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Help publish Johnny Wander Vol. 3: Ballad of Laundry Cat and reprint Vol. 1: Don't Burn the House Down. You can also get Vol. 2!
Help publish Johnny Wander Vol. 3: Ballad of Laundry Cat and reprint Vol. 1: Don't Burn the House Down. You can also get Vol. 2!
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We won an Ignatz! And we're kickstarting a new book, OFFHAND!


Hey everyone! LONG TIME WOW! We're here to tell you about two cool new developments!


Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us is the descendent of this Bookstarter-- we collected the previous 3 volumes, plus the never before collected fourth volume, into an omnibus. We made Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us with a lot of love!

Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us won in the category for Best Collection! The Ignatz is a festival award given out at SPX in Bethesda, MD, named after a character in George Herriman's comic Krazy Kat, in which a mouse named Ignatz was constantly trying to brain Krazy Kat with a brick. It's an honor, so we wanted to take a moment to thank you for backing this kickstarter because you were instrumental in helping us to keep this whole Johnny Wander thing going at a crucial time. Thanks so much!


 2. We're kickstarting OFFHAND, a new collection of art from Yuko!

OFFHAND chronicles Yuko's journey with wrist issues and the subsequent development of art drawn with her non-dominant hand. It collects the art in chronological order, and each section is bridged by brand new comics that form an over-arching narrative. Check it out:





Left: Drawn in 2012, Right: Drawn in 2014
Left: Drawn in 2012, Right: Drawn in 2014










I hope that piques your interest! You can see the kickstarter here!

Johnny Wander Autobio Omnibus!

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Signing Tonight in Brooklyn!

In case you haven't been on twitter you may have missed an announcement - 

We're doing a signing tonight at Barnes & Noble on Court St in Brooklyn at 7pm for our latest book release - LUCKY PENNY!

You can bring your own books or other stuff of ours to get signed. They'll have copies of Lucky Penny for sale as well so any of your friends that missed out can grab a copy. Hope to see you there!

New Johnny Wander Book on Kickstarter - LUCKY PENNY!

Hello everyone!  
We just launched our campaign for LUCKY PENNY. Which we wrapped up on our website back at the end of April. It is also the first opportunity to order Cuttings online if you haven't made it to a show or missed out on that campaign.

For more details about Lucky Penny just check out the campaign, thanks!

New JW book up on Kickstarter!


Just a quick message to let you know, our latest book CUTTINGS is up for preorder on Kickstarter! It's going to collect color comics like Girl with the Skeleton Hand, Delilah & The Basilisk and more, along with never before seen art from Yuko Ota's sketchbooks. She's filled 30 sketchbooks since 2005 and much of the art has never been posted online. You can read more about the new book over at the KS page:

 Thanks for your time and have a lovely day!