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Embrace the night. Live the nightmare. Climb from rags to riches as a modern Vampire in a city where your secret has been revealed.
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    1. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      I love the idea, but that's WAY beyond the scope I can do. What I am planning to do though is to release the raw game script after release, so that people can play with it. It's being written in Ink, which is an open language, so the idea is that you'd be able to drop an edited version of the script into a folder, then get an in-game message along the lines of 'Modded content - don't call us!' :-) I can't 100% promise that, but it's what I want to do, exactly because of Bloodlines, and people wanting translations, etc.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ralph Damiani on

      Since you're open to pledge ideas, how about making it modular past a certain goal? As in giving the community a campaign maker with a scene builder, an asset importer, some pre-made scripts, just enough fix to keep us going. It would be one way to prolong the game's shelf life way beyond its initial sales. There's only so much content you can push with a tiny team, but think about what the community could achieve with unlimited powah.

      I mean, Bloodlines is still being updated...

    3. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      Yay! :-)

    4. Blessed on

      I totally agree nearly all the monies should go towards making a more enjoyable game. I do not need another wall hanging. I want a good game.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sachertorte on

      That was a funny update, so I upgraded my pledge. Yes, I'm easy :)
      Let's get this funded!

    6. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      BackerKit - I looked at it, but it's a bit expensive for what it offers for a project of this scale, so not planning to right now. If we were running the next Double Fine Adventure or similar, then...

    7. Maxwell Horse on

      That $100,000,000 stretch goal sounds awfully appealing. Come on, people! We can reach it if we try!

    8. Edward Drummond

      Love the stretch goals! Would you consider allowing BackerKit to contribute towards them?

    9. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      I looked into physical goods, but the costs are... not fun. Even when the basic Thing is relatively cheap, like a keychain, postage and so on really eats at you. And big box editions are very pricey. The single worst mistake you can make with Kickstarter is to offer posters in tubes. You do that, and you're in a WORLD of postage hurt. Essentially, we decided that we're not really good at all that stuff, we make games, and hoped that people would be into the game itself.

      For in-game cosmetics, we've got the Gold Credit Card as an overt 'generosity' pledge. I'd do some more with combat etc, but that's still in flux, and I don't want to promise anything that we later have to go 'oh, actually...' about. It's not fair to the people who backed, even if it is something pretty silly :-)

    10. Channly on

      Hmmm, brainstorming on ideas for more tiers...
      Something "real lify" is always a nice plus (keychain, poster,...) for stretch goals. but idk how fast return-of-investment-calculations for such a thing would be in such a late stage though. (since I recon you still need the pledge to generate money, not eat it. nomnomnom).
      Maybe more ingame cosmetic stuff, like different ui ornaments/colors or something possibly silly like a different (colored) outfit for some characters---- Madame Lux? (I'm very sure she'd approve.. uhm...*whispers* of pink? *slowly starts running* )

      Or maybe define the collectors edition more closely and make one version with even more stuff in it for some more moneys? :)
      I mean, we totally need the last stretch goal to happen, including pictures of the cats!

    11. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      Good idea. I'll gather them up for a possible update next week.

    12. Blessed on

      I came here from the article RPS did before this campaign started. How about posting up links to all the articles, interviews, previews, etc the campaign has garnered so far?

    13. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      I greatly dislike charging for beta access. Firstly, you're helping us. Second, it really restricts you when it comes to that side, because you can't then give out codes to other people without being shouted at, and by and large people who pay extra for beta testing are actually paying to get the game early. Beta testing is important, and I want to be sure that the people we get involved with it are actually there to help us test the game :-)

    14. Missing avatar

      Kai Sterker on

      That's the tricky part I'd rather leave to the creator. Beta access isn't such a bad idea IMHO, as there are certainly people that'd gladly pay for the priviledge to do QA work. Personally, I'm not one of those, though.

      Since the $30 collector's edition seems to come with a lot of stuff already, it isn't that easy to come up with more. A nice (digital) art or lore book or strategy guide would come to mind, though again those are things I could do without.

      Maybe others have better ideas. In the end, I guess I could just up my pledge while sticking with the current tier. If that helps the game being made, that ought to be reward enough.

    15. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      Nothing right now, unless you want a nice most-of-Madame-Lux cut off just under the waist :-) The logo font is just Constantine, with the snazziest neon effects that five minutes in Photoshop can provide.

    16. Peter Bock on

      Does nighthawk have an official logo / some custom symbolism you've created specifically for the game?
      Been wondering if there was something I could turn into a neat 3d printable keychain XD

    17. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      If you have suggestions for what you'd like to see, I'm all ears. I just don't want to do a lot of the stuff people often do, like charging for beta testing or making content only available to higher tiers, which I don't think is fair.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kai Sterker on

      Just checked whether I might be able to raise my pledge, but honestly I don't see any compelling reason to go higher than $30 right now. Neither do I need two copies of the game, nor do I want to spent excessively ($100 or more). Have you considered some more levels in the $40 - $70 range for those of us that might consider upgrading their pledge without that billionair's credit card at hand? :-)

    19. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      It's a video compositing job - it's high-res footage of rain, integrated in After Effects. Looks nice, huh?

      Map screen - yeah, I want to make it more interesting. A lot of the trailer stuff was 'this will be good enough for something on screen for five seconds'. That's certainly the kind of thing I have in mind for it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ralph Damiani on

      That rain effect was indeed lovely. I kept staring at it to figure out how it was made. :)

      On the city map, how hard would it be to do something like Pillars 2, where you can move your character's icon around the map to reach interest hotspots. I thought it was a nifty way to make exploration more interactive while still keeping technically simple.

      Just a thought for a possible stretch goal before you run off to cat island.

    21. Iskhiaro on

      Great stretch goals, interested in all of these (aside from the additional pixel for Madame Lux)!

    22. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      I need the cats! The rest you can keep. :)

    23. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      I try :-)

    24. Ivan

      This update is amusing and hilarious. :D