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DKK 400 pledged of DKK 1,000,000 goal


Periodshare is committed to breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation; not by hiding it but by sharing it!

Designed with your health, social status, and body in mind, Periodshare uses the newest technology to make it easy for you to share your period with your network.

Periodshare features a wearable, wireless menstruation cup connected to a free mobile application. The application automatically tracks your period, and informs your boyfriend, boss, and friends about your period. It can even live-tweet your menstruation data! 

 Apart from modern, Westernized women, Periodshare is for their boyfriends/partners/husbands, their bosses, or eventually future suitors, looking for fertile women.

Periodshare is designed by a menstruating woman in Aarhus, and made by the same menstruating woman in Aarhus.

Menstruation is embarrassing; that’s what we learned from society and all hygiegne producers telling us to hide it away. Advertisement industry taught us that menstruation is this clinical blue liquid, and supermarkets have banish pads and tampons to the darkest corner. This even though 50% of the population deals with this “problem”.

Not much has happened in industry; menstruation is still a design taboo – both in the sanitary and technology industry. Not even the oh-so-free-spiritual Apple had the guts to incorporate a menstruation tracker in their newest Apple Health kit (red. YAY, finally).

But lately incubators in Western countries have oriented themselves towards the design space; menstruation is on the agenda. Not only in the new feministic movement but also in start-ups in Silicon Valley and Berlin. And that’s good! But as various apps and new substitutes for year olds pads and tampons show up around the Internet, it becomes clear that WE STILL MISS A LANGUAGE TO TALK ABOUT MENSTRUATION. 

Apart from superficial discussions about the connotations of designing a menstruation app in pink or not, the overall design agenda seems clear: menstruation is embarrassing, and you should hide it! Technology has a word for this: solutionism! It is a “fix-the-problem”-approach that takes anything else than the real problem into consideration.

Periodshare’s aim is to disrupt the design situation hereby suggesting an alternative future for menstruating women.

  • Menstruation is not embarrassing – and definitely not shameful! 
  • Menstruation is not to be hidden away 
  • Designing for menstruation is not about discussing colour schemas of pink or not-pink 
  • Designing for menstruation is not a scientific, medical issue, but a social issue
  • Menstruation should be articulated by technology 
  • Menstruation should be shared with your network

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