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What if all you knew about a man's sexuality, mind state, & relation to you were lies? What if you're the reason for all the lies? BOY.

What if all you knew about a man's sexuality, mind state, & relation to you were lies? What if you're the reason for all the lies? BOY. Read More
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nathan waire

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BOY: A Story Based On True Events started as a novella I wrote about six years ago. It dealt with the bizarre relationship I had with my autistic brother and how I began to question the parameters of what we perceive as real and what actually is real. In the novella I create two distinct characters out of the brothers so that the reader can understand the extremes felt growing up in special needs households. Also, I LOVE a good mystery with spiritual ramifications so how much of the story actually happened and the order to which the events happen is left up to the readers. The more experience you have with people with special needs (and talents) the less my work becomes fiction and the more it becomes a catharsis for expressing before unexplored stories.

We grew up in extreme poverty once my mother who was a nurse divorced my father and moved to Chicago. Our Chicago home became the basis for the spiritual aspect of this material. In fact, the editor (for reasons unknown to me) sent to the book straight to press errors and all. However, the book has been selling and there is an underground following of my materials and film work. So let's talk about this movie...

All good (if not great movies) start with a fantastic script!!! So far I have won two awards (one through MSN and the other an online screenplay competition) based on the script for this movie. It is approx. 98 pages and there are a few twists to the story that brings the viewing and reading audience in...

The Synopsis for BOY: A Story Based On True Events

The story follows two very unique brothers as they grow up in poverty. A third man known only as THE NARRATOR is interviewing the two brothers in an attempt to understand and reveal the true problem of their relationship.

The oldest brother who is mildly Autistic is capable under duress of expressing certain emotions while the younger brother is supposedly physically and mentally “okay” seems to express only aggressive emotions towards his environment.

In their youth, they are extremely close but something happens when the younger brother begins to mature into an adult. An odd resentment forms. This feeling of animosity grows as the younger brother becomes more vocal and animated about his real although sometimes misguided thoughts and feelings. 

HOWEVER, the truth is far from obvious and looks are extremely deceiving. No one character is vilified because everyone involved has a questionable part to play in the dark secret surrounding these three men and the history they share.

In the end, the real questions is what is the truth and what is nothing but a lie? Read the book or watch the video to find out.


Of the three men only one is real. The other two are figments of his imagination representing a schism in his mentality that even he is completely unaware. However, even I won't reveal which of the three men is the real one. You will just have to fund and watch the finished movie and find out. ;)

Thank you for your time and effort in making this dream a reality. Check out the cool perks if you are interested. If you don't want any of the perks but still want to donate... MAY ALL THE GOOD YOU DO FOR US COME BACK A THOUSAND FOLD!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!! (FYI - I cannot guarantee the thousand fold blessing hence PERKS ;)).




  • No.(LOL)! Although I laugh whenever people ask that question I am starting to see that it is a real concern for some conspiracy people. So I will explain... Three times in my life I have had butterflies land on my hand or finger. Each time I thought that it was really odd and cool so I put it in my logo. The Eye represents singular vision towards my goal of film making and the crown with the flame above it is the only Bible reference when the disciples became enlightened with the Holy Spirit. I added that for good luck to the logo. I didn't know that it was going to cause such a stir. Anyway, I hope this answers some questions. I am not in a cult. Sheesh! I have to laugh because I remember showing my first film with the logo to a live audience and a dude with a heavy accent shouted "DO NOT LOOK INTO DEE EYE!" The audience laughed and I have been too ever since. If you guys have anymore questions just let me know and I will try to answer as soon as possible. :D

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