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$2,897 pledged of $215,000 goal
$2,897 pledged of $215,000 goal

Holograms in the news, and on tour...

Just a quick update to let everyone know about the timeliness of our Litigram Kickstarter.  In case you haven't seen it yet, holograms have been all over the news since this weekend, when a holographic Tupac (rapper killed in 1996) showed up at a concert at Coachella and did a performance with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Wall Street Journal - "Tupac Hologram May Go on Tour"

However, as pointed out by Sam Biddle at Gizmodo (and others), this was not a real holograms, but just a well done version of an optical trick from the 19th century. But the attention this is getting due to everyone believing it is a hologram has been tremendous, and with the Litigram project, we can make REAL holograms of REAL people (although if anyone has Dre's phone number, we will make one of Tupac too, even Snoop).

Keep spreading the word about real holograms and the Litigram project.  We're excited to see all the buzz.


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