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Day range meat bird production, utilizing Freedom Ranger style birds, pasture, GMO free feed, and natural forage Read more

Enumclaw, WA Food
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This project was successfully funded on April 30, 2012.

Day range meat bird production, utilizing Freedom Ranger style birds, pasture, GMO free feed, and natural forage

Enumclaw, WA Food
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Hallet Family Farms is raising capital to start a pastured broiler operation in the farm lands of South King County, Washington. Our world needs healthier, sustainable food solutions and Hallet Family Farms will be meeting that need with higher quality, ethically raised “day ranging” poultry. The day ranging system utilizes modern technology to provide a safe environment for the chickens to roam throughout the day, and an enclosed area for increased predator protection at night. Compared to the typical "Foster Farms" style factory-raised chicken most of us see at Costco or the local grocery store, day ranged chickens are higher in healthy Omega-3 fatty acid content and other nutrition markers. This comes directly from their pasture environment, where they eat a diet of fresh plants, insects, worms, and other foraged goodness off the land, supplemented with feed that is GMO free and raised with organic farming practices. This method of chicken farming leads to more flavorful meat that is also better for you.

About our Family

Our three generation family farm team consists of Joel Hallet and Loralei Hallet, Mark and William Hallet, our 3 and half year old twin boys, Gwenyth and Miriam Hallet, our 9 month old twin daughters, And Roger "Papa Guz" Hallet, the patriarch of the Hallet family, and a long time green thumb gardener. In addition to our family farm team, we have the support of our cohort and teachers at Seattle Tilth Farmworks!

Papa Guz brings his experience as a plant nursery worker and home gardener to the farm, while Joel and Loralei bring an extensive amount of sustainable agriculture research and hands-on backyard farming knowledge, developed in their previous South Seattle home. Mark and William, farm hands extraordinaire, excel in all areas of farm work which involve the all important task of "digging in the dirt." Meanwhile, their sisters, Gwenyth and Miriam, offer expertise in all farm tasks which require eating the dirt that their brothers are digging up!

The funds on our Kickstarter project will cover all infrastructure costs for many generations of gourmet broilers, as well as purchase costs for our first batch of chicks and necessary feed. 

Specifically the funds will cover:

Space age electric Poultry Netting, netting energizer, and 12v batteries: $950

Watering equipment: $125

Feeding equipment: $175

Processing equipment: $125

Hoophouse Day-Range Pen: $275

Brooding equipment: $350

Feed and bedding: $850

Fifty new broiler chicks: $175

Kickstarter/Amazon program fee: $325

We expect to begin bringing in revenue with our first batch of finished broilers in July or August of 2012.

We also have plans to start a pastured egg layer system as well, but we are starting with broilers because we believe that is the market where our product will shine brightest as a unique offering in our local area.

Hallet Family Farm is developing our farm business in partnership with Seattle Tilth's 2012 Farmworks program. As members of the Farmworks cohort for 2012, we have access to expert farm mentorship and an encompassing support system as well as extensive training on the ins and outs of running a farming business. Our hands-on experience with raising poultry has been gained through our own personal backyard flock over the past year. In addition to this hands-on experience, we are voracious readers and researchers of all things Farming, but especially sustainable humane agriculture practices, and to put it simply, we want to be Joel Salatin when we grow up :-)

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for reading our proposal and considering a donation. We've done our best to provide some freaking awesome rewards and we appreciate each of you more than we can express with words.


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    A Shout out, a postcard, and your own unique piece of Loralei's artwork, as above, plus one free chicken from our first batch!
    *Due to licensing restrictions, you must pick up your free chicken directly from the farm on our processing and pick-up day. If you are not local, you can donate your free chicken to a local friend or family member.

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    *Due to licensing restrictions, you must come to the farm to pick up your harvested and dressed chicken. If you are not local you can donate your chicken to a local friend or family member who must come to the farm for pick up.

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