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In our modern, urban Western, ex-cons Marty, Frank and Chico find reasons to stay out of prison on a desolate night too close to home.


Three men. One diner. A finite drip of batter. An endless supply of trouble. 

While Marty waits for his ex-wife to arrive at their usual meeting place, he runs into two others like him who have different ideas about how to spend the night. Three ex-cons meet randomly and end up being responsible for each other's futures -- and, perhaps more importantly, aware of their influence.


Played with empathy and humor by Burton Tedesco, Dan Skelly, and Jerry Lopez, and supported by Tony Fennelly, Katherine Loyacano and New Orleans legend Michael Martin, we shot over four nights, using a 7D and a 60D, both lent to us graciously. (Thanks, Josh Huval & Jeff Bruno!) 


We wrapped late in the am Thursday, December 1 and now have a rough cut we plan to test screen January 28, with the hope of public release sometime before February ends, hopefully. We realize we're gambling with Mardi Gras when we say that, a season during which most work stops. So it goes.


Our budget, originally $5000, shrank in the most pleasant way: Instead of securing a prison facility for an exterior location and buying insurance, we set the 17 page film in one location and really worked with the relationship between the space and the dialogue. We found a great DP, a very decent non-union gaffer, an absolutely kick-ass newbie production designer -- watch out world, here comes Cassie Giveans! -- and we made a movie.

Essentially, this is an experiment: Can a writer/director/producer invest hard earned money from something as off the wall (and demanding) as cab driving and expect to be reimbursed enough to continue? Since I still feel like I'm not "there" yet, I'm maintaining my bid to be a partial investor in my own film. Our new budget's $3350 so far, not including color correction, music, or the cost of promotional items, such as are found in our rewards. But we have factored Kickstarter and Amazon's fees into our fundraising goal of $2500.

All in all, we're looking at a $4200 - $4500 film, and that doesn't include income lost taking time off from the cab. You don't want to know that number. 

To reiterate what I stated in the video: I've guaranteed pay for all my people no matter what (and several have received full or partial payment already), but we'd be heart warmed to accept anything you are willing and able to give. It provides really great moral support for people who spent whole nights on their knees on a cold concrete floor just to bring a small short film into the world.

Honestly, we need your support. Without it, we have too much down time.

If this campaign succeeds, we'll be making a new film at a comparable or lower cost again in May. We're looking forward to learning and growing more with these characters. We're also hiring. I feel like I've come a long way professionally since my last film, shot over a year ago. If you're curious, you can watch that film, TOLL ROAD, on my YouTube channel. We'll be launching the HOTCAKES test screening there too, so don't be shy: Subscribe.

Thank you so much for your time. Here are some numbers:


Human Resources: $1875.00*

Set Design:  $880.32

Crafty: $305.35

Location(s) Rental: $200.00

Transportation (U-Haul): $168.23

Accident with U-Haul truck: $84.00

Tetanus Shot after DP stepped on a rusty nail: $30.00

*Gracias to Melissa Franklin, Steph Novakov and Katherine Loyacano for donating their pay back to the production. It's helping with further HR costs:


Color Correction (Ryan Shovey): $200 - $300

Music Composition (TBA): $200 - $300

Promotional Materials (Four Winds): $250 - $400


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