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Nostalgic turn-based RPG meets modern design alongside a compelling story about a city lost to an infection turning men into monsters.

Update #7:  The Final (Kickstarter) Update

Update #6:  Updates on platforms, stretch goals, and rewards!

Update #5:  A new trailer and some updates

Update #4:  The Micromanagement system

Update #3:  Addressing questions and looking at the story

Update #2:  The demo and other updates!

Update #1:  The Kickstarter has launched, what now?

Follow the story of David Young as he moves to Emerton Island to work as head of security for Guardian Research Corporation.  Within three days of moving there, a virus breaks out that infects people and turns them into ruthless, killing animals.  Control David as you protect your wife and other civilians from the impending threat of these mutated monsters, all while building the defense of your safe house to protect yourselves from the impending doom.   Figure out what happened to Emerton by discovering new locations, fighting mutated enemies, and defending your new home, the Guardian Hotel.  But be careful, while you explore you can find groups of other survivors, who may either be friendly, and want to join you; or they can be hostile, and try to kill you and take your supplies.  Each character you meet in the game is hand crafted with traits and flaws.  Everyone has their own goals, and you can hope they line up with yours so you can recruit them to joining your team back at the Guardian Hotel.  Watch out for certain hostiles though, the top security prison is just a days boat ride away, and who knows what has happened to them during the viral outbreak.  Also be on the lookout for special infected.  Larger, faster, and some with other special traits, the infected are not to be taken lightly.  Join David on this adventure, and find a way to survive in a city lost to monsters.

"it has some neat ideas about survival and group management."- Adam Smith Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Just from what is shown, it seems that they are well on their way to creating an interesting game. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see the true potential of this game"- James Deputy Via IndieGameHQ

Modern day setting, classic look!

The biggest difference is the fact that this classic looking turn based RPG takes place in a modern setting with beautiful 16bit graphics.  Gone are the old castles and dungeons of other 16bit RPGs, replaced with the modern day look and story.  Visit grocery stores, gas stations, and gun stores looting for food and supplies to take back to the safe house which is a luxury hotel.

Demo Level
Demo Level

Modern game mechanics!

While we may have a great looking 16bit style game, that is only a small piece of the overall game.  The Enraged will also feature many different modern day elements to combat the limited features classic games had back in the day.  A redesigned heads up display will help the player get a grasp for where they are in the process of leveling up their characters.  A battle wheel was designed to rework the way you control your characters, which is quick, easy to learn, and easy to use. There are also many different classes to choose from, each with their own skill set and special perks that the player can chose when they level up.  This helps develop each character to feel special and unique in their own way.

Not Final.  Work in Progress.
Not Final. Work in Progress.
Work in progress. Not final.
Work in progress. Not final.

Emerton Island, yours to explore!

Emerton Island is a vibrant place that has grown immensely in the past 20 years due to Guardian Research Corporation.  Ever since the success of the company, Emerton's economy has been booming.  With heightened attraction, many people saw an opportunity to turn this island into a culture rich gold mine.  Now completely self reliant, Emerton Island is home to many stores and shops, sports stadiums, night clubs, wide-open parks, and several other features, not to forget Guardian Research Corporation's headquarters.  These places are now all abandoned since the viral outbreak, and it's up to the player to explore this large and expansive island.

Micromanage the survivors!

Another unique point of the game is the ability to micromanage.  As you go on this adventure you will meet survivors, both friendly and hostile.  Some you can recruit to your safe house to perform a specific job and to help protect the Guardian Hotel from attack, while others will attack you on site in the wasteland of Emerton.  You can also micromanage constructions on the safe house that people will take care of while you are out on a mission.  The same goes for a scouting party.  Put a team together at the safe house, and send them out to scavenge for supplies, ammo, and food. Make sure they are well equipped to fight if they run into trouble, yet make enough storage to bring back supplies which will help the growing amount of survivors at the safe house.

The new enemy

A strong unique part about The Enraged is that when developing, the focus is on the enemies which were carefully crafted to tie into the story and gameplay.  These are not zombies.  The infected that David will run into are very much alive.  Guardian Research Company was working on a serum for soldiers to heighten their abilities and dull down the senses that would interfere with completing the mission such as love, compassion, and fear.  The other effect was to enhance adrenaline.  Something however went horribly wrong, and the infected soon became violent and all they could feel was rage.  These enemies don't require headshots, they don't moan and shamble around, and they are definitely a dangerous threat.  Over time each infected  person is mutated into a monster that will strengthen their skills, whether it's super strength, speed, intelligence, or some other traits.  Each of "the enraged" will act differently in battle, which requires a unique way to approach them.  The enraged are also mentally connected with each other, sometimes acting like a team.  It is a foe that humanity has never faced, and a viral outbreak unlike anything video games have ever seen:  an enemy with no conscience or care, with only the animalistic tendencies to destroy.

Survival Mode

Survival mode is another mode that is being offered alongside the campaign.  It is a mode where a player picks a map, and must defend themselves and their team from incoming enemy waves.  Players can build up barriers, buy weapons, and even level up their characters.  Made for those who like a challenge. In survival mode you will also want to compare scores between friends, competing for the highest score possible!

Without exception, music is an important part of video games.  Therefore, our goal for The Enraged is to create and form stylized music that remembers the nostalgic game music of the 80s and early 90s all while adding in modern uses of piano and other elements.  The styles are going to be a mix of slower songs which bring about a feeling of emptiness, and fast paced songs that bring about a sense of urgency.  All of our tracks are a work in progress, and will continue to be developed and refined.

Song 1- Tentative Hotel Shop Theme

Song 2- Tentative Title Song

Song 3- Boss Music

Song 4- Action Scene

Making a game is expensive and difficult.  A small indie team trying to release a great game can't make it alone.  With the pre-production  done, now we would like to invite your involvement!  Some of our financial requirements have been provided for already, and many of us committed to the endeavor are doing so at a discounted price.  However, we still need help.  Without fans and the success of Kickstarter, our project can not be completed.  We have carefully planned every part of this process, and we are accountable with your funds, all while maintaining a strict budget.  Because you will want to be an active participant, we are providing opportunities and rewards for those who may not have had the opportunity to produce or design a game, and our backers/fans input is crucial to our project.  We are here to make a game that you want to play and enjoy!  Our starting budget goal for the $12,000 in participation from Kickstarter is as follows:

$14,000- Comic style cutscenes will be integrated into the game.

Comic book style cutscences with a gritty tone will be implemented into the game.  There will be minor animation for each cutscene, which will help with transition from scene to scene.

$16,000- More side missions

More side missions will be created, and additional unique missions will be available for each character of the main party.  

$19,000- New Side Campaign

A new side campaign will open up for players.  Take control of new main characters, and explore a small group of survivors trying to set up camp, and what happens when they run into David and a scouting crew.

$21,000- Hotel Guardian Expansion

Build expansions onto Hotel Guardian, and have your own living space.  Also, expand and create several different rooms like an arcade, casino, shooting range, and practice zone along with a research lab.

$23,000- More Game Modes

More game modes where we utilize the engine to create a fun experience.  Similar to survivor mode.  Possible addition of multiplayer, and a mode that let's you explore the city in more depth and gather supplies while on a time limit.  

$23,000+  Making a better experience

Every dollar that we go over $23,000 will be put back into the game to improve it.  What does that mean?  New perks will be added, more detailed attack animations, more interactions with fellow survivors in the hotel, more detailed world, a more intricate map, etc.  How much we are able to develop and grow all depends on you!  

What about our profits?

One final note is that when our product is finished, we will be joining many different kickstarters in their philosophy of taking 5% of our profits to help back other projects that we believe in ( was our inspiration for the idea, and we think it should be continued). On top of that, we also will be giving 5% of our profits to Child's Play, a fantastic charity.  This is something that Right Side Down believes in 100%, and we encourage others to look into this as well!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

When it comes to releasing a video game there are many issues that we may face. The biggest risk is that the game won't be released this fall. Rest assured dear reader. Our tentative release is this fall, and we are well alongside our deadline.

Does that mean that the game is guaranteed to be released this summer? No, the game will be released as close to the deadline as possible, but if the quality of the game is at risk, we will work relentlessly until the project reaches the quality we are looking for. The latest we anticipate for our game release is the end of 2013, and I say that with a hopeful and invigorated spirit.

Know that there is an involved passion for the video game industry, and the team recruited and committed feels the same way. We will stay focused to this project until completion, following the design doc and, of course, our fans.

Remember to check for continual updates with blogs, and we always love to hear your feedback ( The team I gathered is up for the task that is ahead of us. We are determined to bring you not only a great game but one that you can say with pride, "I supported that!"


  • We are working with the Unity engine as we saw it was the best fit to work with the final version of The Enraged. We have yet to release footage of The Enraged on this engine, but we have a prototype running in Unity and we are working with it.

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