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A neo-noir graphic novel about the cops that patrol the darker corners of downtown Los Angeles.
125 backers pledged $6,145 to help bring this project to life.

HUGE Thanks to our supporters so far!

Posted by FourStory (Creator)

First, it's amazing how many people have already openly supported our project financially and through Facebook and Twitter. In particular, we want to thank Katrina Chan, Kyle Covino, DWKIV & Dawn Pace for purchasing full PDFs of Beat L.A. for $10; Justin Ching, Chaosiforder, Charles Eldridge, Beverly Keefe, Joe Mandia, David Smith, Cynthia Lozano, Jason Joseph, Zachary Rees, Johnson Kwong, Reid Isaki, D'artagnan Heath and Sisi Johnson for purchasing $25 Beat L.A. books; and Blake Barrett, Chris Mortimer and Farah Dakhlallah for digging deep and buying our Beat L.A. $55 book and script combos! Just as badass, Jordan Harper chimed in with his hard-earned $25 and didn't even ask for a reward!

Clearly, you are all sharp, savvy people who also just happen to have great taste. Facts are facts.

As it turns out, potentially 240 people need to purchase one of our Beat L.A. books in order to make this campaign viable for us, and we've already got backing from 21! So 219's the magic number, guys and gals, and I am absolutely certain we can do it, but any help from our dedicated and charming friends and fans is always appreciated. Besides, whose more trustworthy than the backers of Beat L.A.? No one, that's who.

Besides, there's more than one way to get this money...

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