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A beginner's poster for learning the basic syntax of HTML5. Perfect for students who want to learn how to build websites from scratch!

A beginner's poster for learning the basic syntax of HTML5. Perfect for students who want to learn how to build websites from scratch! Read More
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About this project

What this Poster Does

This poster serves as an introduction for HTML5 beginners and assumes zero prior understanding of HTML. The poster starts with teaching the basic structure of all HTML pages, otherwise known as the skeleton. Then it moves to teaching the essential skills for Text Formatting, Links, Lists, Forms, Tables, and Multimedia.

The HTML5 poster illustrates all of these concepts by displaying the code and the code's output side by side. Using this demonstrative process, students understand exactly what each tag's purpose is in HTML5 and how to use them appropriately.

This poster does not require extensive study to be useful. We designed this poster to be informative, but not visually cluttered or overwhelming. Most novice programmers give up soon after beginning because of the density and disorganization of the reading materials available. We sought to fix this by reducing the amount of learning to a manageable and actionable set of information.

Because of this, the casual onlooker can't help but learn a thing or two just from a quick glance over. The HTML5 poster was designed to both inform and delight all demographics and age ranges. Even my 79 year old grandma who needs help turning on a computer was able to quickly absorb the concept of header tags using this poster.

How is HTML5 essential for our future?

HTML is the primary markup language for displaying web pages in your browser. We like to think of it as the face of the Internet. Whenever you click a link, read text, or enjoy a funny meme photo, HTML is responsible for enabling these interactions. 

HTML5 is the fifth revision of the web standards that make up HTML. It's by far the most ambitious revision as it includes native handling of video, audio, and drag-and-drop interfaces. It also integrates device features such as GPS locating and swipe gestures to help web sites compete against native apps on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. 

Learning HTML is essential for all netizens going forward. As the web becomes more integrated into our daily lives, understanding HTML5 becomes the indispensable skill that enables us to create these web experiences and not just consume them. 

Besides, with this poster, it's easier than ever before. Most computer savvy people can learn the basics of HTML by dedicating an afternoon. With this poster, anyone can learn it in their spare time through visual osmosis.

Why On Paper And Not Just Online?

The HTML5 poster is specifically targeting people with little to no experience in computers with the the hopes of showing them how easy scripting in HTML5 can be. Because we're trying to reach a non-technical audience and interest them in a technical subject, we thought the physical poster in the real world would be a better way to reach these people. 

We feel that by getting these in public spaces (aka classrooms) we maximize the exposure to this gateway to a career in programming. We need the help of the Kickstarter community to accomplish that goal. 

Who Is This Poster For?

This poster was designed with education as its focus. As such, it makes a great fit for students of any computer literate age. But it's not just for students. This poster can benefit any one with a desire to build and maintain web pages. 

We recommend it for anyone who's expressed an interest in learning more about technology, the internet, or web design. This is also a great gift for someone who feels overwhelmed by the number of programming languages out there and just wants a comfortable starting point to learn from. 

How This Poster Is Priced

This poster has a mission behind it to educate the future generation of netizens. As such, we wanted to provide pricing incentives to encourage our backers to gift copies of these posters to teachers and educational institutions. 

The HTML5 Poster is $20 if shipped to the address of an educational institution of your choice. The poster is $30 if shipped to a residential/commercial address. And $40 if you want to both ship one poster to a school and one to yourself. 

Posters pledged to schools will be accompanied by a pledge certificate with the pledger's name on it. The pledge certificate is optional and posters may be gifted anonymously as well. 

INTERNATIONAL RECEIVERS: Please add $10 per poster to cover the additional costs of shipping abroad. This goes for both institutions and individuals abroad. 


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