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MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
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      Mark Daniel Cohen on

      Does anyone out there know any way to contact these people? Or are they permanently inaccessible, off somewhere doing as they please?

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      Michael Kollwitz on

      Hallo Miito,
      ich würde gerne die 30,00€ für das Update zahlen.
      Aber Irgentwie bin ich mit der webseite überfordert.
      Wie kann ich bei Kickstarter das Uptate bezahlen?.

      MfG M.Kollwitz

    3. MIITO Creator on

      @ Leila Robles: yes :)

    4. Leila Robles on

      will the temperature be available in fahrenheit as well as celcius?

    5. MIITO Creator on

      @Oscar - yes, it will be smart so you are right, it requires energy. We are working on two different solutions right now 1) adding a battery or 2) powering it by tapping into the induction field that serves energy wirelessly. We are focusing n the latter - stay tuned for our updates!

      @Scaz - it will be between tap water - boiling water (20-100°C). And no worries, you don't need to set the temperature every single time - MIITO Precise will remember the last set temperature and if you just hit "GO", it will return to the previously set temperature. Also, you can just hit the far end of the temperature scale if you want the water to boil. Default temperature of the standard is: boiling

    6. Missing avatar

      scaz on

      What is the temperature range of the precise? (Celsius please)
      Will we have to swipe the temp each time of can you just touch the end of the scale to get the top temperature?
      Also what is the default temperature on the standard version?

    7. Missing avatar

      Oscar on

      Hi, you mention that the MIITO Precise will have a "smart rod" with built in temperature sensor - does this mean, that the rod will need additional power supply (like a battery)?

    8. Missing avatar

      Wouter van Dam

      No, unfortunately it is not. Read on for an explanation.

      I think everyone is well aware that the Precise award is not yet available. Several people have increased their pledge by 30 euro ahead of time with the intention of helping you get to the 400% sooner. Unfortunately - unless I'm wrong - that only helps to make things difficult for you.

      The 30 euro price increase is necessary to cover extra per unit production costs _after_ the initial investment has been made. This means the extra 30 euro cannot be used by Miito to pay for this initial investment.

      If a significant amount of backers increases their pledge by 30 euro ahead of time Miito could actually get into trouble: a significant part of the 600k / 400% target could be unavailable because it is reserved to cover the actual production costs. I hope the Miito team is able to detect the increased pledges and use this information in order to avoid such financial problems. While I'd love to get a Miito Precise, I'd rather have a regular Miito than no Miito at all.

    9. MIITO Creator on

      @ Francois Lorillard - Sorry what mail or do you mean our newsletter? Please read the comment just below yours as we address this issue - we haven't asked anyone to increase their pledge right now. When we get to 400% we will unlock the MIITO Precise reward. If you then want to upgrade to this new reward, it will have a new price - which is 30 euros more. Hope this helps! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Francois Lorillard on

      @Miito, your last mail is just little confused for me (end may be other). Increase our pledge by 30€ in advance is not a good way to reach the 400% ? thanks

    11. MIITO Creator on

      @All - We love all the helpful tips below about how to help us get to 400%. But there seems to be some confusion about upgrading now and not being able to select the MIITO Precise reward. We are not asking you to increase your pledge to 30 euros more now. If you want the new MIITO Precise, we'll unlock this reward once we get to 400% (or 600,000 in euros). We realize a lot of you want to help us get there by raising your pledges now by an extra 30 euros. But it would be more beneficial to help us spread the word about this new reward so we can make sure we get there first. Feel free to share our latest update on Facebook:… and Twitter: with all your friends and family! We'll get there together!

    12. Missing avatar

      Francois Lorillard on

      Hi Miito, I just increased my pledge by 2x30€ to have two Miito precise. is that correct ?

    13. Kathleen Doerr on

      I pledged for three Mitos so I could share with my daughters, I don't think I can add 90 euros. Would I be able to only change 1 and still keep volume discount?

    14. Joshua P. on

      Fantastic news! Will the readout be able to output Fahrenheit in addition to Celsius? I'll get the Precise regardless.

    15. David Sutton on

      @Romola boiling water is possible you would just set the temp for this and wait for it to boil just like a normal kettle does

    16. Romola Bucks on

      Love the idea of the Precise option, but what if I still want boiling water? Can't it go hotter than 80 degree C?

    17. Kim Lasscock on

      I have increased my pledge by 50% to help get you to Miito temperature control.

    18. Löwenpower

      @MIITO: Great news, thanks for and the update and listening to your backers.
      It's good to know that you are taking care of the EBs.
      I just increased my pledge by 30€ to upgrade to the Precise model later.
      Way to go to €600k!

    19. Andrew Mattingly

      Yayyy! That's the feature I'd hoped for... great job MIITO Team!

    20. Terry on

      i hope so that they will make 400%

    21. Ben Sloan on

      Agreed, I also increased my pledge to include this option.

    22. Henk Puister on

      Followed Robert Zander's advice and update my pledge with €30.

    23. Burhan Syed on

      Love this! Quick FYI - as a US resident, I don't really care about Fahrenheit. Not sure if that helps you out with your planning or not

      Looks like you're only $70k or so away from the magic 400% #Excited!

    24. Missing avatar

      Kathy Mann on

      Canada is Celsius not Fahrenheit. Please don't assume North America is all Fahrenheit people.

    25. Missing avatar


      I assume that they don't know thyselves at the moment yet.. but I think it's important to point to that point early.

      And - if I would do it, I would make it switchable (e.g. by tapping the number), because it's just numbers shown on the display, but temperature itself is the same, so it shouldn't be a big deal in my opinion. The temperature touch sensor has to have a resolution capable of changing the value to plus/minus 1 °F without too much fumbling around, which doesn't hurt for the Celsius.

      These are just my two cents, and I'm sure they will do it in a way, that everyone is more than satisfied *thumbsup*

    26. Vyse on

      Take this with a grain of salt though since I am only speculating here

    27. Vyse on

      @John & NewB: I can only guess here, but since they are going through the trouble of outfitting each unit with the right plugsfor each country in order to avoid adapters, I'd assume that they will do the same for temperature scales and ship North American devices with a Fahrenheit scale, European devices with a Celsius scale, etc

    28. NewB on

      This is amazing! I'll have to update my pledge too, obviously! :)
      @JohnDoe yup! I actually wondered about that too.

    29. N. Meyer on

      Good question from JohnDoe about Celsius & Farenheit....

    30. Missing avatar


      Updated my pledge, too, because THIS is an excellent feature!

      I hope it will be possible to switch the display between Celsius and Farenheit?

    31. marie.A.r on

      Merci mille fois !

    32. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin on

      ok, thanks. sadly i'm not an early bird anyway, it was just advice to avoid issues. i do want a precise, but honestly, if early bird backers had to leave their pledge behind for a precise i'd try my best to snap up a regular early bird MIITO, and that wouldn't be good for the campaign ;-)

    33. MIITO Creator on

      @Darius, Jeremie and Marie
      We are putting a system in place to accommodate both all early birds and all regular backers! We don't want to overload everyone with excess info at this point so we kept that info for the next update, if we reach 400%. But don't worry about this - early birds will keep their early bird status!

    34. Steffen Beth on

      How will the early backers be able to upgrade to MIITO Precise with it getting 15 € more expensive?

    35. marie.A.r on

      As an Early bird backer, I have just added 30 € for being one of those happy owners of the MIITO Precise.
      But, as Darius mentioned :
      "i think the best way to handle it will be to have people add the $30 to their current pledge manually, if that is viable for you in terms of hypothetical miito precise early bird production cost margins."

      Pablo Picasso, once said : "Everything you can imagine is real".
      So.. I keep my fingers crossed.
      and I do not forget to congratulate once more the whole MIITO Team.

      You are winners

    36. Missing avatar

      Jeremie TOLEDANO on

      @Darius Zaerin +1 : it was the same thing for the "2 MIITOs" --> more expensive than 2 early bids
      @MIITO you have to give your early backers a real alternative

    37. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin on

      so guys, will there be early bird options for the MIITO precise, or will there only be one pledge, $30 more expensive than the full price MIITO?
      current early bird backers will be disappointed if they have to give up their better deal, while if you make new pledge levels its the same story; people who supported you from the beginning will be upset if they want a 'precise' but aren't fast enough.
      i think the best way to handle it will be to have people add the $30 to their current pledge manually, if that is viable for you in terms of hypothetical miito precise early bird production cost margins.

    38. MIITO Creator on

      @Gabe Watkins - Good point! This is something that we have to work out in the coming months of development. Since water heats differently in each vessel, we have to first do testing to see what the precise temperature settings should be for each liquid in different vessels before finally fixing the minimum and maximum temperature settings for MIITO Precise. Naturally, it will cover the average boiling point of different liquids, but we cannot yet say what the max boiling temp will be that you can set your MIITO Precise.

    39. Andre Podleisek

      Robert, thanks for sharing your idea, I'll also update my pledge to be 30 € more!

    40. MIITO Creator on

      @Stellar - Yes, MIITO Precise will be available in white as well.

    41. blueumbrella

      I increased my pledge by 30 euros, to upgrade to the Precise model. This seems to be the simplest way to help in reaching the 400% goal.

    42. MIITO Creator on

      @Vyse - Thank you! Yes, exactly - hopefully we'll get there very soon! :D

    43. MIITO Creator on

      @Christian Kern and @all - See the revised Update above as we now answer that question - MIITO Precise will be 30 euros more!

    44. MIITO Creator on

      Great points @Peter Moran! We definitely hope to make this new version available now rather than as an upgrade a year from now. Also, guys, please note we made a final edit to this update so you can see what the new reward cost will be for MIITO Precise and why it will be this.

    45. Vyse on

      400% of the original goal would be 600.000€ right? That'd mean we're "only" 69k away from getting temperature settings. At the rate the project has been going, this should only be a matter of days. Awesome :)

      I really like the design by the way. Good job :)

    46. Martijn on

      What will be the pledge amount for the Miito Precise?

    47. Missing avatar

      Gunnar on

      For the fast readers: "MIITO Precise will be 30 euros more expensive than the original version." is stated in this Update.

    48. MIITO Creator on

      @Marcus Muir - Wish we could have shared this with you sooner. But we've been quietly trying to plan it all out, crunching numbers and making sure we could really make this happen before sharing it with all of you. Let's wait and see if we can get there!

    49. MIITO Creator on

      @Duncan - MIITO Precise will be available in White as well. The MIITO Precise and original MIITO will still be two different products, but you can easily upgrade from the original MIITO to the MIITO Precise by going to the "Manage my pledge" button and simply changing your reward to the new one (once we have 400% funding). :)

    50. MIITO Creator on

      @Jelle Kouwenhoven - Unfortunately, new hardware is expensive and so we've carefully calculated the costs needed for making this new version. We need to make sure we can cover all the manufacturing costs for building new hardware for each new MIITO Precise. Also, please keep in mind this 400% also covers the costs of making the MIITO White as well!