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MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
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July update

Posted by MIITO (Creator)

MIITO team & General business

We are so excited to share very good news with you! After months of interviewing and looking over tons of applications: we have finally chosen the best possible person to be the Head of Engineering. Our new team member has the relevant experience from the industry, knowledge about certifications, power electronics and very importantly: she is extremely organized, to the point and strict with her demands. And yes- she is a woman and we are extremely proud to have passionate and professional females representing MIITO. Together with Crystal, she will be guiding the technical development and challenging our partners for the best possible results. We are very much looking forward to have her on the team!

Another exciting news: we have participated in the TechCrunch meet up. It really was an honor to be part of this legendary meet up and to be able to connect many interesting people including VCs and investors. As you know - we are preparing ourselves for fundraising and we believe that events like these are extremely important for building the relationship with potential investors. We believe that it has to be a healthy relationship first and only then we can talk about successful investment opportunities. Exciting new chapter for MIITO and we are looking forward to grow together with our future investors.


As we have expressed in our previous updates, we are very happy with the current path that MIITO has taken upon. Yes, we have had major struggles and set backs and we can only wish that we would have been more educated a year ago. But together with you we have grown and learnt tons of things about development and business and we can see that now MIITOs development is stably heading towards a beautiful product.

We know how important is to share a timeline but we truly hope you understand our hesitation on publishing a fixed date as there are still multiple variables that can impact the development and manufacturing. At this time its impossible to give a precise shipment date but with the current development efforts in mind and the time that's required for preparing for mass manufacturing, we estimate the production of your MIITOs early summer 2017. We know this is far away from our initial goal but we can be very grateful to all of you for being so patient and supportive.


Heat management: we have started a collaboration with a mechanical engineer with extensive knowledge on heat management. He have started to run simulations to project the heat movement within the MIITO shell. This information helps us to design the ventilation system to avoid the overheating of the coil and other electrical components.

Power tranfer + coil dev + topology decided

We've talked a lot with you about power transfer in these past months. Our technical challenge is a unique one unlike any in the marketplace, and the experts we have included in our development team agree that the core function of our product is a critical topic that should be addressed with a scientific and methodical approach- with results consistently validated for manufacturability so that unlike in the past, this time we do end up with a product that can go to production.

We have already made progress with our partners in selecting the core components and topology that will be used as the basis for power transfer improvement. It is important to us that we deliver to you a product that can perform in the best possible way, and so this phase of our development -that focuses on increasing the amount of power that can be transferred into the disk to heat your liquid- is really important. We have already begun this work. This phase is scheduled to be completed in the end of September.

Issues mentioned in the previous update

Temperature measurement: We are currently testing a solution for measuring the water temperature that does not require additional certification, and puts us on a better path to a manufacturable product.

Rod movement: Thank you for giving us so much valuable input on this topic! We have couple of designs in mind and we start the testing in the upcoming month. We have also gotten valuable input from our research partner concerning hot spots on the disk. This information will show us where the disk needs to have solid material and where we could design in air gaps or vents.

Of course we will continue updating you on the progress regarding each of the points! Looking forward to guide you through the amazing process of developing hardware products!

Your friends at MIITO.

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    1. Missing avatar

      philip barnea on

      I just hope I am still alive by the time you guys finish developing and get around to production, It's a shame - it's a brilliant idea but the execution is really straight out of a slapstick comedy show!!!! I like the words at the bottom of the Post Comment button - but that works both ways. My feeling at the moment is that I have been taken for a ride. Every time I log in to see progress, there is another delay. Shame on you! It's not as if you are developing a new Mars rocket o\r a robot doctor - IT'S JUST A WATER HEATER!!!!!!!!!

    2. L. V. on

      Obviously, you didn't back Combat Kitchenware, Susan. We have been waiting 3 years and still no end in sight!

    3. Nick Mailer on

      Susan: "We all know going into this we are throwing money and hoping it sticks"

      Yes, I agree, but based on the assumption that they had the people with the expertise to see it through. They admitted that they had no engineers specialising in induction heating to produce this.. induction heater. If, in their pitch, they'd have said "we don't have the necessary expertise onboard, but we can sketch pretty designs. fund us!" then at least we'd have been throwing money with our eyes open.

    4. Missing avatar

      Susan on

      I have taken part in quite a few Kickstarters now. Had my fair share of concerns and worries and long hauls, but to this day everything has been delivered, even when I have to wait a long time. Now since I have never been "scammed" as some people claim they have, does mean I am bias. I have no bad experiences so what would I know. There was a project that took over 2 years to finish and they just started shipping recently. They did it, it took time, and probably a lot of money out of their pockets but they fulfilled their promise. I am happy to wait for MIITO so long as the results are as claimed.

      We all know going into this we are throwing money and hoping it sticks. We are not buying stuff on kickstarter, we are BACKING stuff. Keep that in mind. These are eager creators who want to do good, lets hold them to that. Lets not get nasty because of how business works. Lets not damn kickstarter because of some bad apples. Look at some great projects like Pebble, the many games, the bragi dash, etc, etc. Greatness comes if we take our time and support the right people and not hound them as "scammers". Good luck MIITO and can't wait :D.

    5. Evan Evo Chaney on

      Woohoo! Just logged in to see the process. Stoked to get it. Will have it by the end of my trip next year. Cheers miito crew!

    6. MIITO Creator on

      Hey Eric! We'll post an update after next week including new pictures and all news! Next week is going to be quite a busy - we'll meet some of our partners at IFA right here in Berlin. We'll post an update the next week after to have the most recent news!

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric Limegrover on

      Are we going to get an August update, or have you fallen back in to a trap of no communication?

    8. Missing avatar

      Andre Breiler on

      @Friendly Neighborhood Backer, I don't know the rules over at your part of the world but over here it is trivial to get the charge back because the the bank only ensures that they are safe and that they have offloaded all the risk. I *suspect* (never been an creator so don't know the details of the contract between kickstarter and the creator) that it is kickstarter taking the hit and therefore their decision to take action against you or not.

      @Eric, I doubt there is much of the kickstarter funds left and very likely not enough for a full production run. That issue had crossed my mind too before but was countered by one of the updates suggesting that angle investors are on board too.
      I might be in an different boat than you in that I had put this project down as very high risk based on public and private comments which made it clear that the creator was inexperienced in this [technology] field. Therefore I'm only mildly surprised and fare more exited by the progress.

      @creator please keep up the good work. However I'm with Eric that I'm not expecting any delivery in 2016. I'll be over the moon if I'm wrong.

    9. Missing avatar

      Friendly Neighborhood Backer on

      Since Miito have plainly stated they will not be providing refunds, I took this issue up with my credit card company.
      If you used a VISA to pay for your pledge, as I did, you are entitled to a credit card chargeback through Code 30 for Merchandise Not Received. This code has a time limit of "120 calendar days after the last date the cardholder expected to receive the goods (not to exceed 540 days of the transaction processing time)". Simply call your bank's credit card branch and get in touch with their dispute department, quote the above code, and they should be able to help you from there. All they required from me was an email asking Miito for a refund (which they denied) and prior correspondence promising delivery in May of this year.
      If you have a MasterCard - I do not know if there as an equivalent process, but I'm willing to bet they have a similar way to do all of this.
      My bank has already processed a chargeback on my behalf under the above procedure, as I am not pleased with the way this project has vastly overshot its delivery date (and will likely continue to do so if history repeats itself). Hope this helps anyone who's been looking for a way out.

    10. Missing avatar

      Eric Limegrover on

      It currently is not over two years. Once the product is released (if?) it will be. It was supposed to be available Q1/Q2 of 16. We're past that. You then noted Q4 of 16, but that is getting pushed back further. Given that you're still interviewing factories, the chances of that happening are slim. Given the reality of how far behind you are, it will be beyond two years.

      I'm sorry I backed this product. You gave the fraudulent impression you were further along than you were. Had I known how inexperienced your team was, and how far behind the development curve you were I wouldn't have backed you.

    11. MIITO Creator on

      Hey Adam!
      That sounds right - but unfortunately it issn't. As we described in the updates, induction is a very complex field. You won't find an induction plate with such a small diameter in the market. Most of the induction plates are only compatible with cookware of a limited diameter. Thats why MIITO is unique - it is not possible to just place existing induction-parts in a smaller housing. As we discussed in the 21. Update, the development of a perfect coil - which is as efficient and powerful as possible - requires very unique and specific knowledge. We found partners who are already working on that and we'll post updates with details soon.

      @Eric As some of you already mentioned since MIITO is facing the market, we can't publish exact numbers right now. As already mentioned MIITO is not delayed 'by over two years' and as discussed in the previous updates we're already taking precautions to make sure we won't run out of money during the development. We all want MIITO and our main priority is to bring MIITO to you.

    12. Adam on

      Why are you treating this like its the newest technology and there's nothing like it in the entire world. It's just an induction plate! Millions of homes including mine have induction hobs... it's hardly any different at all, what's the hold up?!

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric Limegrover on

      You're still ignoring the question - how much do you have left?

    14. Missing avatar

      Sophie on

      Keep up the good work! It looks like you're learning a lot about the process as a team and I look forward to get an incredible product when the time comes :-)

    15. Missing avatar

      Federico Faleschini on

      I'll just say that, since I have no way of getting back my money (I should have readu Kickstarter's T&C before!), I'll wait and see what happens. I have no other choice!
      However I would expect a partial refund, once you manage to produce the goods. It is the only way of showing true symphaty to your original backers. Have you considered such thing? Wish you best luck anyway!

    16. Missing avatar

      Eric Limegrover on

      You've ignored my question again. I'll make it easy - How much of the original kickstarter funds do you have left?

    17. David Au on

      Would there be a new estimated delivery date?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jesse Lee on


      Please priortize quality over time!

      There are plenty and no shortage of impatient backers on kickstarter, but anyone who joins and supports a project must know that constant delays are norm!

      I would much rather have a mind blowing project several months behind than something somewhat satisfying on time.

      It is much better for realizing the dream we backed and better for the product image in the long run.

      Much of the world waits after the campaign to try their own purchase!

      Good luck!

    19. MIITO Creator on

      Hey Eric! We understand your disappointment - however, we started the campain with an estimated delivery by May/April 2016. Sure, we missed that - but delays can happen and we're doing everything possible to accelerate the process.

    20. Missing avatar

      Eric Limegrover on

      Answer the question. How much of the original kickstarter funds do you have left. Its not "just delayed", it is delayed by over two years.

    21. MIITO Creator on

      Hey Eric! We're openly communicating what happened in the past and how we will accelerate the development to ship MIITO to you. Yes, MIITO is delayed - but we're working day and night to bring MIITO to life. We all want MIITO as fast as possible.

      Thank you Thalus, for your words. We do believe in kickstarter as a community and we're happy that we're not alone in this journey!

    22. Thalus on

      When there is no update from the team, people complain.
      When there are updates, people also complain.
      The team communicates almost every month on their progress, which is not the case for all projects.
      Delays are possible in a project. I will be a minimum indulgent when they keep us informed.
      This does not please me, either, that further delay is announced but this new schedule seems more realistic to me.
      Good work :-)

    23. Missing avatar

      Eric Limegrover on

      I wish the Creator would man up and admit the truth. This project is failed. Perhaps as backers, or rather, future creditors, we demand an accounting of your assets? Does there need to be a class action? How much money do you have remaining from the campaign?

    24. MIITO Creator on

      Dear Gary,
      We have never intended to be dishonest and disrespectful to our backers. Trust us that there is no one in the world who would want MIITO to be manufactured more than we do. This is our main goal why we wake up every morning and the last thought when we go to sleep in the night. We are heading towards this goal no matter what obstacles we face on our way.

      Thank you Ian, David, Rita,Pit Kathy, Behrens-Wendel, Chelsea, Yuriy, Andreas, Marie, Robert, CJ Mitchell for your patience and positive words! Always so good to see that we are not alone in this adventure :)

    25. wrongtrousers

      The last two comments reinforces my view that the world is full of gullible saps. I've run a successful business for 20 years built on the most basic tenet of my word being my bond. I agree to realistic deadlines and deliver what I promise....and I know dishonesty when I see it: the fact that the owners of this KS campaign deliberately lied to their backers - changing the delivery date the very day after their pledge deadline ended (in order to avoid loss of pledges) is a sure sign that they were aware of their inability to deliver as promised in their pitch. Congratulations for rewarding dishonesty with your support.

    26. David Sefton on

      I'm with Ian Kath on this. Don't be dissuaded by the adverse comments of some of the backers.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ian Kath on

      Chill all ready.

      I can see from the comments that many are dissatisfied with the timing of this project.
      I for one have the attitude that good things come with time. If you've had anything to do with manufacturing and bringing a product to fruition, you'll know the challenges are beyond knowing at the time of inception.
      I knew full well that there was no way it would be delivered within the initial time line and I think the reality to see it by June next year would be good but I'm not expecting it. My attitude is if I didn't know about it until May next year I would be happy to receive it in June, so I'll just pretend and enjoy knowing the backstory of the development in real time.
      My only concern would be if the project fell over and I can see no indicators of that happening so I'm fascinated to see the ongoing development, fanatical approach to design and quality and look forward to eventually having my MIITO on my bench one day.
      Continue to enjoy the ride and well done for keeping it coming. It takes time and when we all have a unit we'll quickly forget the delays.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tanya E. on

      I think what I find so aggravating is that it seems as if they spent the bulk of their time creating the slick advertising that made it seem like the product was in much more advance stages than it actually was. Perhaps if they had spent more time on the prototype and just a little less time on the ad campaign, we would be further along than we are now. I'm not even sure anything of the product actually existed except for a few components. I'm a patient person and I have had other campaigns that went quite a bit beyond their original estimated ship date, but this is just too long. I'm glad for the update, but it seemed like a rehashing of every other update we've ever had: A combination of "we are so excited" and "we still have some technical issues, but hey we hired a new team member". What exactly was done initially? Anything? Did you even have a working prototype or was it all smoke and mirrors? I really hope this product ends up being as good as promised, but I definitely have my doubts.

    29. Missing avatar

      Phillip Mayr on

      Such exiting news ... not!
      So you "bought" yourself another few months with this update and if we get lucky there might be a product in a year. And that's a big "if" since you have to look for additional investors already.
      No wonder that you burn through the money so fast when you have to hire additional personell for every step of the products creation. Turns out the "superhero" engineers your initial campaign team supposedly included are kinda clueless.

    30. Zoe Martin

      Thankyou for the update.

    31. Missing avatar

      CJ Mitchell on

      Thanks for the update. I'm glad to see you're taking positive steps with your engineering (how much work engineers do is sometimes underappreciated...). And on top of that it's great that the best candidate was a woman.

      Although like the others it's little disappointing to see the date pushed so far out, I'm not that surprised. I knew from the beginning that Miito's team had a big technical challenge in front of them. With technology products, extensions like this definitely aren't unusual! I'm keeping a positive outlook in that once I get my reward, it will improve my lifestyle and help me be a little greener.

      In the meantime, thanks for all you are doing, thanks for the regular updates, and good luck with your efforts!

    32. Jonny

      The only slight disappointment here is the delay. Aside from that it's great to see Miito team developing and doing what small innovators do! Good luck. Keep positive mindset. The final finished product will be amazing.

    33. blueumbrella

      Thanks for the update, and the good news. I am glad to hear you are staying the course, and continue to make progress.

    34. Mary

      I hope this doesn't turn out like Stone Tether (and so many others), what a fraud that was and Kickstarter did NOTHING because KS gets their 15% and apparently could care less about their backers. So you already know there are fraudsters out there and you lost your money. Don't call it negative, call it the truth. But you know it exists.

      It's no wonder that the Better Business Bureau gave Kickstarter an "F" rating.

      So the lesson learned (for anyone with a brain), what til any KS "idea" gets on Amazon, get it in two days, and return it when it doesn't work. The Miito idea was just that- an idea.

      Like so many others have said about Kickstarter and Indiegogo's lack of accountability with their fraudulent "campaign schemers", I'm so over with crowd funding.

    35. marie.A.r on

      Keep going keep working. I am part of the POSITIVE team of supporters and believers in MIITO.
      Better late than never. Do not listen to negative people.
      Warmly. Marie

    36. Mary

      What an incredible disappointment your campaign has turned into. Your latest update states, "We are preparing ourselves for more fundraising," so where did the Kickstarter €818,000 go? Did you get the government money you applied for?
      Your initial campaign blatantly described how your Miito concept was ready and you were lining up manufacturers. You received way more funding then what you requested from the Kickstarters you misled. And now it's yet another year away, if even.
      I'd truly like to say good luck to you and the Mitto concept you say you started back in 2014, but I am now convinced that the supposed "Team Mitto" (if Team Mitto even exists) are not business people and haven't a clue what they are doing. Apparently the school didn't teach any business classes.
      Very disappointing and not a proper Kickstarter campaign.
      I think the gentleman above said it correctly, China will be selling this product way before team miito ever decides which way is up.

    37. Andreas Wohltorf on

      Danke für das Update.
      Solange Ihr weiterhin berichtet was passiert, ist die Verzögerung kein Problem für mich.
      Haltet durch, ich freue mich aufs Endprodukt.

    38. Missing avatar

      Yuriy on

      Sad to hear about another delay. I do hope you can make the product work great at the end. Would also appreciate some pictures and details in the next update. I'm really not sure what exactly changed from last update besides hiring a new person and getting an estimated date for part of the project. I wish you best of luck with future progress.

    39. Missing avatar

      Chelsea Hofer on

      Thank you so much for your in depth updates. I'm definitely remaining patient that we will get your awesome project in the future :)

    40. wrongtrousers

      So after sifting through the irrelevant babble intended to distract backers from the one piece of actual news in this "update"; we are to understand that these clueless con-artists have just awarded themselves another 10 or so months (apparently we now talk in seasons instead of months) to complete their promise of delivery.
      I want out.....and best of luck to all backers ever seeing this reward anytime in 2017.

    41. Missing avatar

      Behrens-Wendel on

      Ich drücke euch weiterhin die Daumen! So ein Produkt ist aber auch wirklich schwierig, perfekt zu organisieren. Ich freue mich über jedes update. Zwar kann ich verstehen, dass einige ungeduldig werden, weil sie sich so sehr auf mito freuen. Ich kann aber jegliche negativen Kommentare überhaupt nicht nachvollziehen und rate euch dringend, diese nicht an euch rankommen zu lassen. Alles, was demotiviert, ist bullsh.... Was ihr benötigt ist mentale Unterstützung und Motivationsanfeuerung :-) Euer Produkt wird einschlagen, wie eine Bombe, aber eben nur, wenn es perfekt geplant und umgesetzt wird. Also, take your time, I'll wait for your baby :-)

    42. Missing avatar

      Eric Limegrover on

      You're still testing? Seems like Q4/Q1 shipping isn't happening. Sad.

    43. Trillot Bernard on

      Into production early 2017? It's really sad. This means that when you started the project you were absolutely not ready!
      So you had no experience, you have only dreamed of a project but you had no competence to achieve it. And now you tell us that you hired someone who will know how!
      We therefore will not be delivered until autumn 2017 instead of April 2016. By then a Chinese manufacturer has released a kettle based on the same principle for half your price.
      I will wait, but I'm very disappointed.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kathy Mann on

      I look forward to these updates, and I realize how hard a struggle the creation of MIITO must be. I am a patient person and can't wait for my MIITO to arrive in the future

    45. Missing avatar

      Pit Scharlé on

      Keep going, thanks for the updates, that's crucial for keeping us motivated and supportive ;-)

    46. Rita Campos

      Thanks for the update!
      Looking forward to the coming months!

    47. Rita Campos

      Thanks for the update!
      Looking forward to the coming months!