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A man inspired by Jack London will drive his old Rolls Royce from Bangladesh to England in a classic adventure in a modern world!

A man inspired by Jack London will drive his old Rolls Royce from Bangladesh to England in a classic adventure in a modern world! Read More
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Oliver McGarvey
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In an age where countless devices ensure our safety and security on a daily basis, human rights and civil liberties disintegrate because of waves of fear and we forget about one of the most exciting and inspiring aspects of life. Adventure. To feel alive.

jump in!

Myself, a Finnish Cinematographer ,a French sound recorder and a bunch of producers from within Bangladesh, India, Iran, Turkey and the UK will set off to document an amazing, genuine, exhibition of free spirit.

Rupert Grey and his wife Jan will drive from Bangladesh to England in an extremely old Rolls Royce. The Rolls Royce, as luxurious as it sounds, is high uncomfortable and simply a portal of history in which to drive and spark conversations along the road.
The journey will begin in Bangladesh and cover the far east of India (Assam), Bhutan, Nepal, central and west India, the Arabian sea by boat (unless Pakistan and Afghanistan open there borders from India), Iran, Turkey, eastern Europe and finally the UK after a seven month epic. The plan is to have a general path yet maintain a fluid point of view, ultimately shaping the trip into a voyage of curiosity, interest and intrigue. The ingredients for a great adventure.

Predictably 67 year old Rup is asked why he doesn't wish to drive a modern car equipped with air conditioning and GPS. He is almost speechless, but answers with an expansive, mischievous grin and the forthright reply; “well that wouldn’t be much fun would it?” The inspiration behind the journey is the spirit of adventure that guided writers such as Jack London, Rudyard Kipling, and Jules Vern. This journey will exhibit a magnitude of challenges tempered with incredibly tender moments. The  audience will share the experience of travel through densely populated terrain,  the concept of diminished privacy, the frustrations, cultural complexities and sometimes absurdities of border crossing. This trip crosses all boundaries and celebrates freedom in a very basic literal translation. The same sense of freedom and discovery which was felt in the 60's with the beat generation and Jack Kerouac. This is what is referred to as the classic adventure.

Rupert, being a copyright lawyer by trade, fights for freedom on a daily basis and feels very passionately about his field. Representing famous and non famous writers, photographers, artists, politicians and publishers Rup strives for the rights of free speech and respect.  However if you asked him how he sees himself he will generally respond “as a photographer”.

Rup has created a personal history that would rival that of any great novelist. As a teenager he ran away to Canada to become a wrangler, and was quickly inducted into the manly ways of the northern lumberjack. He was then hired by an exploration company in Toronto and immediately shipped off to Fiji. And that was only the beginning. Solo walks in the Ethiopian dessert, safaris in the jungles of Thailand, river trips with robber barons in Bangladesh, and numerous other off the beaten path trips.  He has had articles and photographs published in a variety of adventure magazines and continues to pursue his curiosity of the world by researching and planning many trips and excursions. It is safe to say that Rupert Grey is one of the most naturally curious and energetic souls that exists in this day and age. 

The Rolls Royce enters the mix, not as a vehicle of luxury, but as an extremely good conversation starter. On the road it is predicted that random occurrences will propel  the journey in diverse directions with new and exciting people to boot, and the dramatic entrance of a Rolls Royce is the perfect conversation starter in most places around the world, particularly a Rolls with an unorthodox  roof rack and a mini library attached to it and the back of which will be painted like an Indian truck. Which, if you have never seen an Indian truck before, will look very ornate and colorful and totally unlike any Rolls Royce driven before. Furthermore the vehicles engine has not been properly overhauled or modernized and works as it did 50 years ago. The logic is that it's a simple mechanical engine that is much easier to be fixed in places like Bhutan and Bangladesh/India because it is not a "smart car" and has no electronic components. Everything can be hand made along the road and replaced. However the possibilities of the car causing problems and of landing Jan and Rup in either mud huts or palaces are limitless and entirely unpredictable.

They will not to enter the Sub-Continent in a colonial fashion, but within a new historical context in an age of equality. The plan is to get involved with the communities and join in in traditions and local culture in an effort to experience new ways of life. The Grey family has intimately been involved and contributed to India's history. Of course Earl Grey's tea will influence their journey as they will tea field-hop throughout Bangladesh and India trading past stories and legends with the local growers.

The passion of the Greys is truly inspiring and can change the way you think about the world. The contagious curiosity that they radiate will lead them into the most exciting places in the world, as well as expose them to seriously troubled spots along the journey. The power and way in which they survive and find a positive outlook to overcome any event is the hook in which will grab you. This is the core of the classic adventurer. Their curiosity is infectious and will drive you, the viewer, to try something new in your own life be it small or large!
Our independent production company Rover Films will fit this film to a T as our values are the same. Adventuring with new exciting people and places, whilst conquering the public's greatest enemy. fear. This is what we are all about.

In Kind Support

We have already received support from a post production house in Hollywood who have offered us in kind sound and image work to take us from the raw and to the big screen. The studio is Wildfire studio's and they are an acclaimed post production house who have mixed films such as Gus Van Sant's MILK and many more. This will seriously cut down on post production costs and will allow us to focus more on the shooting of the film giving it an even greater creative edge.

We have also received grant financing from the Canada Council which allows us to work on pre-production and research the incredible logistical undertaking of the trip.

This film project is a large scale production yet done under an independent umbrella as to preserve our creative desires and goals. 

The film has been written up on The Adventure Blog that you can read here

If you are interested in supporting the film through In Kind support as opposed to donating please contact us here; or see our production website here;

Your Donations

If you would like to donate rest assured that your help will go directly to where it counts. Along with the camera and sound equipment your donations will go to the the traveling of the crew which, given our dedication will amount to us sleeping in some fairly seedy places (if anywhere at all) to cut down on costs.

As a bonus we will be creating a separate "making of" film that will be broadcasted each two weeks along the road so as to show the progress of the film and the troubles involved with such a production. This will be a free service for people donating to the film and the general public.


“You can't wait for inspiration, You have to go after it with a club”- Jack London


This is very much so an Independent production by a small group of passionate film-makers who want to keep distanced from commercial funding as they generally take most of the fun out of film-making.

With the help of people like you we can show the world that people still do what they want to do, as they did back in the day's of Jack London, regardless of the media's fear bubbles and political treachery.

It is important to know that this is not a rich man's journey to sight-see in his fancy car, rather an inspirational story about a man going against the grain in this day and age and putting all his effort into a celebrating freedom as we know it.

All donations will be celebrated and i thank you for your time!

If your not able to donate and you like the project please help us spread the good word to your friends.



Oliver McGarvey


P.S. I have known Rup forever and have been dreaming about doing a project like this since i was around this age (me in the drivers seat, age 4):


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