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MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
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6,052 backers pledged €818,098 to help bring this project to life.

March Update: The Future of Project MIITO

Posted by MIITO (Creator)

To our backers who have supported us through this long journey and believe in our idea,

Unfortunately, there is never a good way to deliver bad news - but out of respect for people who have given us their time, money and input over the last months, we want to be as honest and transparent as possible with you.

As you have been following the updates during the last two years, the MIITO team has done everything to bring this project to life together with input from our backers and partners. While we knew we were embarking on an extremely difficult path to try and make our first product, it has become clear in the last months that we will not be able to deliver the product we initially planned. We have filed for insolvency and are shutting down the project (more details below).

We understand that this comes as a massive disappointment to our supporters. For this reason, we want to return all remaining funds to the people who have contributed. We have outlined the events in detail below about what has happened and how the money has been spent to date so that you can understand how we have gotten to this point.

Issues that led to this painful decision:

  • Loss of Development & Manufacturing Partner
  • Issues with certification testing
  • Increased timeline & costs

We have prepared ourselves to be as open as possible with you about the events leading up to this decision. Please see each point explained under this statement. You can reach us at with questions and concerns. We will gather the most frequently asked questions and address them in a follow-up update in April.

We want to acknowledge that we owe you a huge debt of gratitude for your support.

Nils and Jasmina


1. Loss of Development & Manufacturing Partner

Our partner for electronics development and manufacturing had consulted an external business advisor regarding the health of his business and the positioning of his company for the upcoming year. In January, under the advice of this new external business advisor, our electronics partner announced that to continue development on the project we must agree to the following terms or the partnership would be terminated:

1. Electronics partner would manage the entire product, including the mechanical parts and final assembly (both development and manufacturing), effectively eliminating input from MIITO team members including the ability to evaluate and pre-certification test the devices

2. Development and unit testing would be managed solely by the development and manufacturing partner- removing the input and oversight of MIITO team and eliminating the opportunity for us to guide the development with critical inputs.

3. Electronics Partner refused to agree to our requirement for pre-certification EMC and Safety compliance tests.

This scenario left us without the option to ensure the quality and standards for the MIITO. These two conditions paired with a major potential for issues with compliance by no in-progress pre-certification testing left us no choice but to dissolve the development agreement.

While it is a major setback to any electronics product to lose a partner, our team immediately turned their attention to finding alternative partners as soon as it became clear the partnership was in jeopardy. We reached out to our extensive network of induction experts and manufacturers getting quotes and discussing development with over 10 new partners. Unfortunately, all these discussions ended because either our timeline could not be met, the cost was too high or they did not have the right knowledge of induction heating required for the development of the MIITO product.

2. Issues with Certification Testing

While these discussions with many new partners were going on, our Head of Engineering continued development of the current system as it was left at the time of the terminated agreement. She began pre-testing the current system in an EMC lab here in Germany to make sure the system complied with EMC requirements (the EMC testing is the first step to make sure that your device will be compliant and eligible for certification upon completion - the product certification is a requirement by law in order to ship consumer electronics). The current system failed the EMC testing and would thus need further development to be eligible for certification. The main issue was that the PCBA radiated too many emissions.

Our Head of Engineering compiled a list of things that should be modified and tested to improve the emissions of the PCBA. This list was extensive and would require a significant amount of development effort to reach compliance.

3. Timeline & Costs

We explored dozens of scenarios with development offices and manufacturers both in Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, there were barriers with each new partner we vetted including lack of induction experience, prohibitively expensive, or excessively long development timelines (1-2 additional years). The most promising partner was an office located in Europe. We were tentatively excited as they have 20+ years of experience in developing induction hobs and proven ability to develop and manufacture induction powered appliances while following all regulatory requirements (EMC, Safety, etc.).

After discussing the product requirements, this new office explained they would do development if we used their pre-existing power electronics PCBA. This would require from our side a full redesign of the product - some of which would be detrimental to the intended functionality. Among the significant changes required to use their technology, these two proved to be the most concerning: The MIITO base must become a 24x24cm square instead of the original round design. The reason being that the potential development teams existing PCBA is a square (22x22cm) and the time, cost and risk of modifying this PCBA to fit a 20cm round MIITO does not allow for a redesign The MIITO rod would need to be increased from the initial 4,5cm diameter to 6cm. This increase would limit the flexibility of MIITO significantly - making it not fit in many glasses or cups.

While the design changes were significant, we carefully evaluated the option of a redesign. After an extensive look at the ramifications for timeline and cost of the device - it was obvious that delivering a completely different product with limited functionality was not an option. Additionally, the development timeline would still mean delivering no earlier than summer 2018 and MIITO does not have the funds to support that.

Given these events, there is no path for us to deliver MIITO as it was originally promised to our backers. Out of respect for our supporters and backers, we have made the decision to file for insolvency and return the remaining funds to our backers.

MIITO Fund Allocation To Date

In an effort to be transparent and honest about the use of the funds we have shown the breakdown of spending during the last two years. All funds from Kickstarter and subsequent governmental grants have gone directly toward the goal of delivering MIITO to your homes. Below you can see a breakdown of the funds used:

Allocation of the used funds
Allocation of the used funds

Refunds for Backers

We will be issuing partial refunds to all backers. This process will be directed by an insolvency practitioner who will contact all backers and issue refunds according to the law and regulations outlined in the Kickstarter Terms of Use. Unfortunately, due to German law, we cannot disclose the amount of funds left. The insolvency practitioner will summarize all of the information and inform all backers according to the process outlined below:

  • Within the next week, the court will appoint an insolvency practitioner who will be in charge of carrying out the filing and issuing partial refunds.
  • The insolvency practitioner will reach out to the backers and explain the subsequent process.
  • The practitioner will calculate the exact amount that will be refunded based upon the leftover funds, including some additional repayment of VAT tax for European backers, costs of money transfer for backers etc.
  • After these calculations, the insolvency lawyer will notify the backers of the exact refund amount.
  • (we expect) that the refund will be processed through the Kickstarter platform and returned via the original payment method used to back the project.

The MIITO team will not have a hand in this process as it is highly regulated by German law. Unfortunately, we cannot give an estimate of the exact amount or processing time. We will do our best to keep the backers informed about the process and request as much transparency as possible of the insolvency practitioner.

Once again we want to thank each of you for your support over the last two years.

While the outcome of MIITO is devastating, we are grateful for the incredible community that has been built around this product. We hope you will accept our deepest apologies. While we are ending MIITO here, we will do our best to be open about our story for future projects to avoid this outcome.

We will try to address your questions and concerns in a timely manner but it is unclear for how long we will be allowed to operate MIITOs accounts as this is a strictly Germanized procedure. It might be that we are asked to hand over all the companies accounts to the insolvency practitioner but to avoid a situation where we lose the ability to communicate with our supporters- we created a new email address Please contact us here and we will gather the most frequently asked questions and address them in a follow-up update in April.

Thank you again,


Additional note from the founders

MIITO started as a graduation project during our studies, where even at its very early stages it gained impressive public attention for its innovative design approach. Encouraged by MIITOs supporters and aiming to make a positive impact on the environment, we set out with a dream to bring MIITO to the mass market. It has been almost two years since we founded MITO GmbH and naturally, there have been many ups and downs: the excitement of seeing the MIITO system working and magically boiling liquids and then the frustrations and complexity of electronics development. We faced many walls. Walls we didn't even know existed. But while the outcome of MIITO is devastating, we are grateful for the incredible community that has been built around this product. We are ending MIITO here but the learnings of this experience will stay with us and we hope to share these with other brave entrepreneurs helping them on their journey of bringing innovations to life.

Jasmina and Nils


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    1. Missing avatar

      Rolf on

      Never got any reply to my online application and mail. I quite literally applied within days of update, so I should be one of earliest. No money no nothing.

      Too bad.

    2. Dr Martin on

      It is now quite some time since the promise of a partial refund. The insolvency email now bounces back, and no one has gotten a single pfennig returned.

      Has anyone heard of any further actions?

    3. Missing avatar

      Christopher Sottorf on

      Sorry folks, can’t quite agree with some of the comments on the Update from Jasmina and Nils. This is almost one year since that note and nothing has happened. No further information, no refund, just simply nothing. Hardly in-line with the kick starter statutes, which expect at least some sort of recompensation and making up to funders, in case a project falls through. I think after the time elapsed it is safe to say: That friendly note was just a load of hot air. They disintegrated into thin air, yep, that’s right : *poof* – just another case of take the money and run.What a disappointment!

    4. Kevin Redman on

      I don't believe I ever received a refund. How Can I find out.
      My name is Kevin Redman.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tatjana Mattsfield

      Really hope this does deter you from future endeavors. Is there a possibility that your research might further be developed by another company? This was by far my favorite Kickstarter project as I saw so much potential. Thank you for all your hard work.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ben Martin on

      Oh guys and gals, I feel for you, I truly do. I've enjoyed every step of this journey and I'm feel so sorry for you that it hasn't come to a finalised product.
      I hope you feel no guilt for how this has turned out, because there is no finger of blame being pointed from here.
      I hope you go on to create some amazing and innovative creations, and I will happily back you again.
      Good luck

    7. Missing avatar

      Uğraş KELEBEK on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    8. Missing avatar

      Philip Anderson on

      After reading comments from folks who say that they were swindled, I would recommend that they not participate in crowd funded projects at all.
      This is not Amazon or Costco, with products on the shelf, ready to ship. I have invested in about 30 projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and have been satisfied with the products received, after sometimes a lengthy wait, nearly every time. I will continue to invest in those projects that interest me, and will most likely get just what I expect for my investment.
      If you have never worked for a startup company or don't have an understanding of the difficulties of product development, then I don't think that this is the place for you to be investing in products that haven't yet been built.
      To be fair to all, however, I would hope (but don't really expect) that those who have invested in the development of the IP surrounding this project should be allowed a discounted price on any product produced with the IP in the future.
      I'm now traveling with G-RO luggage from Kickstarter, using other crowd funded products that would never have existed without this platform. I'm happy that Kickstarter offers the opportunity for folks to back ideas that appeal to them.

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric Yang on

      @Matthew Knights: Opinions aside. This campaign was marketed as past prototyping. The front page itself suggested this product was well on its way to market. The creators outright stated in their December 2016 update that they were making progress with certain hardware components. No where along the way, did they indicate that their funds were approaching limits and that project termination was being considered. The abrupt negative announcement of closing the project in this update, after many positive updates, is the very definition of misleading.

      Opinion-wise, why shouldn't paying people have selfish interests? It's their money, and it's very much finite! Last time I checked, Kickstarter isn't an outright charity (unless a participant elected for the donation option). What's the point of having a reward system on this web site, then? Several successful Kickstarter lawsuits have established a precedent: that if a reasonable expectation of a product can be established, the creators can be held legally liable to deliver. If companies and research centers pulled such a stunt with an angel organization's seed money, you can bet that they'll be sued to oblivion and/or blacklisted on a regional and national level for quite some time.

      The only things for which I commend these creators is their vision and timely updates. By equal measure, I feel misled by their communication updates, disappointed that the money was squandered, and wishful that they learned not to crater any subsequent projects.

    10. Dr Martin on

      Matthew Knights: Unlike you I feel swindled by this project. In my opinion they intentionally misrepresented their abilities and timeline causing financial harm and stress to all who participated. Like other projects that have ended this way, I hope there will be a lawsuit proving this intentional deception of the individuals running this project so they might be found personally liable.

    11. Matthew Knights on

      Let me be clear to some others that have commented on this - I do not expect any refund and I am grateful for the opportunity to fund this project wether it succeeded or failed, the innovation is great. When I backed this project I did not buy a product, I did not become a shareholder of the IP. No, the premise of kickstarter is to help support creativity and innovation irrespective of its success or failure. I am disheartened by the selfish and self-centred nature of some who comment, you have simply revealed your greed to acquire before the market - none of which is designed to benefit anyone other than yourselves. I suggest you keep your money or just buy product once it gets to market.

    12. Missing avatar

      Sam Araz on

      Whilst it's disappointing that this project failed, it's even more frustrating that we have not heard anything else from either the owners or the newly appointed IP - whose details I cannot seem to find when doing a search. Has anyone else seen anything about who has been appointed or has anyone heard anything?

      I would really like to know how the fund has been spent and what, if anything, will be returned to the investors.

    13. Nick Mailer on

      Eric Lazarian: If you know anything about the game they're playing, and the law of insolvency in Germany, you'll realise you won't get a penny. They never intended you to. They spent it on their travel and salaries, and any pittance left will go to their prioritised creditors of which you - and I - are at the bottom of the pile.

    14. Missing avatar

      Gert Wijsman on

      I still believe in you guys! Next project will be successful! Wish you all the best

    15. Eric Lazarian on

      If we could get a better idea when to expect to hear about the refunds, that would be helpful, even if they are only partial refunds.

    16. Missing avatar

      Yuki on

      So when will we hear from the insolvency lawyer?

    17. Missing avatar

      Wai Yan Chan on

      Now since you are only giving us a partial payment and that we were part of your garage project. Don't we all backers owns part of your design ? What I am leading to is that you should be sharing what you have done as open source data. You cannot and should not keep what you have done after spending our hard earned money on it. I know there is not way to sue you but I am sure we supported all you people so you can have a job for the past 2 years. Sorry for being harsh but that's the real world with start ups. Never again I will trust KS again, so far all of my projects that I funded over 100 USD has been failures and I am not going burn cash again.I also want to add why is your site still up if your project shutting down ??? You wouldn't figure to give us some money back, look for a new shell and do this all over again by selling everything to a VC ???

    18. Scott Readman on

      So when will we hear from the insolvency lawyer?

    19. Scott Readman on

      Sorry but this is BS. I feel scammed. Please let me know about refund ASAP.

    20. Missing avatar

      Yuki on

      So when we hear from the insolvency lawyer?

    21. Thom Wong on

      I guess it says a lot about the quality of this idea that I don't care at all about a refund. I just want to see this made.

      Best of luck to all of you.

    22. Pamela on

      Hello MIITO folks! Please, can you let me know if you ever decide to try getting MIITO produced again? I really believe that you could be very successful with it. Maybe you could contact Dyson Ltd. to help you folks with it later on, after all the legal stuff wraps up? I so much want a MIITO in my kitchen ;) Best wishes to all of you!

    23. Olie Justice on

      I can only wish you the best and ask that you keep me informed of any future projects as I believe in you! Please keep me updated about you progress,best of luck Oliver

    24. Missing avatar

      ande on

      this was to be expected with the clowns running this scam
      Hoped you enjoyed the trips and spending my cash
      Wasteman !!

    25. Missing avatar

      EBR on

      While I am sad that the project did not reach its completion, I am nevertheless pleased to have been a part of it. I thank you folks for the energy you have given these last years and I hope you take what you have learned and improve upon it in all your future plans.

      Good luck to your whole team with whatever you move on to.

    26. David Rosen on

      Better to have tried and lost than never to have tried at all. Best of luck to the team.

    27. GinAdam on

      For those who have backed this project with a larger amount this is probably a painful loss, but so it must be for you, the developers. It's a shame it hasn't worked out the way you intended - now if you manage to draw lessons from this project and move on to a better one, while backers recover at least some of their input, then it's a reasonable outcome for all. Of the ten projects we've backed so far, this is the only one that failed - a 10% attrition rate is pretty decent. C'est la vie! All the best for your future endeavours!

    28. Anthony Mutiso on

      Disappointing, Yes!
      But this failure does not prevent me from thanking you for your transparency and vision.

      I still want a MIITO and hope that you somehow find a way to try again and deliver on that vision.

      Thank you

    29. Missing avatar

      Eric Limegrover on

      Thankfully, this failure is public and the parties responsible are known. Should be interesting to see how this pans out for their future career growth.

      The way I see it two things happened:
      1. They failed to understand what was being developed and the requisite time/expenses necessary and are generally terrible project managers, or;
      2. They willfully defrauded investors of 818,000 and had a grand old time paying themselves a salary.

      Either way, these are certainly not people I would want to hire in the future were I to have any projects.

    30. Nick Mailer on

      "How could the planning of this project have been so poorly done that this is where it ends? "

      They had well 818 thousand euros to spend having fun, paying themselves salaries and flying all over the world. It doesn't sound like this project was "poorly done" at all. If you could get a bunch of mugs to fund a couple of years of fun, and then get them to say sorry when you've spent all their money, I'd say you'd have "planned" your "project" rather well. Which is exactly what Miito did. Bravo, I guess. They conned us right and proper.

    31. Stephanie Kainrath on

      What I don't understand is what exactly you have been doing all this time with all this money.
      If after two years the final conclusions are:
      1. One company would do it but we don't like the changes they want to implement (WTH)
      2. And we're out of money anyway
      ....I am left to wonder, what the hell has happened? How could the planning of this project have been so poorly done that this is where it ends?
      As many others have pointed out, the initial campaign made it seem like there is already and existing, working prototype. It turns out there was not. You made the decision to try and do as much as possibly yourselves but it seems you had neither know-how nor resources to do so. Why?
      How can it not have occurred to you sooner that this would not work with the funds you have? I feel very disappointed, not that the project failed (which was sadly something I expected after the second, third, fourth.... postponing of the shipping into a far future), but that you were apparently not making rational decisions on how to handle other people's money.
      It is one thing to admit "We are out of money and cannot do it" as soon as this becomes forseeable. It is another to say "Oh, there was this one company who would have done it, but we didn't like their terms and felt it better to ship nothing at all than a slightly different product. (Also, we don't have any money)". Such reasoning carries a very disrespectful attitude towards your backers, it seems very selfish and ridiculous. Surely, this project is your idea and your "baby" that you worked very hard to realize. But for the future, maybe you should consider that if there's a bunch of people supporting you financially and waiting for a final product, maybe you should have swallowed your pride a bit sooner, so can deliver anything at all, even if it's square-shaped instead of round....

    32. Missing avatar

      Mark Rickert on

      Sad to hear Miito is done, but Kudos for trying. All the best for your future efforts. Shit happens.

    33. Missing avatar

      Pepe Municio on

      I was Zano project backer too, and I can say that this one doesn't feel the same way about the developers... but I do feel the same way about KS, and how do just don't care about their failures. I didn't back a project here since Zano, and with this one, 2nd failure and a good amount of money lost, now for sure that i wont use KS again. This is not a serius platform.

      I'm sorry about the Miito, and I really hope that you can sell the design to a industrial partner that can put it into de market.

    34. Dawn R Bazely on

      Dear Nils and Jasmine,
      thank you for your detailed explanation of how the situation has developed. With inventions, there are risks. I don't regret backing you for a moment and I wish you all the best in the future.

      As Kickstarter tells us -- there are risks with the creative process. My enthusiasm for and support of kickstarter projects hasn't changed.

      All the best, dawn

    35. Phil Andrew on

      Dear Jasmina and Nils, whilst I'm disappointed that MIITO will not come to fruition I understand that this is part of new product development and, had I wanted something immediately, I wouldn't be on Kickstarter. This sort of experience is how we all learn, I admire your passion and vision and I hope that you both go on to great things.

    36. Steven Kalz on

      Yup, this is the last time I ever back a product.

    37. Steve Young on

      As an energy saving alternative to Miito, may I suggest filling a cup with water, dumping it into your kettle to heat, and then pouring it back into the cup. Voilà!

    38. Nick Mailer on

      For those who keep bleating on about how this is just one of the perils of Kickstarter, and it's not a store, and you're taking a risk: YES, WE KNOW THAT AND APPRECIATE THAT!

      However, what we do NOT appreciate is being lied to, which makes determining that risk rationally impossible.

      And the project lied to us from the start: they lied that they had a working prototype, they lied when they said that this funding was just to ramp up to production, and they lied about how much money they actually needed to do so, and then they continually lied (when they bothered saying anything at all) about the true progress of the project.

      All of you bending over backwards to give these crooks the benefit of the doubt are just enabling more bad behaviour by those who view your sucker-dom with glee.

    39. Missing avatar

      Nysha Nelson on

      I am sorry to hear you are not continuing to develop the Miito. It was an exciting idea. It may still be an an exciting one in the future.
      Just remember some of the most successful ventures were done by people who failed several times before they succeeded!
      You are one step closer to a huge WIN!

    40. Jonny

      This is a moment when Kickstarter management should take note. Misrepresentation and miss-selling is serious and for KS to allow on a project that misled backers from the get-go does major brand damage. Ideally some funds should go into escrow and towards an insurance fund so that projects that fail without transparency over their application don't shaft the community - and importantly full disclosure for failed projects would be a deterrent to poor management of funds.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jesus on

      I see a video of a prototype, a working prototype... I supported your project. Few time later... you had not any prototype.... You didn`t know how to make your product work, you didn't know almost anything... If I knew that the only thing you had, were a draw on a paper and and empty product, I wouldn't have supported the project. I want to know how the money has been spent, and not by a simple graphic... a graphic it's not transparent. You get 818.098€. How did you spent it? I am supposed to believe that you spent 41% (335.420,18€) in R&D... in what? 13% (106.352,74€) in business development... in what?, what kind of business if you didn't have a product to sell!!!! 10% (81.809,8) in prototyping and raw material... Are you serious? 81.809,8€ in a prototype!!! BE TRANSPARENT... because that graphic it's a joke... and not a good one.

    42. Paul M on

      This is absurd. I contacted you months ago to ask for my money back in full as it was clear that this was doomed ... not by typical challenges but rather by your misrepresentation, poor choices and lack of fundmental skills in launching a product. Your reply to me was ... nothing. Yes, you are not only incompetent but actually dismissive of those who have given you funding. The long notes which you think mask the flaws do not. I suggest a class action against you given you were clearly exposed by many people quite a while back and still pressed on with this farce and burnt more funds which you should have returned.

    43. Missing avatar

      Rolf on

      Disappointing, I wanted nice and convenient small water heater for chocolate or tea or whatever.

      Well good luck.

    44. Lafazar

      This was predictable early on. You never actually had a functioning prototype as became crystal clear during the first few updates after the Kickstarter ended. While I would not go as far as call this project a scam, I will accuse you of misrepresenting your preparedness and planning.

      Basically you had no idea beforehand if this device was actually going to work and even if you did, you clearly had no idea how to make the actual production work. You were laughably unprepared.

      And yet this is nowhere to be seen in your list of reasons why this project failed. At least be honest with yourself and your backers and own up to your very own failures.

    45. Missing avatar

      Domagoj Vrhovec on

      Like most already said in their comments, this is extremely dissapointing. Not so much the failure to deliver but much more so childish behaviour (or calculated scheme to play around for two years on others expense) and ego driven reluctance to admit failure a long time ago or to pass the business to someone competent enough.
      Also between the choice to file for bancrupcy or to pass the project to someone who can deliver a product, no matter if it will be different but after 2 years of horsing around we, the backers, deserved something and not only a portion of our money.
      I am simply amazed by your arogance, where you would have it YOUR way or not at all. Unfortunately we have no legal way to make you finish the deal with a partner who is as you've said it yourself more the willing to do so, but without some unrealistic ideas.
      If you really are as honest as you claim you would do so on your own, but if that was really the case, you would have given up a long time ago instead of throwing more money away. Which is understandable since you lived for 2 years on our expense.
      A perfect example why arogance is the biggest problem in the world....

    46. Missing avatar

      Brent on

      Your manufacturing partner understands project management and risk. Their terms appear rational and reasonable given your record for delivery. They had a plan to succeed and realized you could derail it.

      Hopefully they, or another well run manufacturer buys the work to date from the Receiver for pennies on the dollar and brings a similar product to market.

      It is sad that your ego and lack of experience led you to the decision it was better to fail than to get out of the way of the manufacturer and succeeded.

    47. Missing avatar

      ThJe on

      Laut dem seltsamen Diagramm habt ihr euch selbst kein Gehalt gezahlt? Sehr nobel, aber ich glaube euch das nicht. So naiv mit dem Geld andere umzugehen. Wie viel eures eigenen Geldes steckt denn in dem Projekt? Wie viel Geld wird der Insolvenzverwalter für seine Dienste bekommen? Gibt es "große" Gläubiger die zuerst bezahlt werden müssen? Wie immer entstehen aus euren Nachrichten mehr Fragen als Antworten. Blablablubb.

      According to the diagram, you paid yourself no allowance? I don't believe that. Very naive spending of others money. How much of your own, private money is burned in this project? How much money will the practitioner earn? Are there people who have to be paid first, like banks etc? As always, your updates leave more questions, than they answer. I am very disappointed, but I also feel very lucky, not to have upgraded to Miito Precise und burned another 30 Euro.
      Yours was a prestige project for starting the German Kickstarter page, so I blame KS too, not to have asked for a working prototype.

    48. Andrew Mattingly

      Well, I suppose these things happen... Maybe some day, in the future, the idea will become possible yet again. It was a valiant effort, though, from the sound of it. Very sorry to hear that it didn't pan out.