$113 pledged of $1,500 goal
$113 pledged of $1,500 goal

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Trying Again!!

Hey Everyone! It is unfortunate that my first attempt had not been successful; but that did not deter me!

I have started the same project over again!

So if you can still find it within you to support my idea, please go to:


Thank you all for trying to support my first effort! It really does mean a lot to me!

Don't forget to help spread the word!



Here are some of the bracelets i have made so far. The cord is running low and your backing will ensure that i will be able to hone my craft and create more items! 

The picture where yoy see my hand, that is called the Soloman's Heart Braid! Let me know if that is the braid you want for your reward for backing my project!

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More Pictures Coming Soon!

I have been able to get my hands on some nice colored Paracord! So, I have been a busy little bee making some bracelets! I will be posting pictures of these sometime later tonight!

Don't forget to tell your friends about my project!!