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Embrace the night. Live the nightmare. Climb from rags to riches as a modern Vampire in a city where your secret has been revealed.
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    1. Richard Cobbett Collaborator on

      Yay! :-)

    2. Thirith on

      Heh. Love the Dark Room reference (mainly because I got it!). :-) Like so many people I'm suffering from Kickstarter fatigue - the site and its concept pulled me in like crazy during the first year or two - but I'm very much hoping that this one will get funded. In fact, this update has made me up my pledge, so you are obviously doing something right.

    3. Iskhiaro on

      I really like this idea, i think this is where games need to learn from tabletop roleplaying and the Paradox grand strategy games where failure is a part of the overall game and this tells a realistic story where losing one fight or one battle doesn't mean you have to restart from a save point.

    4. Blessed on

      This is an interesting update. I nearly always reload whenever I died or when I miss out on some goodie. The times when i do not reload, I probably uninstalled. I know many games do allow players to recover their place in the game, but I do not like feeling of failure ... so I certainly like to have my 3 strikes before I am out!

    5. Missing avatar

      Kelvahkarain on

      Well this is exciting! Some of my most exciting moments in games- both table top and video games- have come when I 'failed,' something I attempted. Reloading a save is boring, dealing with the consequences of a poor or just unlucky choice? That can be the most fun thing in a game.

      I also really like the idea that you don't have to be a badass at fighting to be a badass vampire. Personally I'd rather talk other people into doing my fighting for me :)