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Make a record with me, Ben Cyllus. "Side A Side B" is my 2nd album and my 1st fan-funded recording project. Please be a part of it. Read more

Nashville, TN Indie Rock
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Make a record with me, Ben Cyllus. "Side A Side B" is my 2nd album and my 1st fan-funded recording project. Please be a part of it.

Nashville, TN Indie Rock
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Ben Cyllus
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Ben Cyllus

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About this project

My name is Ben Cyllus.  I'm a performing singer-songwriter from Detroit, living in Nashville.  My goal is to make a classic record, and to share the experience with you.

Like a great photograph that documents a moment in time that we wouldn't want to forget, Kickstarter gives us an opportunity to point the lens together, and capture a moment that will never come again.

You might be asking these questions:


A modern classic record. Working title: "Side A Side B."  Two EPs--one to be recorded in Nashville, and the other in Detroit. All songs for each have been written in their respective cities. Thus, each will have it's own distinct sound and theme.


To be recorded: May & June 2011, to be released: Summer 2011.

WHERE? SIDE A (Nashville - Music City) - Toybox Studios,

SIDE B (Detroit - Motor City) - The Mezzanine


Side A (Nashville, Music City):

Lex Price, Producer (k.d. lang, Mindy Smith, Matthew Perryman Jones):

Alan Bennett, Songwriter:

PJ Smith, Songwriter:

Fred Eltringham, Drums (Wallflowers, k.d. lang):

John Deadrick, Keys (James Taylor, Patty Griffin, Michael McDonald):

Will Kimbrough, Guitar (Emmylou Harris, the Jayhawks, Mark Knopfler, Buddy Miller, John Prine):

Guthrie Trapp, Guitar (Alison Krauss, Jerry Douglas, 18 South):

John Jordan, Filmmaker:

Side B (Detroit, Motor City):

John Smerek, Producer/Engineer (The Paybacks, The Deadstring Brothers, Detroit Cobras):

John Howard, Co-Producer/Guitar/Songwriter (Ben Cyllus)

Kenny Tudrick, Guitar/Drums (Kid Rock, Detroit Cobras, Bulldog):

Pete Ballard, Pedal Steel (Deadstring Brothers, Ben Cyllus, Bulldog):

Additional players include: 

Mark Sentle, drums (Ben Cyllus)

Thomas Bergendahl, bass (Ben Cyllus)

Executive Producer:  Monty Hitchcock, M.Hitchcock Management:

WHY $13,000? $13K is really just enough to make the type of recording we intend to make--an album of significance that will stand up over time. It's not uncommon for major labels to spend $200K on a recording.  We plan to use the funds for the recording process, artwork, photography, packaging, duplication AND to make a music video. (We plan to stretch every dollar.) Without your support, none of this is possible. This is a team effort, all around.

Thank you!!!


In 2005, I released an album called "Cinnamon Matinee" that was ranked as one of the Top 10 national releases by music editor, Brian Smith of Metro Times (Detroit).  Link to story:

In 2009, my band and I played Austin City Limits Music Festival.  Link to site:


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    A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD OF ANY SONG FROM THE RECORD + A warm fuzzy feeling deep down inside for helping out the project.

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    $10 reward

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    Tier 1: A DIGITAL COPY OF THE RECORD, 2 weeks prior to the release date and a thank you postcard sent to your door from me + a lifetime supply of hugs or highfives (your choice)

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    $25 reward

    12 backers

    TIER 2: A SIGNED COPY OF THE CD, mailed to your door 2 weeks prior to release. Plus a digital copy of my first record "Cinnamon Matinee". + A bumper sticker that says "I made a record with Ben Cyllus" and 1 Ben Cyllus guitar pick.

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    TIER 3: A SIGNED COPY OF THE VINYL RECORD, with a hand written lyric inside the sleeve + EVERYTHING FROM TIER 1 AND 2

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    $100 reward

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    TIER 4: A PERSONAL THANK YOU CALL from me after the record is released, + 2 SIGNED COPIES OF THE RECORD mailed to your door 2 weeks prior to the release + YOUR NAME PRINTED ON THE LINER NOTES + EVERYTHING FROM TIERS 1-3

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    TIER 5: I WILL SEND A SINGING TELEGRAM by phone, to anyone you would like.. Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, any song you pick. + 2 VIP TICKETS to the private concert/listening party + 2 drink tickets. Events to be held just prior to the release of the record in Detroit and Nashville. + EVERYTHING FROM TIERS 1 - 4

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    $250 reward

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    TIER 6; A PERSONAL SONGWRITING SESSION. We'll write a song together, and record a work tape demo of it + EVERYTHING FROM TIERS 1-5

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    TIER 7: A PRIVATE CONCERT IN YOUR HOME for you and 20 friends. (does not include travel). + EVERYTHING FROM TIERS 1-6

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    $750 reward

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    TIER 8: SIT IN ON A RECORDING SESSION: Hang out in the studio for a full day while I'm recording the new album - watch the process, meet musicians, hear the songs recorded. (Sessions will be taking place in Detroit, MI and Nashville, TN. Buyer assumes all travel/lodging costs.) + EVERYTHING FROM TIERS 1-7

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    $1,500 reward

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    TIER 9: DINNER AND A SHOW: A PRIVATE SHOW IN YOUR HOME OR BACKYARD CATERED!! I will bring the music and the food for you and 20 friends. (does not include travel) + YOUR NAME LISTED AS ASSOCIATE PRODUCER IN THE LINER NOTES + EVERYTHING FROM TIER 1- 8 (except tier 7)

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    $2,500 reward

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    TIER 10: ALL ACCESS TO SESSIONS IN DETROIT AND NASHVILLE. Be a part of the creative process, help us decide things like, track listing order, and favorite vocal takes. Take home guitar strings and sticks all signed from the players. +EVERYTHING FROM TIERS 1-9 (except tier 7)

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    TIER 11: MY MARTIN ACOUSTIC GUITAR: I will give you my guitar signed with a special message on the back, the same one I've used for over 12 years to write most of my songs. It will be used for these sessions and when the record releases, the guitar is yours. + EVERYTHING FROM TIERS 1-10 (except tier 7)

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