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MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
MIITO is simply but intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.
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    1. MIITO Creator on

      WE MADE IT!!!

      That was quick - in only a few days we received 1,000 requests for the MIITO White! We are thrilled to let everyone know that MIITO White is now available!

      If you are undecided about whether you would like to have a MIITO White or the original MIITO, don’t worry! Once the campaign is over and we ask for more detailed quotes from our manufacturers, we will ask again through a survey on Kickstarter for you to confirm your color choice. So right now you don’t need to do anything :)

      Thanks so much for helping us to make MIITO White possible!

    2. Lucas Burdess on

      The white one doesn't do anything for me. A stainless one though would be awesome.

    3. Charli on

      Hmm, I'd really love a black/white mix! ;P
      Maybe I could assemble one myself from two MIITOS ^^

      The white MIITO also looks nice, but I'll stick with the black MIITO for now.

    4. David Sutton on

      This is evil, I really can't decide now between which colour :)

    5. Maggie Cheng on

      I love the white MIITO.

    6. MIITO Creator on

      We have great news: so far there are already over 300 pre-orders for MIITO White! We are thrilled to see so many of you this enthusiastic about MIITO White! Please help us reach our goal of 1000 pre-orders by sharing MIITO White with your friends and telling them about MIITO White!

    7. MIITO Creator on

      @Vyse Thanks so much for giving us your feedback! I guess our number one priority is to be sure we can deliver - we don't want to promise something we can't reach!!! Thats why we wanted to make sure we get at least 1000 pre-orders for MIITO White and it seems like we are well on our way! I understand that other campaigns post the stretch goal as a fixed number in money but we wanted to make sure we can actually deliver. I'll post the latest numbers of MIITO White pre-orders right away

    8. Vyse on

      First of all, great idea. White fits in better with many kitchens (including mine). I've been wondering however why you need to know this before the end of the campaign? It's not like you'll have to start manufacturing these tomorrow, right? And why would you need 1000 people preordering it? We already reached 300% of the original funding goal. Isn't this enough to "risk" commiting to making a white version? I mean I can understand that you want to play it safe, but you also want to sell these after the campaign, don't you? Even if you do not reach 1000 requests now you could still sell them on your website later on. Also if you plan to add a temperature control later on, will we have to write another mail to another address?

      What I am trying to say is: Why don't you just have a single survey at the end of the campaign? You may have to take a slightly higher risk this way, but you will also make things a lot more conveniant for your backers and it will be more likely that people will back the project if you just guarantee the features they want will be available right from the start. I can see quite a few potential new backers withholding their pledges now until a potential white version is officially confirmed.

      If you still need the security though, I recommend doing stretch goals the way most of the other kickstarter projects did them. They figured out what their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was and how much it would cost them to create it. After that, they added additional features when certain amounts of money beyond this initial funding goal were reached. Bloodstained is a good example for this… (They actually overdid it a bit with the stretchgoals being linked to backer achievements, but their strategy lead the backers to create a ton of social media buzz and therefor attracted more backers.)

      In the case of Miito, strech goals could look like this:

      150.000 € - Initial goal
      500.000 € - White Miito
      750.000 € - Temperature Setting
      1.000.000 € - ??? (Whatever might come after this)

      It's probably a little late now since these kinds of things are best planned out before the campaign even starts, but I'd prefer this way of handling things over writing mails for every new feature you might want to add during the campaign. Just my two cents on the whole thing.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jochem Slob on

      No-brainer, email sent!

    10. marie.A.r on

      Email sent :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Kyle Soo on

      So tempted. So so tempted.