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A credit card sized microscope that connects wirelessly to your smartphone - Discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.
A credit card sized microscope that connects wirelessly to your smartphone - Discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.
A credit card sized microscope that connects wirelessly to your smartphone - Discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.
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    1. Night1505 - Certifiable Merc For Hire
      about 11 hours ago

      @Scrona - I've seen other projects do this too, so don't feel too badly. Naturally every backer wants the fastest most informative shipping, but even bad news is easier to accept when you keep telling us right away and being as transparent as possible.

      I just want you guys to succeed. Do the option that sits as the best balance of good for the backers, but also good for the company! Even if it's slower than you'd initially hoped for, and even if it doesn't have tracking info, as long as it's on the way and you guys don't go bankrupt, I'll still consider it a win! :)

    2. Scrona Creator about 17 hours ago

      @All: We are experiencing some customs issues. Everything for the first batch of products has been prepared for shipping end of last week. However, particularly for the international shipping things become more difficult than anticipated. We were looking for the best shipping service we can provide, but the chosen strategy is slitghtly exotic and hence the customs offices don't make it easy to us. In the worst case, we will need to choose another shipping option, which may involve shipping without trackign as a standard for international shipping (those that want tracking/insurance would be able to get an upgrade though). In this case we will soon write a concise update, and also explain the difficulties in more detail.

    3. Will Kostelecky about 23 hours ago

      +1 @Night1505! That would be great.

    4. Night1505 - Certifiable Merc For Hire
      1 day ago

      @Scrona - Will you guys keep updating with the batches that are going out? My backer number is in the 4-digit range, so I know I'm not heading out with the first wave. LOL. But I'd love to keep up with the batches so I can see when it's getting closer. :)

    5. Will Kostelecky 2 days ago

      Would it be fair to assume that we will get a notice with a tracking number when our device ships? Eager!

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric 6 days ago

      Oh yeah, just had to confirm my address for the microPeek. Hope that means shipping will be soon!

    7. Scrona Creator on November 13

      For all of you that want to adjust the shipping address within Kickstarter, please note that this can only be done through the Kickstarter website, not through any of the Apps. For a detailed instruction of how to adjust shipping address on the Kickstarter page, have a look at our last update.

    8. Scrona Creator on November 12

      @Eric: We will indeed start shipping by the end of the coming week.
      @Jonny: Please see my comment in the updates section!

    9. Jonny
      on November 12

      Great to hear you're so close to shipping - but paying more than retail price for the upgrade from white to blue is a no no for me. Or have you changed your retail pricing?

    10. Missing avatar

      Eric on November 12

      So, any word on shipping? The last you wrote was that the first batch would be ready two weeks ago.
      I hope everything is going smoothly.

    11. Scrona Creator on November 8

      @Martin: From what we have learned the iPhone X should be compatible also without an extra sticky pad and without any adjustments. It is possible though that the microPeek must be attached at different rotation when using one or the other camera. As soon as we get a phone in our hands we will test it.

    12. Martin Buber on October 30

      very nice update. i need also an iphone X stick pad. can you deliver one extra for X users? i am also willing to pay extra for it as and additional accessory ;-).

    13. Darren Woods
      on October 30

      Awesome news. This is one of the first Kickstarter campaigns I supported. I am really glad that you have stuck through all the hassles and product design learning curve snafus. Can't wait to start using this.

    14. Scrona Creator on October 30

      @Colin: As Eric has pointed out it is indeed mostly the Bluetooth that defines compatibility, and in this view at least the iPhone 8 should be perfectly compatible. As with the iPhone X we cannot tell the same thing with 100% confidence yet. In case the two cameras remain individually adressable it should work just fine. Possibly, there are some issues with attaching the microPeek to the phone, because of the large lens piece that may partially block the attachment of the sticky pad to the phone. If that's the case it will be possible to improve the situation by slightly adapting the sitcky pad with some scissors. If that turns out to be necessary we can provide guidelines on how to do that.

    15. Scrona Creator on October 30

      @Night1505: Thanks a lot for the nice words. You have been a very positive and understanding backer throughout all those months and we want to thank you for this as well. With backers like you it is impossible to just stop caring. We will of course keep you updated about the progress of our printing technology as well. It is indeed true that we were hindered to make as much progress on that front as would have loved to do. We are a team of three and two of us are full-time-dedicated to microPeek, and they will remain so as long as there are still backers waiting for their reward.

    16. Missing avatar

      Eric on October 30

      Very nice update! They look really good, very high quality!

    17. Missing avatar

      Katharina Spoerri on October 29


      So it is “end of next week”. :) hope everything went OK so far.
      Will you email the first 360 backers when you send the micropeeks out?

    18. Missing avatar

      Eric on October 27

      @Colin How can they give such an assurance when the phones aren't even out yet? Besides, it is only the Bluetooth connection that is necessary, since the standards are backwards compatible there shouldn't be any problem with it not working. All the pads will be included so there shouldn't be any problem there either.

    19. Missing avatar

      Colin Rickman on October 25

      Hi. Thanks for the updates. Can you confirm the microscope is going to be compatible with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X? Obviously phone specs have changed quite a bit since the campaign closed.

    20. Night1505 - Certifiable Merc For Hire
      on October 19

      @Scrona - I want you to know how damn grateful I am for the dedication you've shown us throughout this entire process. I have other projects that are not as late as this one that I am infinitely more frustrated with, simply because they either didn't communicate at all, or their communications were full of crap, and no substance. You have not failed us on either of these points.

      Even when you went almost 2 months without updating us, the update you did finally send was full of useful, and reasonable information. I honestly think that you guys actually respect your backers; a quality that is becoming more and more lacking with each new KS project.

      And I also want to mention that a lot of us still remember why you made this product in the first place (i.e. to showcase your nanoprinting technology), and realize that it has also kept you from working on that front as much as you'd like. And I, for one, am very appreciative.

      Thank you.

    21. Night1505 - Certifiable Merc For Hire
      on October 19

      OMG, it's getting so close! I second the comment below... I cannot wait to hold this in my hands! :)

    22. Scrona Creator on October 19

      Dear Backers. We are now very close to finishing the first batch of products. In fact they should be ready for shipping towards mid or end of next week. Unfortunately, that's only about 360 units yet. The reason is that we were facing issues with the PCB - case bonding. As a result we had to use more of the special bonding tapes, which we normally cut by laser. But since some mechanics of the laser broke down we were not able to do that. To counteract the issues, and since we need many more tapes anyways, we ordered a die cutting mold which we are about to receive by beginning of next week. Then we will continue to finalize the rest of the units in parallel. Since we will be fully accustomed to all processes at the time, all assembly work will take place without any setup delays. As we are about to ship first units we will soon post a last update, and also get you some more pictures. In case you have moved, please adapt your shipping address here on Kickstarter.

    23. Missing avatar

      Oelison on October 15

      I‘m looking forward to hold it in my hand. Could you send more pictures, please?

    24. Darren Woods
      on October 9


    25. Scrona Creator on October 8

      Dear Backers. During the last 10 days we finished rework on the casings and concluded further characterization work on some of the processes. Particuarly the casing - PCB bonding step had to be precisely characterized, using the finalized casings. At the end of the characterization we ran several devices through the whole process chain (except a few minor things) and found them to be perfectly fine. As of tomorrow we will start with the casing - PCB bonding step on the bulk quantity of devices. We are very excited to see things coming together nicely, and shipment day to approach ever closer!

    26. Missing avatar

      Ulrich Veh
      on October 6

      Guys please do not rush. I prefer waiting some weeks longer rather getting 'something' delivered, which 'somehow' works. Of course I also want to get it asap, but the last letter in asap is p as 'possible'...

    27. Sue Hardy
      on October 6

      @Scrona - personally I would much rather wait and have the finished item fully functional and as far as delays go, this is peanuts next to some other projects I've backed. At least you keep us informed!

    28. Scrona Creator on October 6

      @Gregg: We would probably feel very similar in your situation. However, all components are on stock, and the assembly process largely works. So honestly, if there are no major accidents you will definitely get your rewards, despite all the setbacks. In fact, even if we hit some more surprises during assembly, I don't think you will have to wait much longer.

      When we got this project funded we anticipated that we can bring it from prototyping phase to delivery in only 5 months. We were estimating this timeline based on how quick we were overcoming difficulties during initial prototyping. In retrospect I don't think that we were moving slowly, but our estimate was simply unrealistic. At the time we started this campaign we were too optimistic and lacked the experience. However, we will definitely not let this project down, just because we did a mistake.

    29. Missing avatar

      Gregg Kaneko on October 5

      Ok, for real, honest answer. Are we EVER going to get these? I'm beginning to feel jerked around a little bit.

    30. Scrona Creator on October 5

      @Gernot: No, this is not related to the lenses. It relates to the mirror-coated glass that that fits into the casings and thereby covers the lens. Because the enclosure for this glass ended up to be just a very small bit too small we have to open it a bit more. There is no rework on the lens though.

    31. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel
      on September 28

      Keep up the good progress and spirit - regarding precision of casing towards glasses: is that the lenses you mean? Have you found a way to remake - else vision is probably not so nice ;-)

    32. Missing avatar

      San Su on September 27

      Thanks Scrona for the response. To me, Video recording is an important function for a device that uses camera. I thought I saw some sample from you showing recorded video. I appreciate if it can be added as soon as the device is released (I know you guys are very busy with getting the product out the door).

      Thanks for the status.

    33. Scrona Creator on September 26

      Dear Backers, let us give you some updates on the assembly process.

      First of all, we started by taping all the supports. This involved adding five different adhesives to different parts of the support. As we had to do this for more than 1'500 units, this demanding work took quite some time but is finished now.

      Furthermore, we have done some final tests with the casings, particularly bonding and potting tests. As we had anticipated before, we need to do an extra potting step to at the USB connector. Otherwise, there is the risk that the cable cannot be properly inserted into the connector anymore. This is what we currently work on.

      We also noted that due to extremely small deviations we need to do some rework on the casings, because the glasses do not perfectly fit, which causes them to break during bonding.

      To summarize, we are definitly processing, although not at the most optimistic rate (which would have been very suprising).

    34. Scrona Creator on September 26

      @San Su: Yes, indeed, this will follow a bit later. Sorry for not having it there yet.

    35. Missing avatar

      San Su on September 26

      Thanks Daniel for the response. So, there is video option then. I was not able to find it in the top left though (android) but I guess it might appear later. I will try the iOS later today. Appreciate the response :)

    36. Daniel Thompson on September 26

      SanSu - I’ve just been looking at the iOS app (microPeek, searched for it using ‘Scrona’) and there’s a clear mode with between still and video recording in the top left hand of the screen. I’m really looking forward to hearing how the assembly is going!

    37. Missing avatar

      San Su on September 25

      I was playing with the limited functionality in the app today and noticed something. Might be a stupid question, how do I record a video? I see an option to take picture. Did I miss something or there is no option to record?

    38. Missing avatar

      Robert Lamont on September 23

      Thanks for the update.

      I'm still really excited about this project despite the setbacks. Keep on going!

    39. Missing avatar

      Piotr on September 17

      Awesome news!

    40. Scrona Creator on September 12

      @Katharina: The iOS App is currently in review. We will inform you as soon as it is available.

      @San Su: We will soon post another extensive update and make sure to get a few nice pictures about the assembly process

    41. Oletros on September 11

      So yes, another delay and another excuse

    42. Missing avatar

      San Su on September 8

      an eye candy picture would be great :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel
      on September 7

      Nice ! and thx for a quick update

    44. Daniel Thompson on September 5

      That's great news! I'm really looking forward to hearing when you have assembled the units.

    45. Scrona Creator on September 5

      Dear Backers. We want to give you a quick update. After finally receiving the casings (with some further delay though) we have immediately sent a few of them to make a test of the metal coatings. As this was succesful the whole batch was sent for processing and we will get them back by end of the week. Once the casings are back we will immediately start with the assembly. While we have learned that giving an exact date is generally not possible, we are still very positive that shipping will start within the month. Sorry again that things always take a bit longer than expected, but we are still fully committed to get this rewards shipped as soon as possible.

    46. Will Kostelecky on September 4

      It is next month!!!!!

    47. Oletros on September 2

      I hope that next update won't be another announcement of a delay

    48. Daniel Bültmann on September 1

      Statusupdate? Deliver date?

    49. Missing avatar

      Katharina Spoerri on September 1

      What is the status of the App for iPhone?

    50. Missing avatar

      Jan van Iersel on August 31

      Still very much looking forward to this project. I'm happy to see that you are keeping quality as a priority!

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