diego Comicon sample preview comic.

Thanks again for all your support of the book.

Shawn Demumbrum
SpazDog Press

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Production Update

I wanted give everyone an update on the book.  I'm finishing up putting the book together.  I am going to start sending out surveys, so I can get mailing addresses and preferences.  In the case of those with print and art rewards, those rewards may ship ahead of the actual books.

In the meantime, I have the updated color cover of Michael Macropoulos' color cover inspired by Gouge Away.  I have some other surprises to share, but they will have to wait for future updates.

Thanks for your support.

Shawn Demumbrum
SpazDog Press

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