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A credit card sized microscope that connects wirelessly to your smartphone - Discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.
A credit card sized microscope that connects wirelessly to your smartphone - Discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.
A credit card sized microscope that connects wirelessly to your smartphone - Discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Piotr 5 days ago

      Awesome news!

    2. Scrona Creator on September 12

      @Katharina: The iOS App is currently in review. We will inform you as soon as it is available.

      @San Su: We will soon post another extensive update and make sure to get a few nice pictures about the assembly process

    3. Oletros on September 11

      So yes, another delay and another excuse

    4. Missing avatar

      San Su on September 8

      an eye candy picture would be great :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel
      on September 7

      Nice ! and thx for a quick update

    6. Daniel Thompson on September 5

      That's great news! I'm really looking forward to hearing when you have assembled the units.

    7. Scrona Creator on September 5

      Dear Backers. We want to give you a quick update. After finally receiving the casings (with some further delay though) we have immediately sent a few of them to make a test of the metal coatings. As this was succesful the whole batch was sent for processing and we will get them back by end of the week. Once the casings are back we will immediately start with the assembly. While we have learned that giving an exact date is generally not possible, we are still very positive that shipping will start within the month. Sorry again that things always take a bit longer than expected, but we are still fully committed to get this rewards shipped as soon as possible.

    8. Will Kostelecky on September 4

      It is next month!!!!!

    9. Oletros on September 2

      I hope that next update won't be another announcement of a delay

    10. Daniel Bültmann on September 1

      Statusupdate? Deliver date?

    11. Missing avatar

      Katharina Spoerri on September 1

      What is the status of the App for iPhone?

    12. Missing avatar

      Jan van Iersel on August 31

      Still very much looking forward to this project. I'm happy to see that you are keeping quality as a priority!

    13. Jack Foster Mancilla on August 28

      I am still looking forward to this. Good luck!

    14. Night1505 - Certifiable Rick Fan
      on August 18

      Still quite overly excited for this! My patience is nowhere near to running out for this project. Looking forward to the next official update! :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Leong How Sen on August 18

      Good to hear such a good news

    16. Scrona Creator on August 18

      Dear All. We are happy to inform you that the casings have finally arrived and we are now making them ready for a last external intervention, a mirror coatings step. Afterwards we can finally start with assembly and start shipping next month.

    17. Missing avatar

      Eric on August 15

      I would say just keep us informed of the progress and don't worry about a shipping timeline, that is normally to difficult to project accurately and little things can push it back.

    18. Missing avatar

      leefw2002 on August 13

      When will it be shipped out to me?

    19. Night1505 - Certifiable Rick Fan
      on August 7

      After a road too long, and with far too many bumps, Home is now in view. If we can get past this part, we're all going to be damn proud to be (m)uPeek owners!! I've got that feeling! :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Katharina Spoerri on August 3

      Hello Team,

      How is the initial batch coming along? Was progress good enough to give an estimated shipping date?
      And what is the status for the iPhone version of the app?

      Really eager to get the micropeek in my hands :)

    21. Night1505 - Certifiable Rick Fan
      on August 3

      @Danilo - Nope, just a regular backer like yourself. I just read every backer comment, every creator comment, and every word of every update. I think they've been transparent enough for all of us to see where things are heading and why. :)

    22. Danilo on July 31

      @Knight1505 -you're part of the production team? Your insight seems almost uncanny, and you're always spot-on with your predictions...

    23. Night1505 - Certifiable Rick Fan
      on July 26

      @Scrona - Your constant show of forward progress (sometimes slow progress, but progress nonetheless), keeps me 100% patient. I have other project far less late than this one that I am much more frustrated with, because they DO NOT show any forward progress.

      I've said it before, and I will keep saying it: Keep your commitment to quality! Build and deliver the product that you are proud to put your name on! Keep updating us periodically with shows of progress! You guys are doing a GREAT job!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel
      on July 25

      @creator arms up - sounds great !

    25. Scrona Creator on July 24

      @Everyone: Our injection molder has announced production of the casings for 31st of July, i.e. next week. Once production has started, it will only take about 2-3 days for initial quantity to be concluded. Again, the now-communicated production start is later than what was initially promised to us, but at least it is not another major delay. We will be back with another full update next week.

      @Night1505: Thanks for clarifying! As outlined in above lines, mass production of the casings will start next week, so it will take a bit longer than anticipated in our last update. Hope patience will not run out. We are almost there!

    26. Night1505 - Certifiable Rick Fan
      on July 17

      *Correction - The update indicated that they will start assembly at the end of July, so production might actually be done before then. :D

    27. Night1505 - Certifiable Rick Fan
      on July 17

      @Denise Hou - Just judging from their spread of updates so far, I'd say we could probably expect the next one closer to the end of the month. They indicated that production should be nearing completion about then, so I'm hopeful for an update then. For now, I think we are smack in the middle of mass production.

      I'm right there with you on the excitement to finally get this though. It does make it tough to stay patient. :)

    28. Denise Hou
      on July 17

      Hello there! Any update?

    29. Missing avatar

      Eric on June 30

      @Alaa AboAljadayl. That is the wonderful thing about this thing, it connects through Bluetooth, so no matter what phone you have No worries! And since they are sending all of the mounting pads we can change between phones and it should work just fine.

    30. Alaa AboAljadayl on June 27

      I wanna change my phone type to iPhone 7plus

    31. Night1505 - Certifiable Rick Fan
      on June 15

      Great news... thank you! :)

    32. SJD
      on June 15


    33. Scrona Creator on June 15

      @SJD: The samples were not yet sufficient but we are doing some additional work together with the supplier at the moment. We hope we will get positive results by next week. We will probably be able to post another complete update by end of next week.

    34. SJD
      on June 15

      Please have the decency to give us an update.....

    35. SJD
      on June 9

      Any news?

    36. Oletros on May 27

      I'm worried, the final samples theoretically started to reach on May 15 and 2 weeks later we don't know anything about the state.

      I smell another big delay

    37. Night1505 - Certifiable Rick Fan
      on May 26

      @leefw2002 - They still haven't hit the shipping phase yet, so we could still be looking at a couple of months for actual delivery.

      I'm staying hopeful that all the manufacturing pitfalls have been addressed, and they have finally reached production.

      We should probably be getting an update in the next few days or so. I'm just basing this on the fact that they usually go about 4 to 6 weeks between updates though. :)

    38. Missing avatar

      leefw2002 on May 25

      When will it be delivered?

    39. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel
      on May 24

      Can we get a micro peek of how it goes with the uPeek ;-) ?

    40. Missing avatar

      goh chee wee on May 22

      I haven't get my order?
      Already sent you printing picture but still no any news????

    41. Night1505 - Certifiable Rick Fan
      on May 15

      "The next and final sampling at the supplier’s premises starts on May 15. If everything is fine, production of the case, slide holder and tablet spacer can start right away."

      Please be sure to keep us updated with this progress. :)

      Thank you, Scrona.

    42. Jonny
      on May 15

      @Scrona thanks for keeping comms moving and staying in touch with this comments board: that crucial as you move forward through mass production. Really appreciated!

    43. Scrona Creator on May 11

      @Daniel Bültmann: we are indeed working with a local injection molder. It is a Swiss-Italien company. And we actually even had a recommendation of a colleague of ours. Simply choosing the cheapest option without a guarantee for quality was no option to us.

      @Mario Modena: Sure, the iOS App will follow shortly.

      @Alaa AboAlijadayl: No worries, this won't make a difference as the product contains the required adapters.

    44. Alaa AboAljadayl on April 28

      how can we make a change in the survey
      now I'm iPhone user

    45. Missing avatar

      Mario Modena
      on April 28

      Hope iOS App will be ready too, when you ship the device. Otherwise it will be useless for me and many others!

    46. Missing avatar

      Eric on April 28

      You can look under microPeek or scrona on the Play store

    47. Missing avatar

      Eric on April 28

      Thanks for the update, even though it isn't the best news, it is better than nothing. I tried the App on my Pixel with the latest updates and it seems to work just fine so far.

    48. Oletros on April 26

      More than 1 month later and we still don't have an update.

      "Putting everything together your rewards should be ready for shipment by the second week of April."

      This was the last commitment and it seems that it won't be fulfilled, again.

      On April 16 it was said: "We are still waiting for the casings to go into mass-production. However, things are moving and we will release another update early next week."

      It is almost Thursday and we still don't have any update.

      On April 10 it was said: "He will upload the App to the Play Store until the end of the week (but keep in mind that it can then take a few days until it become released)."

      Where is the app?

      It start to look very bad

    49. Daniel Bültmann on April 26

      Nearly 1 Year late......that is not OK! Next time try take a molder in EU!
      Software for Android!??

    50. Missing avatar

      San Su on April 24

      Since no update on the software front, I assume it is not yet uploaded?

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