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MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
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December update

Posted by MIITO (Creator)

PCBA updates and troubleshooting

After busy two weeks of working side by side together with our manufacturer we finished the last week with planning the second iteration of the insides of MIITO. During the last two weeks we tested the first PCBA that fits inside MIITO and already improved the first version. Troubleshooting always takes a lot of time and brainpower, but doing these kinds of things on location not only speeds up the process, but also showed us the great value of a committed manufacturer.

We successfully powered up the first PCBA, which delivers 1000W, but quickly noticed some overheating inside the switching circuit. While having much more buffer in our bigger test-setup, it prevented us from increasing the power with the new, smaller and round, PCBA. During the following 15 days we tested and changed components, validated temperature-calculations with various heat-sinks and even had the manufacturers CEO himself adding his knowledge, we are confident that we have found what caused the overheating and we have ordered a new iteration of the PCB.

Luckily these kind of things are not a huge set back when working directly with manufacturers who are ready to help when needed. During Christmas this new iteration of PCB will be manufactured, assembled and powered up. Then we have to run the same test cycles to make sure we have eliminated the problem of overheating switches. We expect to have results from these tests by the end of this year. If everything goes as planed, this PCBA will be in the final form factor and delivering the right amount of power to the rod to heat the liquid.

This PCBA will then be tested for EMC and safety. Our team has already prepared everything possible:

  • The EMC lab for initial tests and troubleshooting that we have chosen is on standby and ready to start as soon as the PCBA passes the functionality tests (see above)
  • We have organized all necessary components (filters etc.) that can be used for troubleshooting the system during these tests
  • We have gathered the relevant standards and directives
  • We have prepared a test plan to run the relevant tests

Product certification is extremely important for MIITO as otherwise it will not be possible to send MIITOs out into the world (without the necessary certification the product would get stuck at customs). That is why this phase of testing for certification and debugging in a thorough matter is extremely important. We hope this phase will go as planned, however that is not guaranteed. We expect to be able to share a summary of the initial test results in the next update.

There are the steps required in order to reach the “Looks like- works-like” prototype (Target end of February)

  • PCB layout (V1 done, V2 done)
  • PCB print (V1 done, V2 in progress)
  • PCB assembly (V1 done)
  • Power testing – (V1 tested: problems with over heating switches - new layout: V2)
  •  EMC pre-certification

Other things we learnt during the troubleshooting :

All of these tests are done together with our manufacturer, therefore we have two great benefits:

a) working side by side with the manufacturers now reduces the risk of implementation of the results into mass production (the manufacturer recommends changes that are also manufacturable so we should have as little surprises later on as possible)

b) since our manufacturer has years of experience with induction cooktops, he has already spotted issues that would come up in the future and we were already able to revise them and implement them in the V2.

Some of them are:

  • The low-power side of the PCB will need more protection (already implemented in the V2 layout) 
  • The switches need to be re-positioned next to each other
  • We need a better, custom heat sink (new iteration already started)
  • We need to design a shielding the coil (to be validated during pre-certification tests) 

From development to preparation for manufacturing

We have invested unexpectedly long months in development that were not planned in our initial timeline (we have explained this topic in our previous updates) but we are happy to move along into the next phase where we are working side by side with our manufacturers.

Coil manufacturers

In December our team has visited multiple coil manufacturers. We have seen various manufacturers who are delivering coils for various applications: from very big and powerful coils to small low voltage coils for example wireless phone chargers. We have selected two strong candidates. The decision was made based upon a few aspects that we keep in mind when evaluating partners:

  • Ability to produce one-offs
  • Flexibility and willingness to work with us 
  • Experience in manufacturing similar types of products
  • ISO certified
  • Quality checks (we have selected manufacturers who do outgoing QC on 100% of the coils, ensuring consistently high quality)
  • Transparency of the company: we are able to visit all their locations and we can trace the raw material during the production runs
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Result (Top)
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Result (backside)
Result (backside)



Conus shaped coils
Conus shaped coils

During the last few months our team has been incredible efficient and all of us are pushing towards the next big milestone in February. The “To do” list is still very long and demanding yet our team and partners are convinced that we can keep up the speed. Despite the holidays- our work will proceed and we are looking forward to bring you more news in January. We hope you can celebrate with us the little wins along the way share the excitement of seeing how this project come together. And finally it feels like its not too far to wait.

Enjoy this precious holiday time with your loved ones with a warm mug of tea. We will continue working on the above mentioned subjects and we will share the results in our next update.

With love,

You MIITO friends

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    1. Missing avatar

      Frank Heitmeyer on

      It would be nice to learn when we will be able to unpack the Miito at least.
      The delivery date is a bit overdue, which is not a big issue with start up of new tech.
      Still - February has passed, and taking you by your own words backers should have an update
      by now?

    2. Missing avatar

      Stefan Kaeufer on

      What happened to the (end of) February milestone? Any news?

    3. Missing avatar

      Yvonne E Moore on

      Update is needed please.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alain Zoja on

      Wake up! Updates please

    5. Jono Haysom on

      Updates please. What's going on in 2017? Will we finally see a product?

    6. Andrew Mattingly

      We're quickly coming up on a year past the original estimates of the campaign... I know things don't always go as planned, but maybe it's worth sharing an updated production schedule, with new estimates? It'd be nice to know where you guys think you are, currently.

    7. Missing avatar

      Frederik Jacobs on

      Some people need to better understand the concept of crowdfunding. There is no reason for this to fail, but this is not a mega-company with 100 employees working on this and 50+ years in manufacturing expertise. There is a lot to learn, maybe too much.

      Personally I wouldn't mind if a big brand took over, like Dyson or even Xiaomi. The team would still have had the experience of a lifetime.

      Best of luck to the team!

    8. Ho Pak Kan on

      If there's more update will release soon?

    9. Asterion on

      @Roubos, I'm sure there is...
      But no. Miito is clearly never going to happen. I'm interested in how long they can keep up the charade!
      Another well-deserved nail in the coffin for Kickstarter.

    10. Roubos PH on

      Is there anyone who still believes in this going to happen?

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric Limegrover on

      And now, two months since the last update. Can we call this a fail yet?

    12. Missing avatar

      Duncan on

      I am more encouraged by this update. These are concrete steps which is very nice to see. Still a long way to go especially with the Miito Precise.

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric Limegrover on

      @Richard Other backers like myself, are upset because Miito & Co lied to us. They claimed to have a working, viable, product that just needed funding to begin manufacturing. What they failed to illustrate is that they hadn't even done a fraction of the work. They used the funding so that they might develop and come up with a product. They're getting free R&D and they may or may not produce a product. They will, certainly, have Intellectual Property they can sell off should they be unable/unwilling to produce something of substance.

    14. Missing avatar

      Richard Truksa on

      Some backers are already impatient and disappointed of them. This is because they are mostly consumers, customers, not producers. And a customer likes a beautiful finished product in a nice store or in a colored catalog, not the technical problems, complicated development, certification or the raw materials and dirty assembly. It is hard work, I appreciate the people who make it. I believe you will reap your fruit and you will be successful. I wish you it!

    15. Prospek on

      Keep up the good work folks. Very encouraging. Love the journey on this. Trials and tribulations. Makes receiving the MIITO even more special knowing the background story.

    16. MIITO Creator on

      @Sam Bond, ThJe
      With the current time that's required for preparing for mass manufacturing, we estimate the production of your MIITOs early summer 2017. More about this topic you can read in the update we published in July. In the upcoming updates we will give a more detailed plan of the months and milestones.

      Thanks to MadJo for explaining the acronyms: a man knows what he is saying! We have explained these terms in some of the previous updates but thanks for pointing out that we should make sure that our updates are “readable” without background information.

      And to others: thanks for the ongoing support! Its means the world to us to know that people still believe in us! Happy holidays! Philip indeed- next year should be fantastic with MIITOs in our kitchens :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Philip Stafford on

      Hi from Australia guys. Thanks for the update and it's great to see you all powering ahead. I'm looking forward to your next update but, in the meantime, you guys have a happy Christmas and fantastic new year. Cheers

    18. Missing avatar

      Sam Bond on

      Do we have an estimated delivery date on this yet, even to the month/year?

    19. Missing avatar

      ThJe on

      There is nothing in this update I do care about. All the blabla about technical specs and acronyms is not what I am interested in. Only when will you deliver?

    20. Lee Millington on

      I won't be backing another kickstarter after this..

    21. Chris Mitchell on

      Looking great! Thanks for the update!

    22. David Sefton on

      I'm not discouraged, and hope you can all feel the end is in sight. I'm so happy you are plugging away, and just want you to get it right. Thanks for the latest update. I'll never give up hope so long as you are actively developing solutions to the problems.

    23. Roubos PH on

      I have given up hope long time ago. I've had other projects fail.

    24. MadJo

      Hopefully the tests will come out smelling of roses.

      @Alvin, and perhaps other backers:

      PCB: Printed Circuit Boards (the (usually) green boards that are used to connect chips to one another)

      PCBA: Printed Circuit Board Assembly. (the PCBs but now with the chips on them, and the soldered lines connecting the chips with eachother)

      EMC: Electromagnetic compatibility, which is the branch of electrical engineering concerned with the unintentional generation, propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy which may cause unwanted effects such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) or even physical damage in operational equipment.
      Pretty important stuff when dealing with induction plates, you don't want your water cooker to interfere with any other electrical device (such as pacemakers, wifi-routers, clocks, radios).

    25. Missing avatar

      Anton van Kimmenade on

      It is tempting to talk about a scam etc, however I don't doubt they had a working prototype. That is not the same as a production ready design that just needs fixtures to be ready for full production. Many design we see these days are computer based controller like design, where the challenge is more getting the last bugs out of the software and finish the packaging. Mito is really another class where unfortunately the learning curve is steeper. My 2 cents keep going and stay honest to the backers, startup is hard work and when looking backwards it is all "easy" to explain.

    26. Missing avatar

      Alvin Comiter on

      Hey guys, Thanks for the update. BUT, what do all the acronyms mean? PCBA? PCB? EMC?