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MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
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    1. Missing avatar

      gopikrishna govindasamy on

      Hello guys can you please email a link so i can upgrade???

    2. Missing avatar

      gopikrishna govindasamy on

      whats happened to this project i have not received any updates or upgrade instructions.

    3. Richard Haven

      I'd love to upgrade, but I have not received any notification yet

    4. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      I would like to upgrade to miito precise. Is this still possible?

    5. Steven Kalz on

      I emailed you about the precise. Let me know.. I would like to have this feature for my tea's .. Thank you

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Nelson on

      I contacted you shortly after the campaign ended to upgrade to Precise, but I have had no response. What is my status?

    7. Missing avatar

      Niels Nicodem on

      After your latest update (#17) I want to change my MIITO from a standard to a precise.
      Can I still do this?
      If yes, how?

    8. Herman Lim on

      Me too!!! Where is the button?

    9. Missing avatar

      gopikrishna govindasamy on

      i would like to upgrade too please

    10. Fabian Utesch on

      Wird die Miito Precise Temperaturangabe in Grad Celsius oder Fahrenheit (oder beides) geliefert? Ich würde °C bevorzugen.

    11. MIITO Creator on

      Hi guys,
      Thanks so much for your support and we love to hear that you want to upgrade to the MIITO Precise!
      We will certainly make it possible for everyone to do an optional upgrade, but first we need to put a solid system in place, so no orders accidentally get lost. If you send an email to the address below, we will notify you as soon as we have everything in place.

      If you're still looking to upgrade to MIITO Precise, email us at:
      If you missed out on our campaign and want to pre-order a MIITO, email us at:

      As soon as we have a system in place we will get in touch with you right away and let you know. Thanks so much for your support and we hope you understand that we want to get a solid system in place before we roll it out to everyone and later struggle with logistics!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      David jaimin on

      Like many other respondents I would like to upgrade but the manage button seems somewhat elusive.

    13. Missing avatar

      Csaba Csathó on

      If it was possible, then I'd also like to know, how.

    14. Missing avatar

      Yuto Kimura on

      ↓Me too (´・ω・`)

    15. Jacob Keller on

      Is it still possible to change the reward after the campaign is over? I am not sure, but I definitely was interested in the Precise, but was unable to log in until just now..

    16. Missing avatar

      Harriet Steen on

      Dankeschön für eure Antwort, aber da ist kein blauer Button. Was muss ich tun, um das Update auf den "Precise" zu bekommen?

    17. Missing avatar

      Linda Garrido on

      I, too, would like to upgrade to the Miito Precise, but cannot locate the blue "manage" button -- please advise as to how to do so now that the campaign is over!

    18. Paul Mooij on


      As a embedded engineer I love the use of the BLE !!! ( only for this I will pay happy for the upgrade)
      Please make a open API so this product can became a iOT why ?
      ( make it similar to the parrot flower power )
      1. To update software by mobile phone
      2. Have app that can change temperature
      3. Functions for setting up a timmer
      4. Reminder to take you cup of thee

      Also did you look at NFC to power the temperature probes ??? this will make need of batt not needed !!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Martin Quernheim on


      habe das gleiche Problem und wie komme ich nun zu meinem Miito precise? Bitte um weitere Infos.
      Viele Grüße

    20. Missing avatar

      sphaeroid on

      Mich würde auch interessieren, ob ein Wechsel zu "Precise" nach Ende der Kampagne noch möglich ist. Falls ja, wie?

      Ansonsten, ein sehr schönes Projekt!

      Viele Grüße

    21. Missing avatar

      Lutz OTTO on

      Ich habe da nun etwas Konfusion veranstaltet: ich dachte, ich muß 30€ drauflegen, um den Precise zu bekommen, habe mir wohl aber nur eine "cup of tea" geschossen. Ist damit nun etwa mein erster Beitrag von 90 € für den Miito weg? Ich wollte doch nur auf den Precise upgraden und jetzt ist der Button weg!?
      Was kann ich tun? Oder könnt ihr etwas tun?

    22. Missing avatar

      Jens Kuehnel on

      I also want to please to the Precise, but there is no "manage" or "verwalten" button on the page. The only button is "webpage", linking to (which is only working without TLS by the way).
      Greetings from Pellworm, Nordfriessland.

    23. Missing avatar

      Lutz OTTO on

      Ja, der Manage Button ist weg. Was nun?

    24. berserkerich on

      How do we upgrade our pledge now that the campaign is over? The blue "Manage" button is only available when the campaign is active.

    25. MIITO Creator on

      Hallo Harriet.
      Schön zu hören das du auch einen Miito Precise möchtest. Das Umstellen deines Rewards ist relativ einfach:
      Als erstes gehst du auf die Miito Kickstarter Kampagne und dann klickst du oben unter der Anzeige der verbleibenden Zeit auf den blauen Button (auf Englisch heißt es "manage" also auf Deutsch wahrscheinlich "verwalten"). Dann scrollst du etwas herunter bis du zum "MIITO Precise - be the First" Reward kommst. Nachdem du den fann angeklickt hast nur noch bestätigen und das wars schon.

      Ich hoffe das klappt so, wenn nicht dann schreib uns einfach nochmal!
      Vielen Dank für deine Unterstützung!

    26. Missing avatar

      Harriet Steen on

      Mir gelingt ein upgrade auf den Miito Precise ebenfalls nicht, ich habe keine Option dafür in meiner "Beitrags-Verwaltung" gefunden. Bitte gebt mir eine Anleitung oder einen Link, dankeschön!

    27. MIITO Creator on

      @Graham - unfortunately we cannot change your reward but I sent you a message to explain how you can do it - feel free to get in touch with us if there is any difficulty! Thanks so much for your support!

    28. Graham Nicholson on

      I'm having trouble trying to upgrade my pledge to get the temp control, can you do it for me please. I want a white model with temp control. That's £22 added on please do the adjustment for me if you will. Thx

    29. Missing avatar

      Martin IJzerman on

      The pencil for the Microsoft Surface Tablet consist a very little BT sender you cal look to it

    30. MIITO Creator on

      Hi Michael,

      It's written above. As long as you are not an Early Birder please follow these instructions:
      "If you have already pledged for the original MIITO, please click on the blue “Manage” button on the campaign page and upgrade to one of the new MIITO Precise pledges below:
      Be The First: Choose the new MIITO Precise reward."
      The MIITO Precise "Be The First" reward is listed in the rewards section under 120 euros or more.

    31. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    32. MIITO Creator on

      @Brendan W - We are looking at different ways we can optimize MIITO so that it will let you know that it is finished boiling - aside from shutting off. A beep is a possibility but we have finalized the final sound/action yet. This will come in the following months of development.

      For now, since it shuts off automatically, it won't save any previous temperature settings. This would involve even more technology than what we originally envisioned for the temp sensor. However, we don't think this will be a huge problem since setting the temperature would be just a simple swipe each time. :)

    33. Brendan W on

      Hi guys, Really looking forward to this. Your implementation of this system looks very interesting and quite elegant.
      I'm wondering how you let a user know that the heating process has finished. When water is boiling, it is quite simple to tell that its finished, as the boiling action will stop. However, is there any visual or audio notification to the user that it has (for example) reached the 90degrees that the miito was set to?

      Finally - is there any programming to allow the miito to keep the temperature of the liquid at a particular temperature for a short period of time following the main heating process - so, again - it keeps it at 90oC +-1 (or whatever accuracy your sensors will allow) for 5 to 10mins after reaching that point? I can imagine for those people wanting to really use precise temperatures for coffee cupping / certain tea infusion, this would be a big help. Especially if there is no other notification that the heating process is complete.

    34. MIITO Creator on

      @Niraj Doshi - We currently do not offer a warranty or return policy except for our promise that you will receive a fully working and optimized MIITO. If your MIITO does have a technical issue or if there is damage during shipment, we will do everything we can to fix your MIITO.

    35. Missing avatar

      Niraj Doshi on

      Does MIITO come with any sort of warranty?

    36. MIITO Creator on

      @Annie - they will be displayed either in Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on what you prefer

    37. marie.A.r on

      Fabulous ! You did it.
      And thank you David for this very interesting video.

    38. Annie Wong on

      Are the temperatures only displayed in Celsius, or both Celsius and Fahrenheit?

    39. MIITO Creator on

      @Early Birders - Please make sure you are reading the instructions on the bottom of the update on how to upgrade to your new reward. We don't want you to change your reward and lose your Early Bird status, simply change your reward amount to 30 euros more. :)

    40. MIITO Creator on

      @Daniel - Just noticed that Nils was trying out his English sarcasm with his (duh) comment - hope you don't take it the wrong way--the duh was for him, not you. ;)

    41. Dimitri Pietersz on

      Will the Mito precise be available in white?

    42. MIITO Creator on

      @Daniel - we are also so happy to get to tackle the temperature sensor for MIITO right now already :) Now to your questions: 1 - We are working on two different scenarios to power the rod - one is the classical: a battery that lasts somewhere between 2-3 years before it needs attention and the second is based on induction (duh! ;) There is so much energy around so we want to find a way to safely tap into that - Thats also the one we are going forward with at this point! - so far it looks very promising! 2) The temperature range will be between tap water and boiling water - about 20°C and 100°C. Also the previous used temperature will be remembered so if you always have your water at 85°C you only need to press "GO" and MIITO Precise will set the previously used temperature setting.

      @Dhaval - Yes, the new rod requires batteries or another source of energy - please see my comment to Daniel. The chips and electronics we are working with run on very low energy and hence don’t need a huge battery. Also the chip we are going to use is tiny! Right now it looks very promising that we can fit inside the rod!

    43. Romola Bucks on

      I pledged at the 90 euro rate, but when I clicked on manage, I was not offered a new rate. I just added 30 euro instead so can get the Miito Precise. Thanks.

    44. Tamara Kohutek on

      And you early bird people quit complaining !

    45. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    46. MIITO Creator on

      @Jeremie TOLEDANO - Please read the update above. We give special instructions on how you Early Birders can change your reward. You'll keep your Early Bird status - don't worry. :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Dhaval Panchal on

      I'm guessing the new rod will require batteries to output the data via bluetooth to the base? also will it be any bigger/thicker?

    48. Daniel Coffey on

      Well done for reaching the 400% goal. I have two questions about the Miito Precise which were not answered in the video.

      1. How is the Miito Precise probe powered? Is it using built in battery or will it store power from the induction hob itself?

      2. What range of temperatures will the Miito Precise support and can you store favourite temperatures? I have heard in the original video about warming baby food and boiling water for tea. For my personal use I would want to see a range of between 80-95C.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jeremie TOLEDANO on

      It's a shame we can't have an EARLY BIRD MIITO PRECISE, reserved for the ones who backed the EARLY BIRD MIITO, for 30 USD more !!!