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MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
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Development update + team structure explained

Posted by MIITO (Creator)

Dear backers, supporters and friends,

Happy to talk to you again and bring news of MIITOs development. We have just finalized an intense week of meetings and workshops here in Berlin. Same as any other international company- our team has multiple partners distributed in various locations. But this week we all met here at the MIITO office making sure everyone is on track and running towards the same goals with our timeline in the back of their heads. So great to see everyone at the same table and their passion to push the development to the next milestones.

It took a while until we were able to set up a team of professionals with industry experience to cover all the aspects that MIITO will need until it will reach your homes. Right now we can say that we have serious power behind our backs supporting the development and manufacturing from inside and outside of the MIITO team. We thought it would be good to inform you of our current structure.

Current MIITO development team

Development team in house:

  • Head of Engineering: management of development efforts
  • Head of Manufacturing & Supply: managing supply chain, procurement and manufacturing
  • Engineering Assistant: develops testing procedures and manuals, assists in development and system testing

External team members:

  • Mechanical engineer [special project: working to minimize disk movement in-application system]
  • Thermal-Mechanical Analyst [special project: supporting thermal insights & consideration, basic calculations]

External Partners:

Development team - research institute:

  • Lead Project Manager : leads the MIITO project management of development effort
  • Supporting Project Manager
  • Lead contact regarding: certification, regulatory and testing requirements, and patent research
  • Lead contact regarding: coil and system simulation, applied mathematics + electrical engineering

Team - MIITO Manufacturing and prototyping partner:

  • CEO [oversight of MIITO development effort and manufacturing, background in electrical engineering & manufacturing induction cooktops, kitchen electronics]
  • Project Manager [leads the MIITO development effort and electronics components manufacturing]
  • Head of Engineering [leads the MIITO development effort]

Development focus: August- October

  • Our research institute has developed the first 2.5D simulation to find a favorable coil design. The software that was used to simulate the coil design and the system interaction- between coil and power electronics- is really sophisticated and a small start up like us could never afford to work with such an advanced technology if there wouldn't be for our partnership with the research institute. We have asked to share with us some screenshots of the simulations that we could also share with you.
  • We have received 2 coil designs as a result of the simulations. We have reviewed the simulation results and the proposed coil designs, and ordered the materials required to make and test the coils. 
  • Next: Wind the coil based upon the result and then we run tests to validate the simulation outcomes we've received from our development partner. In the next few weeks we will wind the first coils and test the system to understand what adjustments need to be made to both the electronics and the coil itself. This process will be iterative, with improvements expected as we learn more about ideal operating conditions. This time we have specially requested videos that we could share also with you so stay tuned for the next update!

Lab Set Up

Our manufacturing partner have sent us a copy of their test set up of MIITO so we can do parallel tests in both locations. Now we are setting up a little lab corner to be able to run tests on the new coil design and experiment with the rod movement prototypes.

Issues mentioned in the previous update

Temperature measurement:  In last month's update we let you know that we are working on a way to measure temperature that helps us achieve the objective of precise temperature measurement, but without the time and prohibitive costs of additional certification requirements. We have now included the updated temperature measurement components in our bill of materials and will soon have sources of supply confirmed. Stay tuned for pictures in the coming months.

Rod movement:  Our team now includes inputs from mechanical engineers focused specifically on addressing disk/ rod movement. We are reviewing possible suppliers of surface treatments and machined modifications so that we have production-processed parts for testing together with our system. Next update: test results and videos of the improvements of the disk movement.

MIITO Hardware evolution

Few of our backers have asked for deeper insight and visuals that would demonstrate the past development of MIITO hardware. So far we have always been very careful what exactly we show in our updates because of two reasons:

  • Fear of copying. All the information we share with you is absolutely public to any of our competitors. Giving away too much crucial information of the unique development we are going through might backfire.
  • So far we have had the wrong mindset of always wanting to communicate achieved milestones instead of little steps along the way. This has been a problem from our side wanting to show new and better things each time but as we have learnt along the way- actual milestones happens with big time gaps and our backers are interested to see any tests and prototypes instead of just waiting for the perfect final MIITO. We will try to improve this and we have also asked our partners to share with us photos and vidoes of the progress done in their labs that could be shared with you.

With this thought in mind, we looked back at the videos and photos we have done along the way and decided to share some additional material of MIITO development. We hope you will enjoy the addition insights!

Your Friends at MIITO

First Prototype on the lab bench
First Prototype on the lab bench


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First Prototype inside the MIITO housing. Takes more than 5 minutes to bring water to boil.

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 Wireless Rod prototype with temperature measurement

Wireless powered Rod with temperature measurement. Developed by an universaty professor. Its powered by a coil like wireless-charging in phones. The developed coil fits inside the rod.
Wireless powered Rod with temperature measurement. Developed by an universaty professor. Its powered by a coil like wireless-charging in phones. The developed coil fits inside the rod.


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High power prototype developed during the second half of 2015 to optimize efficiency powered from the mains

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UI Prototype

High power protoype PCB developed end of 2015
High power protoype PCB developed end of 2015


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 High-power PCB with placed components

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andre Breiler on

      Very nice update, thank you.

    2. Joshua P. on

      Very interesting update, I like seeing all the technical aspects going on, it also highlights how difficult your project is. The rod is definitely impressive.

      I have a question, how fast do you ultimately want the MIITO to be in heating water? My current electric kettle takes 6 minutes to boil 1.7 L, or almost a minute per cup.

    3. Paul Mittenzwei on

      Great updates yes, but when do you foresee delivery dates?

    4. Missing avatar

      Nayna Halai on

      Great update love the photos and videos, is there an eta on when the product would ship

    5. Cesareo T. Bermundo

      Glad to see you're doing really serious stuff. Maybe showing more than you should.

    6. Chris Mitchell on

      Amazing update! Thank you for the images and videos, I can only imagine that they'll significantly increase hope and excitement for the project. I'm somewhat curious about the lack of names on the Org Chart, but I suppose that's not particularly vital information at this juncture. Really happy to see some working prototypes and hear of additional progress. Keep up the great work!

    7. Missing avatar

      Konrad Schäfer on

      Seeing the open containers on the MIITO I would assume that you lose a lot of heat to the air. Have you thought about something like a silicone lid with small hole for the rod?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Given that you're still doing R&D on the coil, I am curious about what you had a year ago when the project was funded. Did the Miito shown in the videos work at all, or was it all special effects?

    9. marie.A.r on

      What a great update, and mind. I am very confident in your work, and never forget that nothing good comes from hurrying. "There will always be people in your life who treat you wrong. Be sure to thank them for making you strong."

    10. Vyse on

      They didn't show any schematics and making this a private update would help very little since a) any backer could also work for a competitor and b) any backer can share the information and screenshots anyway.

    11. Hanske

      If you are afraid of copy cats why make this a public update? You can do "backers only" updates.
      Not that it will help a lot but it makes it a bit more difficult to get your info.
      Great job so far people! Glad to be a backer. I'm ok with waiting for a final result.

    12. Chocolate

      Given that they're still R&Ding a lot of disparate materials to come to a final pre-production prototype and then having to do the long period of getting this prototype ready for mass production so that mass production takes only 6-8 weeks with no hiccups or replacement hardware, or production inconsistancies, etc. Mass production seems a long way still to come, before a reasonably accurate delivery window date can be set at less than within 12 month period.

      Perhaps the next update can focus on the new timeline to mass production. Or if the updated timeline has not changed, then reminding at the end of each update visually where Miito is currently in this time line (like a grow chart with date ranges).
      When the road is this long, it helps to keep backers grounded if they stay aware of the big picture. This is where the expression "don't lose the forest for the trees" applies.

    13. Missing avatar

      gilbert on

      Thank you for the updates, however, curious.

      Have you been able to determine WHEN you will be able to realistically provide a deliverable for this project?

    14. Missing avatar

      Leigh Burns on

      Looking good! Love the development updates and can't wait to have this in my kitchen!

    15. Missing avatar

      Behrens-Wendel on

      Haltet weiterhin durch!!! Ich freue mich nach wie vor auf das Produkt! Es wird gigantisch!!!

    16. Daniel Bradley on

      Great so you everything progressing nicely!! Keep you the awesome work �