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A credit card sized microscope that connects wirelessly to your smartphone - Discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.
A credit card sized microscope that connects wirelessly to your smartphone - Discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.
A credit card sized microscope that connects wirelessly to your smartphone - Discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.
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    1. P.J.E.I. Quaedvlieg
      about 23 hours ago

      Hi Scrona,
      Backer #66, EU, no sign of my reward yet......

    2. Scrona Creator 2 days ago

      @All: Possibly already towards the end of next week, but more likely in the week after, we will send out the last remaining units.
      Let us quickly summarize who of you have already received their units: 1. All backers that requested pre-Christmas shipping, 2. all Swiss and EU backers, 3. All international backers that ordered microPeek White or which ordered microPeek Blue with shipping upgrade. If you belong to those three groups of backers, and have not received your unit so far, please write us a private message.

    3. JayBee 3 days ago

      I'm backer #179 with blue model and have not received mine yet.

    4. Missing avatar

      Bangalore Ramanand 3 days ago

      Is it so difficult to post the backer numbers to whom the product is delivered so we can stop worrying and keep asking when mine will be delivered?

    5. Missing avatar

      Raymond Chu 4 days ago

      I still have not received my pledge. Please let me know as soon as possible as to when I will received it.

    6. Missing avatar

      San Su on

      There should be an open forum where people can view posts without needing to register. I hope Scrona will setup a discussion board in their website.

    7. Missing avatar

      San Su on

      Played with it for half an hour yesterday and here is my first impression. Planing to take some video (if possible) and post it in youtube this weekend.

      1. Overall build quality is good.
      2. Easy to stick and remove the sticky pad. Didn't have any problem removing them.
      3. Connected to Android phone (Samsung S6) without any issue. tried both the BF and DF options . DF is one of the main reasons why i ordered this. Only drawback is, android version only supports taking image. No recording option yet.
      4. Connected to iPod touch 6. The device was not registering for some reason (atleast for me) under bluetooth tab. I was a bit worried but I was able to connect to the device by going to the application and connect from there.

      To me, the clarify of the images were not sharp as I expected if the item you are looking at is too small.

      1. tried a Moth - image was sharp. I can see the compound eyes and hairs clearly.
      2. Salt and Suger - too bright in BF. the image was not sharp (couldn't even see properly even after fine tuning it). I might have to play around with the settings.
      3. Pond water - Videos of them what triggered my quest for microscope. I was able to see the tiny pond creatures but they were not sharp. I see small blob moving around even after fine tuning it. I might have to play with the settings more and see whether i can improve the quality/sharpness.

    8. Missing avatar

      Boris on

      WindowMan, thanks on the tip! I am going to give this a try on my Pixel device.

    9. Doctor-Fuzz99 on

      Any idea where or if you are sending out the remaining units? Backer #1511...I am thinking the EU had first priority then the rest of the world.

    10. Missing avatar

      San Su on

      I finally got mine yesterday. Haven't used it yet so don't know how good it is but glad that it is over.

    11. Missing avatar

      WindowMan on

      To Boris and anyone else experiencing problems connecting the MicroPeek from within the app on Android 8.1.0 (other versions might also exhibit this issue), it appears that LOCATION (i.e. GPS) needs to be turned on while using the app, otherwise it won't connect. Perhaps Scrona can confirm this.

    12. Missing avatar

      Chuah Beng Hock on

      Can the Asia backers get an update for the estimated delivery schedule? Thanks.

    13. Missing avatar

      San Su on

      Thanks for the response. After seeing the post below, I checked the spam folder and sure enough, the tracking email is in there. It looks like the package is still with Canadian customs.

    14. Scrona Creator on

      @All: Rewards to international backers with shipping upgrades have been sent out some while ago, and most of them should have arrived by now. We also sent the tracking information to all those backers, so if you have issues receiving your parcels, please let us know.

      As for the remaining shipments, we are still manufacturing last units. This will take at least one more week, in any case as fast as possible. This project is definitely coming to an end very soon.

    15. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      Ok, I know you are probably busy getting the units out to the backers, but you haven't answered my email about the black specks in my optics.

    16. Missing avatar

      WindowMan on

      Update on the Bluetooth connectivity issue with Android 8.1.0. Last night, Google pushed an OS update that appears to have solved the problem. I am now able to connect via Bluetooth to the MicroPeek from within the app. What a wonderful product, prepared slides appear clear and the ability to view specimens in a variety of ways (e.g. bright screen, dark screen, etc.) is fantastic.
      I'm grateful to everyone at Scrona. Great work!

    17. Missing avatar

      Mauritz Theron on

      Is there an update on shipments?

    18. Missing avatar

      San Su on

      I am extremely disappointed at the slow progress on the shipping. Shipping supposed to start on the week of 21st May but we are nearing end of the 3rd week since then and still no communication on the status of it.

    19. Missing avatar

      WindowMan on

      I have the same issue as Boris (below), but with an Essential phone running Android 8.1.0. It pairs through the phone's bluetooth, but when I try to connect using the app it states that there are no micropeek devices nearby.

    20. Missing avatar

      Boris on

      Pixel XL with Android 8.1.0 not paring through app, but pairing through BT app on Phone. Likely in need of a software fix on the app.

    21. Missing avatar

      Boris on

      uPeek blue arrived in mid-May. Folks should join the google group to share tips & tricks. See one of the previous posts for the link. Nice piece of hardware.

    22. Missing avatar

      atin lohia on

      Backer # 1007
      Where is my stuff.

    23. Missing avatar

      San Su on

      @Scrona, wondering whether the upeek blue is shipped to people who upgraded the shipping. you mentioned that it will be shipped early this week.

    24. Scrona Creator on

      @ P.J.E.I.: It seems there was indeed an issue with your shipment. I don't exactly why, but somehow there was an inconsistency in the way your shipping information was stored in the respective file. This is why your name did not show up with the rest of the EU backers. We will ship your reward as soon as possible.

      @Raphael: Yes, it will work. It is possible that for optimal attachment you have to rotate the microPeek 90° with respect to the phone. It is also possible to manually open the sticky pad a little bit, for any phone that has very large camera parts.

    25. P.J.E.I. Quaedvlieg

      Hi Scrona, in your last update of may 7 you stated that all 'whites' were shipped.
      Now, 3 weeks later I haven't seen any sign of my reward. I'm backer #66.

    26. Missing avatar

      Raphael on

      Is it going to work with an iPhone X? If not, do you plan any adaptaters? Thank you

    27. Missing avatar

      Simon Wong

      Looking forward!

    28. Scrona Creator on

      @San Su: Probably we won't make it to ship to the upgraded backers by tomorrow, but certainly early next week.
      Hence (@John Guerrero), we were unfortunately not able to stick to our last estimate, so the remaining units are not en route yet. Although there are no challenges ahead, and we won't face any more major delays, it is still very difficult for us to make an on-day or even on-week estimate. What we can say for sure is that all units will be sent out before the end of June. However, we try to have them shipped before mid of June.

    29. Missing avatar

      John Guerrero on

      According to your last formal update, all upeeks should have already been shipped to North America and are currently en route. Is this correct?

    30. Missing avatar

      MisterG on

      Got mine last week and super chuffed with it! Build quality is excellent and the app works very well (iOS). Image quality is very good, just need some in-depth scoping now :) Sure this project was a bit late and there were a few issues, but this is a very technical bit of kit and glad they took the time to resolve all the issues. Backers will always disagree over the communication but overall I thought it was pretty good considering the size of the team and the hurdles they had to overcome - I think people forget that most projects are very small teams and they don’t have a dedicated customer support to handle every query. All the best!

    31. Missing avatar

      San Su on

      @Evan, Scrona mentioned that they will start shipping to international backers starting this week. I am from NA as well. Hope to receive it either this week or next week. Fingers crossed.

    32. Missing avatar

      Evan Manaresi on

      I have read the comments, but when can we expect to receive upeek blue in USA?

    33. Scrona Creator on

      @Jack Taylor: Ok. Martin, our programmer will contact you (in case you haven't sent a mail to the info address yet)

    34. Missing avatar

      Jack Taylor on

      Hi I tried a fresh installation and it bugged out in exactly the same way. I also tried installing on a nexus 7 android tablet that crashed straight away on opening.

    35. Missing avatar

      Zosia Religa on

      Hi backer #1212 here. Thanks for the message. I have just paid $14.00 for the international tracked shipping and am looking forward to receiving the uPeak blue.

    36. Missing avatar

      Zosia Religa on

      Hi I'm backer # 1,212 and I still have not received the microscope. This is also my second message. Could someone please let me know what's going on??? Thanks.

    37. Scrona Creator on

      @Jack Taylor: We will look into this. As a first step you can try to uninstall and reinstall the software. I have in fact experienced a similar issue, and a simple reinstall did the job. If the problem persists, please contact us via
      As with regards to the black soot. Every microPeek has gone throgh quality control. Generally, it is very difficult for us to remove every single particle that may become visible under certain situations. Larger stuff should not be present, however. Please send some images to, so we can analyze.

      @Christopher: I am sorry that some of your questions went unanswered. You are absolutely right, through this project we have learned a lot. However, until recently, we have posted an update every 1 - 1.5 months. And since the last update, we have posted comments about the general shipping status in the main comments section, so this information was publicly available to all backers. Still, we agree that we often fall behind answering individual questions, particularly those that ask us for individual shipping dates, a question we often cannot answer at the time. To give a better overview of what we have learned through this project we will post an update that will once more summarize all the challenges we had to go through. We hope this will help our backers to understand some of the issues they had to face, but also make future creators aware of the risks involved with setting up a (technology) project on Kickstarter.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jack Taylor on

      I don't think the micropeek software is working correctly under Android Nougat version 7.0
      When I try to take a picture it immediately shuts the software and takes me to the phones home screen.

      I am assuming you press the shutter button to take a photo but it just sends me to my phones home screen.

      Like Eric I also unfortunately also have black soot like specs within the optical system of my upeek blue.

    39. Missing avatar

      Karel on

      Got the mP blue today in Prague, CZ

    40. Christopher R. Souser on

      Unanswered messages.. no direct replies.. just run arounds.. no upeek still.. and no notification of shipment / tracking right as I am about to move across the country.. no clue if what address it has or will ship to.. just now after 2.5 years maybe shipping to the US.

      I used to be a Superbacker on Kickstarter.. this project really has soured it for me as when I spend $200 I expect at minimum stellar communication if long delays on a project to keep my confidence. There has absolutely not been that on here. The administrators of a project of this scale should have used something like backerkit that facilitated many of these easy address updates, shipping notifications with tracking, etc. Hopefully if they ever try this again they will have learned their lesson and to use tools and provide proper project schedules, updates, and not force us to search comments for answers and leave us wondering for years.

    41. Zpajro on

      PS. I Scandinavian...

    42. Zpajro on

      I just got mine, yet to properly test it ^^

    43. Missing avatar

      reto wieland on

      Please don't forget us here in Asia!

    44. Missing avatar

      Jack Taylor on

      Dear Scrona,
      I created a google group called upeek for the microscope
      You can access it here!forum/upeek

      I am happy to cede ownership of it anytime to Scrona should you desire it.

    45. Doctor-Fuzz99 on

      Have any international shipments been processed yet by uPeek? NA specifically. It seems that the concentration was for EU backers early on.

    46. Scrona Creator on

      Firstly, we are very happy that many of you have received their microPeek. We are working hard to ship the remaining ones to our international backers. Most likely we will make another shipment beginning of next week, for all those that have the shipping upgrade. The remaining units should follow shortly after.

      @Eric: Please contact us via Black specs are not normal.

      @Jack Taylor: Sure, please go ahead and launch this. It's a product that was enabled by this community, so we definitely don't want to stand in the way of any non-Scrona user groups or the like.

    47. Missing avatar

      Benoit Reinert on

      I'm backer #134.
      I have received my blue µPeek yesterday (in France), on my birthday !! ^^

    48. Missing avatar

      Jack Taylor on

      Dear scrona,
      Would you have any objections if we were to start a google group for the upeek microscope ?
      It would be handy to share which devices are compatible with the microscope for example.

    49. Thomas Müller on

      Got the kit in the Netherlands.

    50. Missing avatar

      San Su on

      @Scrona, Wondering whether you are on track to start the international shipment next week as mentioned in the May 3 communication.

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