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This is the second in an science fiction/fantasy anthology series to celebrate more works loved by Hugo Award voters.
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Progress Report

Posted by David Steffen (Creator)


Quick update on progress of producing the anthology.  

Things are continuing on, I'm checking off items on the to-do list for producing the anthology.  

BackerKit has been an immense help on my end, so that their system can handle add-ons and reward switches, which has saved me quite a bit of time while providing flexibility to the backers.  (If I could figure out how to make survey questions optional, that would be the only thing I'd like to change for next year)

Kickstarter has transferred the collected funds, and I'm working on distributing those to all the talented folks who are contributing to the book.

I've finished drafting up a manuscript for the entire anthology, with all of the stories formatted, with a foreword and acknowledgments, copyright page, previous publications page, table of contents etc.  This is one of the more time-consuming components of putting together the book, since the individual story manuscripts may be in widely varying formats (none of which actually match what is needed for any version of the book).  So there's a lot of fiddly little details trying to pound out the dents in the formatting, make sure the table of contents is in the same order as the stories in the book, make sure the biographies are attached to the correct stories, and so on.  This manuscript has been handed off to Polgarus Studio for producing the final version of the interior layouts for both print and ebook formats.

I'm working with Pat Steiner to work on final details of the cover layout.  A bit of a chicken-and-egg there, because I need to give an ebook cover to Polgarus for them to make the ebook, but I need the print layout from them for Pat to produce the full print cover (because the print cover image includes the binding, and the binding depends on how many pages the book is).  So there is some back and forth there to get those important details sorted out, but I love the work Pat does, he makes the covers very sharp and readable.

Skyboat Media is hard at work producing the audiobook now.

Next I'll be working on inputting all the information into Amazon, Kobo, and other book/ebook sources for the book so that hopefully when I get the formatted files back the listings will be ready to just plug in the manuscript files.

I'm still aiming for a release date of mid-December, in case people want to give the ebook as holiday present.  The project got to a later start than last year so I've been trying to play some catchup due to that, but I think it should still be possible.  I'm relieved to have the manuscript off for formatting.  The only other thing I'm eyeing for schedule is that I have a few author contracts I still need to get yet (I have informal consent from all of the authors, but I can't post the book for sale until I have the formal contracts all in hand).

Isn't publishing glamorous?  :)

I will post more information as it becomes available!


David Steffen

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