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A credit card sized microscope that connects wirelessly to your smartphone - Discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.
A credit card sized microscope that connects wirelessly to your smartphone - Discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.
A credit card sized microscope that connects wirelessly to your smartphone - Discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Philippe Verwaerde just now

      Is there any link to check the status for my device ?
      I chose a blue version in Europe

    2. Missing avatar

      San Su about 8 hours ago

      @Darren, thanks for the extra effort in checking the spam folder and confirm it. Appreciate it.

    3. Arnold Bagabaldo
      about 21 hours ago


      Backer #86 here...

      Trying to track down my uPeek... I know it is not yet end of February, but just saw some backers from US receiving their uPeek blue :). Do you mind sending me shipping info so I can check what the status of the shipment is? Thanks!

    4. Darren Woods
      2 days ago

      @San Su. I just checked my spam folder etc. and there was no tracking info as far as I know. I did indeed pay the amount as I was charged. Not sure what happened, but I have run into this issue with other KS projects as well so who knows. For me, the important thing is I finally got the thing after a very long wait.

      Hopefully you'll get a surprise soon as well. Good Luck.

    5. Missing avatar

      San Su 2 days ago

      @Darren, that doesn't seem right. are you sure? If you paid extra, you should have got the tracking information. That is what the extra shipment cost is for...

      @Scrona, Please confirm whether we receive tracking details or not...

      "Since the ultimate risk of shipping will be on you, all those that want an insured, tracked shipment can get a $14 shipping upgrade, which is available through this LINK."

    6. Darren Woods
      2 days ago

      @Dimitry. I upgraded shipping as well and I didn't get any shipping info that I am aware of

    7. Darren Woods
      2 days ago

      Backer 905 in the States. Just received delivery of upeek blue version. Totally jazzed to finally get to road test this bad boy.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dmitry Rodionov 4 days ago

      I bought the Shipping Upgrade last month. Will I receive some notification with tracking code?

    9. Marc Vaz 5 days ago

      I've changed my address and I've sent you a message, please confirm that you've seen this.

    10. Fuller Beacon on February 10

      will i receive a notification with tracking # when you send it, or am i waiting till something arrives in the mail.
      "i guess i wasn't part of the last 500 that you shipped."
      hope it's soon.
      If indeed i am still waiting, can i give you the address of the house i'll be staying in for the next few month.

    11. Missing avatar

      MARTINET David
      on February 10

      I need to update my shipping adress. I sent you a pm with the informations
      Best regards.

    12. Missing avatar

      San Su on February 7

      tease us with a video or 2 please :). I am planning to recommend it to our local elementary school (they already have IPads) if it is easy to use.

    13. Missing avatar

      David Castro on February 7

      Received mine yesterday (Switzerland) but, didn't have time to play with it. The packaging and components look really great. First impression very positive.

      Will try tonight to test it with a Pixel 2.

    14. TurboBeads on February 6

      Received mine today (Blue, Switzerland), and I am greatly impressed. The set is nicely packaged, comes as a full collection of test samples, cell-phone adapters, cleaning cloth, sample holder, charging cable. And it makes stunning images straight out of the box (Iphone 7). Everyone I showed it to in our lab was greatly impressed (especially the biologists). I am sure that this small device has a great future and will replace ALL school and routine microscopes. It was definitely worth the long wait.

    15. Scrona Creator on February 2

      Dear All. 500 additional devices are packaged and ready to be shipped. We will ship Blue version to our Swiss backers and White versions to EU and other international backers. The remaining devices are all at a progressed stage and only need a few last steps before being ready for packaging as well. One of these steps, preparing and bonding the light-guidance glass, has caused some issues in the past and we have decided to create some new tools before continuing there. The tools should be ready very soon, and once available this step will be executed considerably faster than in the past.

    16. Missing avatar

      Eric on January 31

      I can't understand how people can talk about if they won't be able to use this because they bought a new phone!? Would you have kept your old phone if you had this already? Or would you have just used it until you got a new phone and then put this aside?

    17. Missing avatar

      David Moore
      on January 30

      Blue version for me.
      I am between phones at the moment as I await one being repaired. Whichever successor phone comes along I am confident it will be compatible.
      It looks like we are on the final stretch. Thank you for keeping us updated. Your realism has been refreshing. It must be hard dividing yourself between assembly and fulfilment.
      If you were to repeat the crowdfunding process where do you think things could be improved?

    18. Ashley Lyon on January 29

      I am concerned the one I ordered will not be compatible with my mobile device. How do I update that to make sure I don’t get something that is essentially useless because it is taking so long?

    19. SJD
      on January 29

      Is the EU shipping solved or not?
      When can EU backers expect their rewards... from the last update I assume by the end of February?
      Does this also apply to the 'blue' reward?

      Simple questions... please answer them, as your updates are contradictory and hard to understand.

    20. Aleksandr Wallach
      on January 27

      I'm newer getted my µPeek

    21. Raghav S Yadalam on January 26

      Hello, this is the second post. Request you to reply, I have since uogardrd to the iPhone X, will this work on the device ?

    22. Night1505
      on January 26

      @Karel - "Who are you that you are trying to be my judge?"

      Allow me to educate you:




      noun: opinion; plural noun: opinions

      a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
      "I'm writing to voice my opinion on an issue of great importance"

      synonyms: belief, judgment, thought(s), (way of) thinking, mind, (point of) view, viewpoint, outlook, attitude, stance, position, perspective, persuasion, standpoint; More
      sentiment, conception, conviction

      "she did not share her husband's opinion"

      •as I see it, to my mind, (according) to my way of thinking, personally, in my estimation, if you ask me, for my money, in my book

      "in my opinion, the green tiles clash with the yellow walls"

      •the beliefs or views of a large number or majority of people about a particular thing.
      "the changing climate of opinion"

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      "I had a higher opinion of myself than I deserved"

    23. Scrona Creator on January 25

      @Karel: We definitely understand your frustration regarding the Christmas shipping requests. We want to clarify that no delay has ever been caused by a backers, but only by us, directly or indirectly (e.g. with the choice of suppliers). So if a backer did not receive the reward because another backers got it instead, that's our fault, and not the fault of that latter backer. However, the production delays were already mentioned in the pre-Christmas update. This was actually the reason why we could not send all units at this time already. Shipping was alreaddy sorted out at that time (besides EU shipping - however, that seems to be solved by now too).

    24. Missing avatar

      Karel on January 25

      I was speaking out of frustration for sure. And i did not ask for shipping before Christmas as you can guess. I got the impression from all the updates that the only problem was the shipping and not the actual production. That fact came out after Christmas. Cant see anything selfish in my comment. Who are you that you are trying to be my judge?

    25. Night1505
      on January 24

      @Karel - Why would you regret not asking to get YOUR device sooner? If you had, there's a real chance that someone who actually needed to GIFT the device would have had to wait. That's kind of selfish, in my opinion. :|

    26. Missing avatar

      Robert Thinnes on January 23

      From Portland Oregon, I would like to know if or when my u peek will be shipped. I'm getting antsy to peer. One more update would be helpful. Scrona has done a fine job of keeping supporters up to date so far and it is much appreciated.

    27. Missing avatar

      Henk Peter on January 23

      How do I know if my order has been shipped?
      Has anyone received his/hers yet?

    28. Scrona Creator on January 22

      @San Su: Indeed, we were not able to ship 60% before Christmas. Together with the shipping itself, and still longer than expected assembly it was too much. Until now only about 15% have been shipped but there are another few hundred devices packaged and more coming up soon. With the next shipment, hopefully going out this week, we plan to dispatch another ~500 devices. We try to circumvent making too many small shipments, because it is not efficient, and will delay overall production even more. Still, whoever has paid the extra shipping fee will definitely get the device shipped with the next batch.

    29. Missing avatar

      San Su on January 22

      I am a bit disappointed as well. I paid extra in Dec for the shipping hoping that it would be shipped as soon as possible and yet I haven't seen any shipping information in my inbox. We don't know how many were shipped so far and what is the plan for future batch shipping either. This was from the last update "As a result, we expect that not more than 60% of all orders can be shipped before Christmas". I am still hoping to receive the product and enjoy it but more and more I stopped believing in any of the updates provided about next shipping date.

    30. Scrona Creator on January 22

      @Aaron, leefw2002, Darren and Nicolas: We will write another update or post here in the comments section as soon as another shipment goes out. As stated before, it is really an issue of manpower at the moment. There are many devices unfinished at some intermediate assembly stages, especially the Blue versions. Otherwise, there are no problems that hinder us. It's really just some more time we need to accumulate a sufficient number of devices for the next big shipment. Luckily, we now have a temporary worker that will help us out. Again, things simply took more time than expected, particularly because we are now spending some more time at two critical assembly stages, in order to further improve product quality.

    31. Missing avatar

      Moretti Nicolas on January 22

      Can you please tell me when I am supposed to receive my device?
      These constant delays and lack of information really make me loose all trust in your company. I won't be part of SCRONA next adventure for sure.

    32. Darren Woods
      on January 21

      Not to pile on anymore here, but I thought those that paid the extra shipping fee didn't have to wait the same as those units being shipped bulk? Disappointment in these delays and reasons is growing greatly. Not sure I will be purchasing anything else from Scrona post KS campaign as there really is no guarantees for mitigating the perpetual delays....

    33. Missing avatar

      leefw2002 on January 21

      Any schedule to deliver? Otherwise refund please.

    34. Raghav S Yadalam on January 20

      Hey! I have since upgraded to the Iphone X please confirm if this will work on the device? & the case would actually fit the new shape.
      If not can you offer a refund please, as this would be of no use to me anymore.

    35. Missing avatar

      Aaron Shugar on January 19

      When do you expect US orders to be filled? I am backer 1240

    36. Scrona Creator on January 18

      Dear All: The last two weeks since the start of the new year have been very busy with all kinds of important work we had to tend to. Unfortunately, this meant that manufacturing progress was slow. As some backers have already indicated this is pretty much a handmade product, and therefore things become slow if our small team is not fully available. Of course, the fulfilment of this project is still top priority for us, and only the most important work, directly affecting the coninuation of our business (and hence the finalization of this project as well), will distract us. Starting from next week things should normalize though, and we hope to have most devices ready for shipment by end of the month. Every time another batch of products leave our facilities, we will write another update here!

    37. Missing avatar

      Eric on January 17

      @MarcRuesen. They aren't yet sure, If only one camera can be used at a time it shouldn't be a problem (which is something any phone using dual cameras would have a problem with).

    38. Marc Ruesen on January 16

      Will it work with iPhone X?

    39. Missing avatar

      Karel on January 15

      Well, I am starting to regret I had not sent the email I needed it for Christmas. 😒

    40. Missing avatar

      Sengl on January 14

      If you need some help from a Swiss backer let me know, living in ZH, have too many free time. 😉

    41. Missing avatar

      Pascal Lamarre on January 12

      In Canada, have not received anything?

    42. Stefano Ronsivalle on January 11

      I’m from Italy and haven’t received anything yet

    43. Urs Gauch on January 11

      I live in Switzerland and I'm still waiting?!? for how much longer???

    44. Darren Woods
      on January 10

      Hmmmm...I am going to stop incessantly checking back here and when I get it, I get it.

    45. Scrona Creator on January 10

      Unfortunately, we won't be able to make another shipment this week. While essentially all remaining White models are ready to ship, the production run of the Blue models is still not concluded, and most units are at some intermediate production step. To make efficient shipment we have to pool some more units, even for our Swiss backers. We know it's repetative but we do our best to get this over ASAP! As one particular measure, we are about to get a part-time worker that assists production (we are simply understaffed, because we also face many other challenges that distract us). I hope we can make another shipment no later than next week. In this shipment we expect to send most White models (and as many Blue models we can) to EU and international backers, and Blue models to all our Swiss backers.

    46. Scrona Creator on January 7

      @Katharina: Yes, you have indeed been very patient and that's something we greatly appreciate. We are sorry that you didn't receive your reward yet. Your are absolutely right that sending rewards to our Swiss-based backers is no problem in principle. However, just before Christmas it all became very tight, so we ended up only sending to those that had sent us a mail before. Shipping even before that time was impossible as well, because of a shortage in Blue versions (actually, the production run is not fully concluded yet). Our goal is to ship your reward (and those of other Swiss backers) by the end of the week.

      @Fuller: Of course everyone would rather have their rewards earlier than later, this doesn't surprise us. The problem was only that we didn't have enough devices yet, and we had to find a way to distribute them. Anyway, it is our top priority to get everyone covered as quickly as possible!

    47. Missing avatar

      Katharina Spoerri on January 7

      Creators, we’ve all been rather patient for a long time. But to be honest, my patience starts to wear thin.
      If you have customs-related issues, why have not all Swiss-based backers been served by now?

    48. Fuller Beacon on January 6

      Are you telling me i had to tell you i wanted to get this before Christmas, isn't that obvious.
      i haven't said a thing all this time, patiently waiting. But kinda disappointed it's the new year and still nothing, your gonna send a shipping conformation right? (thats what i've been waiting for)
      i live in the EU, are you shipping by country, what countries have you shipped to in the EU?
      i was under the impression that EU backer orders have already been fulfilled.

      what do you mean by
      "As for the EU backers we still need to get access to the customs systems."

      thanks in Advance.

    49. Jack Foster Mancilla on January 6

      I suppose that I, as backer #686 from California USA, should expect delivery by the end of January 2018?

    50. Scrona Creator on January 4

      Dear All. Sorry for the absence. We took some off-time during the new-year period. All those that sent us a mail (before 15th of December) and requested pre-Christmas delivery should have received their devices in the meantime. It seems, however, that delivery took longer than expected, probably because of the busy Christmas period. So even if you haven't received your rewards, that's not something to worry about yet.

      For all others (that have not sent us a mail until the 15th of December) we will do as following: as required by the shipper we need to pool a large quantity of parcles for further international shipping (at least 500). This shipment should go out at some point in January. However, international backers (i.e. excluding EU and CH) that have acquired the shipping upgrade will receive their rewards a bit earlier because these shipments are independent of the quantity requirements. They are about to be shipped next week.

      As for the EU backers we still need to get access to the customs systems. This should happen soon though. Most EU and remaining Swiss backers should receive their rewards at some point in January as well.

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