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Embrace the night. Live the nightmare. Climb from rags to riches as a modern Vampire in a city where your secret has been revealed.
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A Postcard From November

Posted by Richard Cobbett (Collaborator)

Hello, folks! Nothing too exciting to report at the moment. Right now we're in pre-production, and much of that is honestly pretty boring. Tools, fiddling with Unity, making interfaces for in-game mobile phones... lots and lots of small jobs that don't really warrant an update. We'll have new stuff for you as soon as we can though. Just wanted to check in quickly to assure everyone that we're not sitting idly by just because the Kickstarter is over. Far from it. Now the work has really begun, and there's no shortage of it to do.

That said, right now specifically, we're preparing for this year's AdventureX, taking place at the weekend at the British Library in London, or London, England, if you're a Hollywood blockbuster. Both Dave and myself (Richard, in case you forgot) are going to be there to jam about adventure games and stories, so say hello! Dave's giving a post-mortem of Unavowed, with many other really cool talks planned. Sadly, if you're not already booked in, the event's sold out, but the talks are being streamed live on Twitch and will be available on YouTube. I highly recommend it, even if the homepage does continue to say 'pick up that spyglass and put it in your knapsack' in clear violation of Knightmare rules. You don't take the Spyglass, and the Knapsack is FOR FOOD ONLY! Damn it, people. Did all those kids die for nothing?

Where was I?

Oh, yes. AdventureX also plays something of a part in the development of Nighthawks, because it was there that I first murmured to people that I had an idea for a fun little project using Ink and Unity - something that... well... ended up getting just a little bit out of hand over the next few months. Especially for those of us who work from home, there's nothing quite as energising as being around people making cool things, especially when the audience is as passionate and friendly as at AX. It's an event where people will laugh at your hilarious jokes about some obscure adventure from 1992, but nobody will look down on you if you've only dabbled on iPhone or don't know your Broken Sword from your Circle of Blood. If you miss out this year, be sure to keep an eye open for next year's event, assuming adventures aren't dead again by then. And that's all from me for now. Speak soon!

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Gilbert on

      I think it's great to go back to the root of ideas and passions, so hope this years Adventurex is fun and not just about networking and the business side (although that's good, too!)

    2. Missing avatar

      David D. on

      Well, there's London, England; the City of London (which is especially confusing for us non-Brits. Honestly, who thought that name was a good idea?); London, Ontario; London, France (seriously); Fallen London (if only in our dreams); London, Belgrade; and no less than ten towns named London in the USA. At this point the word is starting to hit semantic satiation, so I'll stop.

    3. Sinitar Gaming on

      It's fine. Routine work still must be present :)