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Embrace the night. Live the nightmare. Climb from rags to riches as a modern Vampire in a city where your secret has been revealed.
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    1. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      Planning to leave that vague, mostly so that players can decide for themselves. The only canonical part is that it happened a few months ago. But whether you wanted it, sought it out, had it thrust upon you, were just mugged and survived... that's your call.

    2. Blessed on

      This reminds me will the game explore how the player became a vampire? I forgot if this question has been answered or not, and I am lazy to go through all the updates to check. And my earliest brush with vampires was from the novels of Anne Rice. She romanticised the notion for me, when I was much younger of course lol

    3. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      I think most people lose the thrill when they discover that being bitten really hurts :-)

    4. Blessed on

      Probably just a coincidence lol but I was thinking somewhat along these same lines when I chose the tier to back. Lunch service from an adoring fan :)

    5. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      Becca's a bit of a vampire fan-girl. For the most part you're safe around vampires in public as long as you're careful, and she is. After all, most vampire stuff is against the law, and people are wise to it. Like attempts to hypnotise - she's aware of secret powers being a thing, so she's much less susceptible to it than someone who doesn't know it can be done.

    6. Blessed on

      Another update I love. Richard you are ticking quite a few boxes here :) Becca seem to have a interesting background as well. She knows she is working for a vampire in a place filled with them, and I am curious why she has not been eaten as lunch yet. Hopefully she is not being kept alive as blood bank. That reason seem a little been there, done that.

    7. Mattias Berntson on

      A flashback to the old life of a pirate queen sounds exciting. (Actually spending centuries at the bottom of an ocean... not so much.)

    8. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      There's a bit of wiggle-room, but the actual ending is obviously pretty fixed. They're more vignettes where you might control things like tone and so on - how much you ask questions, what the character's response was, and so on. What your character does in response to them of course is rather more freeform!

    9. Nina - Order of the Goat on

      I love this!! Will you make any decisions in the flashbacks or are they purely non interactive? I assume the latter?