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Sculptor, Kevin Dartt, and composer, Bethany Younge collaborate on a interactive installation focused on challenging the gender binary.


Somatica is an interactive installation created by sculptor, Kevin Dartt, and composer, Bethany Younge. Five transparent, gender-ambiguous figures, designed and constructed by Kevin are spread at random intervals throughout a medium-small sized gallery space. The figures are shells of the front of the body without heads or hands that are positioned in a walking gesture. Each body has a unique, non-gender specific physicality and sound world. Hung above each body figure is a speaker that loops electronic pieces composed by Bethany. Though each composition is distinct, they were composed to be compatible with one another. Sounds of breathing, muffled speech, and other environmental noises are thrust within a specific musical ambience that varies from body to body.

Due to their design, the audience members can mold themselves into the transparent figures. Only until they do this, can they clearly hear the music emanating from the speaker above them, and thus have an intimate experience of another person’s world. Audience members can see themselves and others being transformed by the physical and auditory experience of each figure. 


            Somatica seeks to confront society’s gender roles that oppress all genders and sexual orientations. The gender-ambiguous bodies are not anomalies, but rather representations of the many who do not feel the terms “female” or “male” are appropriate self-definitions. Somatica encourages people to cross, mix, and create alternative genders and experience the world of another person outside the gender binary. 

Each body has a unique, non-gender specific physicality and sound world. Each body is an individual. 



Het Nutshuis

Riviervismarkt 5,

2513 AM Den Haag,


Villa Kabila

“The Freezone of Culture”

Violenweg 2

2597 KL Den Haag



Het Nutshuis:June 4th (as a concert)

The rest of the month of June (along with other art installations)

Villa Kabila: July


The total cost of the materials to build the sculptures (plastic, plastervacuum sealer, foam,) and the five speakers is around $600.  The cost of sending the materialsshipping the installation overseas is $150. The cost of the flight to The Netherlands is $900.

- 4'x8'x2" Foam Sheet

5- 4'x8'x 1/8" PETG Sheet

4- 25 pound bag of Plaster

4- 25 pound Bag Joint Compound

18 yards of Burlap

5- 12 pack hot glue sticks

5 speakers

Fish twine

Airfare to & fro Netherlands


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