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By Chris Dettbarn
$591 pledged of $3,000 goal


Waknut Creek Jerky Kit:

I am attempting to bring my unique flavor of venison jerky to the world. This recipe started out as an accidental find. I was cooking chile rellenos at 2:30 in the morning and used a spice mix for the meat. When I smelled it cooking it made me wonder how this would taste as jerky. I made a 5# batch and took it to work. Boy I was surprised when it didn't last 2 hours. I continued making it for the next 3 years with great success. Everywhere I have taken it or friends and family I have sent it to have given great reviews. To date there have been zero complaints with the exception of I did't make enough. My jerky has been sent to 5 different states and has been a sensation wherever it goes. I have made over 1100 pounds and just can't keep up. 

With the amazing reviews and the demand I decided I would like to sell my jerky. However costs have stopped that due to the fact that FDA inspected farm raised venison is quite expensive. I then decided to sell my Walnut Creek Jerky Kits so everybody could make it at home whenever they desired. After many hours of searching I found a company to mix and package my kits in the needed proportions. This is when I ran into the funding issues. I must possess a food processors license in addition to a warehousing license. To further complicate the issue I must also be certified in Food Safety. SO here is where you come in: I have a previously inspected food trailer that I can purchase. This trailer is clean, has the room needed to store the product, and fits the requirements of state and federal guidelines.This funding will allow me to get this business started and off the ground. When running at full production there will be three blends of jerky kits to choose from with many more options available.

The jerky industry currently makes over one billion dollars a year with a 4.2 percent growth anually. This is a fantastic investment in food world. Costs can be kept down with low overhead with potential high profits. 

Risks and challenges

My potential risks would be that this recipe is for venison only at this time. Other game meats and domestic meats have not been tested. At this time I am less concerned with game meats as most are basically the same. The domestic meat would be beef. At this point I would project it can be viable if using 95% or leaner meat

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